Those Funny Bloggers.

Ahhh, the beloved ADD. I don't know if it's an "I've been spending way too much time on things that scroll" thing or older age but holy frick balls, my mind can't stay focused on a single task for more than 47 seconds these days. While I typically choose to blame social media and this fast paced environment we've all learned to live in, today I have to blame it on this girl and her bachelor behind the scenes blog posts. Is there really anything more fascinating than reading about a farmer's wife from Idaho who has met all of your favorite TV celebs? Besides peanut butter ice cream, no. 

I "met" Amy on this whole internet thing a couple of years ago and she is one that I can always turn to for a laugh, most likely because she has written stories about other people's dildos and such. You know you can trust a person when they are willing to share such personal topics with strangers. You also know you can trust somebody when they dress in a tulle skirt and heels while preggo. 

And to think she already has two living boys that she birthed outta that body. #notfair. Speaking of third baby, her gender reveal party almost makes me want a little one simply for the party planning that goes into these momentous occasions. Amy is a hilarious blogger who does a great job of incorporating real life, her love for her adorable family and her obsession for all things party planning [check out her boys birthday parties here and here]. 
Be sure to pay a visit to The Farmer's Wife and say hello to your new little friend. You will be so glad that you did, I promise you.

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  1. Thank you for introducing Amy! Now following :) She seems like fun!

  2. Thanks for the introduction! What a bright ray of sunshine(: Susan


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