A Lot Of Really Important Things.

Well, a few things tonight. For starters - I need to start wearing a lip color that isn't the color of my face. This whole no lips/dead thing just isn't cutting it. You would have thought I would have learned this lesson back in middle school when I would put concealer on my lips for lip gloss [I MEAN WHY] but unfortunately, I haven't. On a similar note, is anybody else out there an avid buyer of teeth whiteners? Awesome. For those of you who buy them, do you have this problem where you never actually use them but you just keep buying more? Because that's where I'm at. I just buy them. I don't use them. And it now just dawned on me that my teeth aren't getting any whiter. It's so annoying how you actually have to open and use products to see results. You'd think with technology these days we would find a solution for this.

Oh I know what's fun that we can talk about. My eyelids. So here's the deal with these little guys...they have about peeled off twenty times over and have been insanely swollen and red the last two months. It is so cute, seriously. Unfortunately I found the culprit and it's the most devastating news I ever did come across - it was my Rodan + Fields skincare system. Now, I'm not saying don't buy this stuff because OMG do, just don't get that shaz all over your eyelids apparently. It's been a hard two months for my poor little eyes. Fortunately they are on their way to normal again so phew but now I'm just curious if anybody else out there has this problem? Please do tell, we can start a support group or something.

What else? My niece started pre-school today. It turns out she wants to be a doggy when she grows up if you read carefully [and/or note the tongue hanging out of her mouth].

I'm just proud of her for having such huge life goals. I just always wanted to be a bagger at a grocery store. I feel like a slacker now because my goal was so....well, possible. Becoming a dog sounds like some serious work. All I can say is get after it girl, if there is one thing this world needs more of it's joy and what brings us more joy than dogs? Nothing. Life changer this little one is. 

Almost last but not least - I ran 3.5 miles and did a ton of ab work tonight and then immediately scarfed down a huge bowl of mac and cheese with a side of chips and Diet Coke. One of these days I will realize that this doesn't make the most sense and kinda negates all of the work I sweated and almost cried through but until then - mmmmmmmmmmm mac and cheese. 

Okay, now for the real last and least - several of you wanted to know where I had gotten the maxi dress I was wearing in my office reveal post from, so now I thought I would tell you. Hooooray for sharing secrets! 

That pretty little pink tail feather maxi hails from Swank Avenue and the exact link to the dress can be found here. A little birdie told me that if you use the code LIY25 you can get 25% off and as always, take advantage of free shipping. If that doesn't make you want hide another purchase from your husband, I don't know what will. Not saying that you should hide purchases from your husband....just saying to be smart ladies. Is a new dress really worth an argument? Hiding it under the bed works great. shhhhh......



  1. Girl, mac and cheese is always worth sweating and almost crying for.

  2. OMG I need that dress for the wedding I'm going to in two weeks, but it's sold out! Everyone wants to look like you :).

  3. I agree, mac and cheese is always worth it.
    Morgan - theradwife.blogspot.com

  4. Suuuuch a gorgeous dress!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  5. ummmm I've always wanted to work at a grocery store too!! but mostly so i could push the buttons on the cash register. but I do get insanely excited when there's not a bagger in sight and I get to bag my own groceries. #overachievers oh and also, I've tried two regimens of r & f and pretty sure my skin looks worse. I didn't have problem skin to begin with.

  6. I had the same eyelid problem with a skincare system back in college - it was MISERABLE and took months to recover. Since then, I've realized I actually SHOULD use eye makeup remover instead of just washing the makeup off. Oops.

  7. Never had that happen with my R+F and I use the eye cream and well all of their products. which one tore your lids up?

  8. Hahaha! This cracked me up! And I love that she wants to be a dog... signs of a good childhood. :)

  9. okay, second time posting this comment, not sure if it's going through so you might get it twice. Any who, I wanted to say: that girl's dream of being a dog proves she's smart - the life of a dog in this country - sweeeet! Made in the shade. love your dress, adorbs! I never had the teeth whitening purchase issue per say but I definitely had the issue of buying something over and over and not using it. And eating up my hard earned exercise calories - Girl, I wrote the book! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Which regimen were you using? What exact product was the culprit? Everyone's skin reacts differently, but curious because I've not had reaction to any of the regimens and I consider my skin fairly sensitive as a red head!


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