How to Wear White with Confidence

Ahhh, beloved white clothing. It's one of those things that I think we can all say we have a love/hate relationship with. Personally, I don't think there is anything more striking than a woman [or man] in all white, especially in the middle of summer when tan skin abounds. Unfortunately, my clumsy wine spilling ways don't always agree with my adoring light clothing fantasies. When I say I am the queen of spilling, staining, and anything else your typical toddler does, I mean it. Ask my husband, my friends, my co-workers and really anybody I have ever seen in public. Before I met my new best friends [more on them in a second] I had to leave work on several occasions to drive to Target to buy a new outfit in the middle of the work day. While this actually sounds like a perk it gets to be a little expensive and makes your husband a little mad.

Insert my new white loving best friends.

That's right, trusty ole Shout®. The same Shout® that is best known as a trusted stain remover with a portfolio of products that pre-treat tough stains on clothes, treat stains on the go, and even prevent discoloring in the wash. It is my army that stands behind me shouting [pun intended] "WEAR THAT WHITE ERIN! DO IT ALL! WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!"

I know, I thought it was a little crazy too that they said all of that to me but they did so I'm obeying. To up the crazy factor I enjoyed a glass on our white bedding [gasp!]

Shout® has been a product that fashionistas have trusted for years to help them maintain some of their favorite items−even as the trend of pre-worn clothes remains a hot trend. Did you know that half of Americans say that getting a stain keeps them from having fun? And our Shout® experts have confirmed that one in three Americans simply won't wear white because they are afraid of getting a stain. Because of Shout® we can all scream "to heck with those fears!" and have fun despite what may have ended up all over us on occasion.

Lets discuss a few of my best friends for a second shall we? We'll begin with this guy up above − Shout® Advanced Gel. This powerful concentrated gel is perfect for those stubborn stains as it contains 70 percent more stain-fighting ingredients than the leading laundry stain pre-treater, making people like me extremely happy. A few sprays along with a few "bye, bye stains!" well wishes and clothing is back to better than new.

Another personal favorite are these Shout® Wipes, which are great for those of us on the go. It doesn't matter where you're at when that stain happens. These portable stain-fighters are right there to wipe your troubles away. Who needs a man to dry your tears and clean up your mess when Shout® Wipes are in your back pocket?

Other trusted household favorites are Shout® Trigger Triple-Acting Stain Remover and Shout® Color Catcher® sheets, which helps absorb and trap loose dyes in wash water, allowing whites and brights to be washed in the same load. Ummm....hi, that's amazing.

Here are a few other fun facts when it comes to laundry and stains that I found interesting:

  • Millennials have embraced the art of texting using emojis but the symbols that appear on all clothing tags remain a mystery with 89 percent unfamiliar with the dry clean symbol. [I can 100% relate to this problem..the struggle is real my friends].
  • Americans are confident in their ability to remove three of the most common stains – mud (39.5 percent), ketchup/mustard (35.9 percent) and grass (35.2 percent) – but only a few are confident when facing sriracha (16.2 percent), kale smoothie (13.5 percent) or kombucha (12.4 percent). And that explains why I never eat kale smoothies! 

It's time we face our fear and wear that white with pride. What are you waiting for? Go shout it out ;)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  1. I always keep one of those (or more) Shout Wipe & Go's in my purse! I love them and they work really well!


  2. I love your comforter? Do you happen to remember where it's from?

    1. I do remember! It is from West Elm :)

  3. Curtains....where are they from?


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