Life Through A New Lens

I did it. I bit the blog investing bullet and bought a new camera for myself and this space. Over the past several months I had found myself in a photo taking rut - always counting on my trusty iPhone to capture the latest and greatest. While this is convenient and all, I feel like my blog has been slacking in the non-already posted to IG photo department. It's time to bring back some fresh photos to this space and kick those grainy not properly sized phone photos to the curb.

It all started last Tuesday when I found myself looking at things on Amazon [my husband and I have deemed Amazon our largest monthly bill recently, move over mortgage - amazon prime is coming through] and I found the one. The new and improved Sony a6000. Already using a Sony camera I knew that my current lenses would work just fine with the new one and knowing that tax write-offs are necessary, I took the plunge. Needless to say I'm now knee deep in this thing snapping every freaking thing I can think of. The fact that it just sends all of my photos wirelessly over to my phone in the matter of seconds is like riding a unicorn through a lavender field. I'm absolutely in love which explains the 30+ photos you are about to see from my weekend. Sorry not sorry.

Lets start with the most important thing from the last few days - donuts.

Once here, now gone. It's okay guys, I workout. 

Moving on to Friday evening - it all started out calm and peaceful as I sipped on a glass of wine at home and Shawn buried himself into his beloved airplane flying game on his iPad [because we are 12]. 
Really I just included this photo because that vein thing he has going on looks sexy and yumm...

But before you knew it we were transplanted to a local restaurant slurping down habanero watermelon martinis celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. More on that superhero later.

Upon leaving the restaurant we stumbled upon a large elk that my dad grew fond of immediately. 

A few family photos later with our new pet and we were off to our house to come back and peacefully eat cake in celebration of my mother. Or so we thought. 

It turns out when you get family together who has had a couple of cocktails, turn on some 70's music [twist and shout anybody] and people who just genuinely like to have fun - a two hour sweat induced giggle sesh dance party goes down in your kitchen.

Even Maggie got in the action from time to time. It was one of the most random but fun evenings I have had in a very long time. Cheers to 60th birthday parties yo.

After a few Advil Saturday morning we were fixed up and ready to head out to Notre Dame to get our tailgate on and tailgate is what we did.

You know what's better than making guacamole off the bed of a truck? Eating it. And so that's what we did - we ate and then we ate some more. To get some exercise in we walked to the stadium to watch court side [or field side, whatever that thing is that boys in pads run around on]. Unfortunately I wasn't the most decorated fan in the house as shamrock head wins. 

Long story short, the Irish pulled out another victory and I devoured nachos and cheese. The Irish and I, we like to keep a good routine going. 

Sunday rolled around and our little captain begged to take us out on a boat ride so we obliged.

One beer and an almost nap later, it was time to get down with my grandpa for his 88th birthday. You know what goes well with birthday parties? Birthday hats. Especially burgundy ones from Target.

During the party my little niece kept referencing the bowl of peanuts sitting in the middle of the dining room table as "grandpa's nuts" so that was fun. I will forever be 14.

These nut loving family members of mine are sure something. And by something I mean special.

Speaking of special, the weekend drew to an end with this incredible sunset where literally the skies were on fire. We turned up Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" and I let my eyes fill with tears as I watched the skies illuminate and the memories from this fun filled weekend fill my mind. These are the days, I tell you what.

And then, after the skies stopped burning - we got really mad and sad that this whole weekend thing was officially over. I drowned my sorrow in a new york strip steak and called it a night.

And that my friends, is my life through a new lens. 



  1. I know that you have been blogging for awhile now, but do you ever find yourself feeling really uncomfortable taking pictures in such public places? I know I need to do it, or I'm going to have very limited content, but I'm like in a Target acting a fool and thinking.. do I shoot this or do I pretend to be half way normal? I really struggle with be embarrassed about it lol

    Do you have any tips? I would really really appreciate hearing them :)


    1. It can be difficult sometimes however I just always think - would I rather be slightly embarrassed in front of people I don't know or have pictures that I will be happy to have? So then I take pictures :)

  2. I got the a6000 back in November after stalking it for months! I love it and I know you'll love it too, I've converted a handful of other bloggers over to it to!

  3. I LOVE when family get togethers turn into things like that! Makes me excited for the holidays.

  4. I haven't invested in a camera because I have no idea how to use one! Right now I stick to my phone for all my pictures but maybe one day I'll bite the bullet too and invest in a good camera :)

  5. A new camera is so exciting!! And your pictures look great! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  6. Awww, yay for new cameras! Looks like you had a great weekend! Always sad when a weekend comes to an end, and can I come tailgate with you? My whole family has "The Shirt" so we'd fit right in. :)

  7. I love your pictures and you always crack me up! Looking forward to seeing more :)

  8. Looks like an awesome weekend! Is your sweatshirt in the last pic from Athleta? If so, I've been coveting it :)

    1. Target actually! Found it last Fall there!

    2. Oh, maybe they have something similar this year :). That will probably save me a ton of money. Thanks!

  9. I just got a new camera and I am taking pictures of everything as well! It's so fun playing with new technology, it's like being a kid and getting a new toy!


    Laura Aime Vous

  10. How easy is this camera to use? I am looking to get a new camera is this one is on the list!

  11. I just bought this camera as a reward for passing a summer nursing course. I was not sure if I would like it because I had another sony the fn-5 I think (it was not that great). But the Best Buy Sony expert was helpful and I compared it to other models and I love it. I think you should do a nice little : Sony a6000 for Dummies blog post. I have been hoping they would come out with that book. lol

  12. The line about the Amazon Prime bill being bigger than the mortgage made me laugh out loud. As much of a pain it was when the card we used for Prime was stolen (when I used it on another site) we had a couple days of respite from my one-click Prime shopping :-) . Love your blog! Jen from www.chaiandcow.com


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