[Non-Dirty] Words From The Bed

It's currently 42 degrees outside, coffee in my hand and I'm curled up in bed under the covers. Needless to say I don't really have any major plans to get up and do something anytime soon. This is a little bit unfortunate because I have a to-do list a mile long but a little not unfortunate because it means I'm laying in bed drinking coffee not moving. The news just informed me that Fall is officially here on Wednesday which means I should give up working out now because Caramel Apple Spices from Starbucks are sure to negate any hard work I may do and you know what they say - nobody likes to work for zero results. Giving up caramel apple spices is just not an option, sorry body. 

Speaking of body, I'm officially 500 minutes in of this 1800 Minute Challenge and if I squint my eyes hard enough I really do see some results. It's the same as how you look at your fingernails after you paint them. You squint and those suckers look pristine. Open your eyes and ouch. I've learned in the last 500 minutes that I sweat like no other and my husband is honestly the luckiest man alive. I've also learned that when given the opportunity I will eat fried rice and chili cheese fries at the fairgrounds at 10 pm at night. Oops. And I wondered why my fingers felt swollen this morning....

So now that you're wondering "why was she at the fairgrounds at 10 pm last night?!" [okay you weren't wondering but for all practical paragraph transitions we are going to go with it...] it's because only my most beloved artists were taking the stage there last night. My girl Kelsea Ballerini and the crazy kids themselves Dan + Shay. Lets start with Kelsea - she is amazing and I wouldn't mind being her.

Now lets talk about Dan [crazy] and Shay [normal, somewhat swoon worthy]. You know when you believe somebody to be on cocaine? That's a little how Dan likes to act on stage. I'm not saying he was, I'm just saying he had a strong coke front going on. But ladies, Shay's voice is like butter that I kinda want to lick up. The problem here is that Dan has been mistaken and thinks he is the hot one. It's a tragedy honestly but because I am obsessed with every song of their's I'm going to let it go and just keep singin'.

As far as other weekend festivities - between tailgating out at Notre Dame watching my cup go up to my mouth the Irish win and celebrating my precious niece's 4th birthday, it was a fun filled weekend indeed. I'm so thankful for these people in my life, that's all. 

Speaking of being thankful for people in my life, I'm hosting book club tonight which means I have to go wine shopping now. No wine, no club. You know the drill. And now for my 8:15 Monday morning alcohol run...

Make it a good one peeps. 



  1. I love how you get out of bed for wine. It's seriously perfection and the only, ONLY logical reason to get out of bed in 42 degree weather on a Monday morning. So, seeing as that got you out of bed today, you should drink an extra glass (or two) tonight, or while you're waiting for your people to show up. Cheers!

  2. I love me some Dan + Shay! Totally jealous you got to see them!

    Morgan | theradwife.blogspot.com

  3. Hahaha great post! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I'm only a LITTLE jealous. Good luck with the morning wine run! Wine stores aren't even open that early here...


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