That Time I Wrote A Passionate Post About Paper Towels

And just when you thought you were still young and had it going on, you find yourself actually purchasing what you intended to purchase while perusing Target. Young children of the world - I warn you. There will be a day when you step into that store and you won't walk out with 29 items you didn't actually need but rather a pack of paper towels and you WILL feel like you should be named the Queen of England for doing so. Friends, it's true. My newest greatest pleasure in life [sorry husband] is now buying the new Alyssa Milano Signature Designs by Viva® Paper Towels. It's a little bit awesome and a little bit "WHO IN THE WORLD AM I?!?! - ish.
I don't know if you guys have seen [or used] these babies but you will get mad if people take more than one while eating dinner at your house. I'm trying to reel in my inner control freak self on this whole situation but I mean c'mon..you see how pretty they are.
I'm a little bit worried that those of you reading right now aren't taking my words seriously, but if you lived with me you would know just how real this love affair is. Whenever you can take an already awesome product [I mean can we please just give it up for paper towels right now] and throw in a superstar celebrity, such as Miss Alyssa Milano herself, to design the things, it's pretty much like peanut butter and jelly making love on that piece of bread sitting in front of you. Here's the creepy part in all of this. I think Alyssa designed her complete line of nine different designs solely for my house and its color scheme. Alyssa, back off the blog a little bit hunny.
From jacquard to lattice to bright and bold colors, the Viva® Designs by Alyssa Milano can truly be used in any part of your house and make it look fantastic. Say, in your bathroom for example.
Or on a serving tray in your living room.
Heck, alone on your kitchen counter underneath a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
These Viva® Towels belong everywhere. I don't even think I have talked about how real towel-ish they feel and act yet. Every time somebody uses it for the first time at my house I have to ask "aren't they amzing?!? because I like to ask very deep questions and spark intense conversations in my home.
Now that you know you need to go buy them [sold nationwide I'm told] you also need to know that the Viva® Brand is launching the Kitchen Couture Contest where five people will be awarded $1,000 towards making their dream kitchen a reality, by pinning items inspired by the nine Viva® Signature Design Towels. Official contest rules are available at VivaDesignsContest.com so be sure to check that out.
In closing, I would like to say thank you Viva® Designs by Alyssa Milano for making all of my wildest home décor and paper towel dreams come true. Alyssa, if you're reading [because we know you are] I have a seat with your name [or design] on it waiting for you.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  1. They match your house perfectly!!! LOL

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  3. TOTAL kitchen envy right now! LOVE your back splash! It's gorgeous. Oh and those paper towels are pretty cute too :)

  4. THEY ARE ADORABLE! No wonder you're writing passionately about those paper towels, I need them!

  5. Oh wow, when I first read the title of this post, I was like "yeah. paper towels. whatever." But these are seriously really cute! I'm totally going to have to look for them on my next Target trip. XD


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