this photo serves no purpose but to say "hey! I sat on a rock today!" - also known as the the closest thing to being stoned I've ever been. 

I'm not sure if I should start out this blog post by saying I am currently sitting outside in only underwear and a tank top or if that would be inappropriate so I'm just not going to mention it.

My poor poor neighbors. 

Now that we didn't talk about that, lets move on. You know what's weird [besides my current lack of clothing situation] is wanting to ask you all how you are doing but knowing that I couldn't actually hear any one of your responses. It's like talking to a cat except I'm assuming [slash hoping] you aren't choking up a hairball and licking your butt hole while reading. Which reminds me, I was informed that my grandma would like me to start printing my blog posts so that she can read them every day. Remind me to start this practice tomorrow. 

A tiny part of me feels like I need to apologize if a majority of my content has seemed sponsored lately but then a part of me doesn't feel like apologizing because a) that's how I pay for my amazon addictions and b) I have fallen head over heels in love with so many of the items that I have shared recently. I hope you realize that these products that I am getting paid to write about I wouldn't write about unless I truly enjoyed them and feel that they improve my overall quality of life. 

I think all of this is just a warning for the post that will be coming where I promote a product I stick up in me to prevent bladder leakage. So I pee my pants a little from time to time? LIKE YOU DON'T. 

I keep forgetting if I am supposed to be writing a post right now or not. It's like my brain thinks it has something to talk about and then I look up above and read what I wrote and I'm all confused like "WHAT AM I DOING HERE RIGHT NOW?!??!" but yet I just keep on going. Blogging is so weird - one minute you're sharing with the world how you feel ugly and the next you're telling everybody you have problems with peeing a little when sneezing. 

For the record I'm currently texting my husband trying to convince him to take our dog to a daddy daughter dance. I really just want to be able to pick out a dress for her. I don't think he is taking me very serious and it has me concerned. Concerned that he doesn't know me well enough to know that I am serious. 

I think I should probably go take a nap now. It is 3:00 pm on a Wednesday after all....

and people have the nerve to say that "working from home" isn't hard. Jerks. #whatdotheyknow



  1. you're so hilarious :) also where is your plaid shirt from, cause it's adorable!

  2. Ok, I just starting reading your blog last week and I love it. Today's post was the icing on the cake. You crack me up. I will be back for more, janell

  3. I love your all-over-the-place brain! šŸ˜‚

  4. Ok, I starting reading your blog last week and love it. Today's post was the icing on the cake. You crack me up. I will be back for more, Janell

  5. Lol - I absolutely love you. Your post just made my day! Never change, always be you. <3, Angela

  6. Lol - I absolutely love you! Your post just made my day. Never change, always be you. <3 , Angela

  7. You're seriously one of my favorite bloggers to read! I read bits of your post to my boyfriend and he said "you have found your people"... I guess we're all a little crazy in the blogging world! Keep up the goofy little posts, they're great!

  8. You crack me up! I second the motion that your husband should take your dog to the daddy daughter dance. Brilliant. xx

    Abby | EƤrendil

  9. Lol! I just came across your blog recently and I absolutely love it! I think you are hilarious and we need more people like you out there! Hope you have a great Thursday!!

  10. Bahaha! I literally die laughing every time I read your posts! (Well, except that I don't, because obviously I'm still here.) But I'm glad I'm not the only one who pees a little when I sneeze (or when I jump). I thought it was because I had a baby come out of there, but maybe I'm more normal than I thought. Anyways, I love my job, but I want yours. 3 p.m. cat naps are where it's at girlfriend!


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