A Look Back At The Summer Of 2015

And just like that the crying emoji is in full swing as summer is officially over. With the start of fall today I thought it would be fun to look back at the memories that were created over the past 93 days. This was our first summer on the water in our new[ish] house and we certainly took advantage as much as possible. Between the early morning coffee induced boat rides, mid-day jet ski rides where Shawn threatened to throw me off the back countless times [which never happened because he knows I would punch him in the throat and nuts], to the evening sunset cruises with Maggie on my lap chewing away on her bone there is a lot to be thankful for. We feel right at home here and couldn't be enjoying our decision to move to the river more. Before I get into all of the moments that I never want to forget, go ahead and press play below. We compiled our favorite songs that were on repeat out on the boat - the playlist that will forever live as the summer of 2015. Enjoy ;)

Lets start with the very first boat ride - I had just gotten home from Arizona and the boat had been delivered while I was away just patiently waiting in the backyard to get out and experience it. I remember looking around, hands up in the air and exclaiming over and over to Shawn "this is our life now! I mean how cool is this..we get to do this any freaking time we want to!" It was a spectacular first boat ride :)

I must also pay tribute to the one time that I took the kayak out. It was just long enough to finish the beer and then back in I went. It turns out when you can sit on a boat not working your arm muscles, you choose the boat. In theory the kayaks were a good idea - until we realized we are lazy. 

And then there is the beloved jet ski - the one piece of motorized water equipment that I am allowed to be in control of. I may or may not get out on the high seas, throw it into high gear and then sing "kick the dust up" while whipping around. You wanna feel free? Get on a jet ski. 

Another discovered "this is awesome" thing would be this bridge not too far off from our house. It turns out that when under it you can blast your favorite tunes and it turns into your very own amphitheater concert. I would be at work texting Shawn, "concert tonight?" and waaaa-la a concert would happen that night. A lot of fist pounding happened under this bridge. Unfortunately no other type of pounding went down if you know what I mean. Hi mom!

I also don't want to forget about the time when we decided to set off on a Saturday adventure to trek to a small town a couple of hours away via boat - turns out we got a fourth of the way there and found ourselves literally in a pile of trees. It was straight out of a movie scene - I was laughing, he was cussing and the radio was playing some song about not worrying. Needless to say we made a u-turn and came straight back home. 

 the calm before the storm...

Ahhhh, the beloved fourth of July. We spent it with the craziest cats we knew to spend it with - my parents. Patriotic Popsicles and many rum and diets were consumed. Festive little things we are. 

The rest of the summer was spent hosting the best of the best of friends....

And family, both young...

and old..

Drinking anything that fit into my hand...

and dogs that fit on my lap..

I can't even recall the number of sunsets we watched but I do know that every one seemed more magical than the night before. 

It was a fabulous summer and one that I never want to forget. This whole water thing, well I kinda dig it. 

In closing, I gotta say thank you to the captain who made it all happen....without you I would be stranded on land with nothing to do but drink beer on a lawn chair. It doesn't hurt that you're kinda hot too. Lets do it again next year shall we?



  1. Loving these pictures! It's been a want of mine and my husband's for a while to get a boat and these pictures just make me want even more!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. A year ago, I moved to live on Lake Michigan. Best. Decision. Ever. The only thing -- I can't be excited for fall anymore. Seriously. Being this close to the beach makes summer rock so hard, it just makes me sad with PSLs show up in September.

  3. so you definitely had a blast eh? lol!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  4. I love this post! What a beautiful summer!

  5. my husband and I's life goal is to move to the water! I am envious of all of your water adventures from afar, but am so glad you made the most of it! :) looks like the perfect summer!

  6. Aww I'm jealous! Looks like so much fun - your pictures are stunning by the way!

  7. I miss summer already!! It's my favorite time of year. The weather and long days are perfect. I'm slowly embracing the fall but I'm sad to see summer go.

  8. I'm so jealous that you live on a lake now!! I'm crying for summer's retreat as well :( But fall here in New England is great, so I'll just stay happy at that :P


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