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If there is one thing I have said about my taste in fashion way too many times on this blog it is that comfort is key. I don't care how great those stilettos look, if they hinder my ability to have fun I say "no thank you sweet shiny pair of stilettos!" I've gotta be able to move freely, feel relaxed and know that I look presentable to the world. Fortunately, I discovered Hanes and their line of awesome/comfortable/fashionable products recently [seriously, obsessed] and can't stop incorporating them into my daily wardrobe. Hanes Off Duty Style is where comfort and style meet [hoooooray!] meaning the items are effortless, timeless, comfortable, and chic. Here's a few ways I'm wearing some of my favorite items from Hanes these days - 

First up, leggings. You all know you love em' ladies. I could live in these things [said while wearing them on my couch as we speak]. I threw these Hanes Cotton Leggings on with a pair of boots and tunic and bam - out the door in no time flat. This will always be one of my favorite looks for Fall. Plus for under $10 you can't beat it. 

Next up, the sweatshirt look. Sweatshirts are my jam. Every night on the boat you can find me in one, so when I spotted the Hanes Fleece Crew Sweatshirt for less than $6 I knew it was the one I needed to stock up on in basically every color known to mankind. This baby is soft, like real soft. I roll up the sleeves for a little touch of "look! I'm so fashionable in a sweatshirt!" and throw on my favorite leggings from above and done. A cute way to be extremely comfortable.

Last but not least, my very favorite item from Hanes - the Classic Men's Traditional Fit ComfortSoft® TAGLESS® Ribbed Tank. Ladies, if there is one thing you need in your life it is this. And now. These tanks fit the way any tank should - they are long enough for all of our shirts, they don't ride up and they cover the ladies perfectly. I have them in white, grey and black. As far as sizing goes, I am typically a size medium in women's tanks and I am wearing a men's small here. 

You must buy these and I'm not kidding. I feel like I have not lived until now. 

One honorable mention to make on another product I love is the Hanes Vintage Boxer Brief Panties - unfortunately my husband wasn't too keen on pictures of me in my underwear for today's blog post but just trust me when I say they are the cutest fitting things ever. I may only wear those around my house these days because YOLO.

And that covers my off duty style - all of the above styles can be found at Walmart or Hanes.com

What's your favorite off duty style?

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  1. I love the outfit with the plaid shirt, jean shorts and gray wedges. Cute!


  2. You look great in everything, I swear! :)

  3. Every single one of your outfits is adorable! I'm all about comfort when I dress and you always give me such great ideas :)

  4. Such a fantastic post!
    Comfort is the most important.

  5. Ok, Erin, I have to ask! How do you get all these sponsors/free goods/whatever you want to call them?!?! I can only assume that you are getting compensated for your time since you don't say that your posts are NOT sponsored. You mentioned right away at the top of this one that it is sponsored. I know you addressed it in a recent post. But I just have to mention it. I feel like every post lately has become about some product that you have been asked to try. Do you really email each and every one of these companies asking to post about their product in exchange for money? Maybe in a way I'm super jealous:) Making money off a blog is great. I wish I could do it. But how do you do it? It doesn't seem like you built your blog off sponsored posts, it seems as though those have come now because of the readers you gained while posting about other things. Now it seems like every time I open your blog, it's almost like a commercial for something. As much as I laugh reading some of your posts, I also want to feel like you are legit behind your computer writing about things you love, not just things you get paid to write about. You know what I mean? I do like your blog, it's just something I have been wanting to say and today was the day I picked to say it:)

    1. I would love to address this in a blog post soon! It is definitely a hard balance to manage! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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