It's Football Season, Dress Like It.

As I lay here on the couch in front of the TV watching Thursday night football, eating chips like it's my job and checking my fantasy app every 2 minutes it's apparent football season is in full swing. This happens to be my favorite season of the year because of two things - the food [obviously] and the fashion. I suppose watching the games isn't so bad either. Unfortunately I've been known to fall asleep before the second quarter but who's really keeping track? 

Being an Indiana girl born and raised, the Colts are our go-to team. It was Peyton who originally drew me in and their team colors that kept me around. I recently stocked up on this years gear from the NFL Shop and well, I kinda want everyday to be football Sunday now. For my first NFL Style outfit I went with this off the shoulder [football can be sexy too] fleece sweatshirt that is insanely comfortable and cute. Paired with some grey skinnies, white tennies, and a cute beanie. 

For my second look, I decided to switch it up entirely and get all girly girl with things. I decided to pair a Colts tee with this blue and white striped skirt I found hanging in my closet. To keep things comfy I kept the tennies on because lets be real, this girl isn't wearing heels to a football game anytime soon. I've never felt more like a football housewife than I have in this outfit. 

Be sure to check out @NFLFanStyle on social media to see all sorts of other cute and fun ways to dress for the football season.

Now lets hear it - who are you cheering for and what's your favorite game day look? Be sure to check out the NFL Shop for all of your football needs. Now pass the chips.



  1. The look with the striped skirt is to die for! Such a cute idea and it goes so well with the T! I clicked on this post today because I'm wearing football (college) gear to work today. It's repping our local college team which is actually the rival of my school, but the school my boyfriend went to. Since I'll be tailgating with him tonight it seemed appropriate. The things we'll do for love I guess!

  2. I love the grey skinnies! Where are they from??? And that first outfit is adorable! If I liked football, I would totally wear that :)

  3. I admit it, I hate football, but the fashion is definitely something I could get behind!!!

    So About What I Said

  4. You are so darn adorable!! I love this so much!

  5. Well, I don't love all of it... GO BRONCOS ;) haha

  6. Where did you get your couch?! Is it navy?

  7. Oh you are so cute and what a cute outfit too! Love your kitchen and family room décor!....Christine

  8. I may have to start liking football now :-)

  9. you are even cute in sports gear, wth? lucky me, CO girl born and raised, now i get to cheer for Peyton...in my blue and orange! not as stylish as you, tho!!


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