On Loving Yourself..

Hey hey party people! If you came looking for good news, you're in luck. Monday's almost over!

That was it. That was your good news. And if you are reading this on Tuesday double good news - the weekend is only 4 days away! And if you are reading on Wednesday - well, it's basically the weekend now so break out that bottle of wine and get to chuggin' ladies.

That was a joke. Don't chug wine. I've heard that your head doesn't like you if you do that. Rumors anyhow...

This past weekend was full of eating out, shopping, laying on a boat, baseball games, and hot dogs topped with macaroni and cheese. If you think that you eat unhealthy just think about me and you will feel 110% better about yourself. That sentence could be used in all sorts of scenarios.

Speaking of that really positive statement [sarcasm] - I've been struggling recently with body image, confidence and all of that wonderful stuff us women deal with on a regular basis. About a week or so ago I was minding my own business doing a little bit of grocery shopping when my mind starting becoming inundated with negative thoughts about myself. It was as if I couldn't get my brain to stop speaking harsh harsh words at me. I suddenly found myself fighting off tears right there in the grocery aisle. Because I didn't want the tears to show I put on my sunglasses and started to quickly exit the store. While walking out I started praying simply asking Jesus for me to stop with the negative thoughts - to fill my mind with things much bigger than I - to look for people around me to love. And that's when He showed up, right then and there. In the midst of my teary eyed prayer a woman literally stopped me and simply said "you look so pretty today." And then I went to my car and bawled.

It was a moment that I never want to forget. Those ten seconds reminded me of so much - for starters, He hears us and He cares about us. I know that not all of you believe in the same God I believe in or any at all, but for me personally it was a moment that I give to Him. I don't think it was a coincidence that I was praying for relief and a woman showed me love at the very same time.

Secondly, it reminded me how much our words matter. What we say to a stranger in the middle of a grocery store has the potential to rock their world [either negatively or positively]. Our words hold so much potential to make or break - we must remember this [myself especially] when speaking mindlessly, debating whether to say something or not, etc. Speak love.

Thirdly, the love that we allow ourselves to feel is the same amount of love that we are capable of giving out to others. We need to drench ourselves in love - speak positively internally - pray against negative thoughts - and fill ourselves up continually in order to exude love to those around us. Easier said than done, I know. But it's imperative we love ourselves first if we expect a) others to love us and b) us to love others.

With all of that being said, love wins. Every freaking single time.

I found this bracelet since the grocery store incident and I knew I wanted it wrapped around my wrist for a constant reminder of what we are here to do. Found at Luv. I love [pun intended] what they are all about - 50% of net profits go to a charity of their consumers choice. As of now they have already supported Feed The Children, Save the Children, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, War Child, and UNICEF. You can read all about their story here. Aside from jewelry and accessories they also have an awesome collection of home items I'm adoring.

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And that concludes my life lesson for the day. Love on :) 



  1. I always think of my favorite DVF quote: You see the woman across the room, you think, She's so poised; she's so together. But she looks at you and you are the woman across the room for her.

    It's a good reminder that we're all just people trying to make it through day.

    Love your humor, girl!


    1. LOVE that quote! So so good.


    2. I've never heard that quote before, but I absolutely love it!

  2. Aww, this post! I think that is awesome what happened in the grocery store (oh my gosh, NOT the negative thoughts, whoops) but how God reminded you through someone else. I believe in God too and this is just yet another example of His love for us. Great post, I just love your blog!

    - Ashlee Mae | http://www.sparklesbyashlee.com | faith, funny, & fulfilling dreams

  3. Awesome post! I applaud you for speaking the truth to an audience that may not agree with you or believe what you believe. Great reminder today that He hears us and is always with us. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. What a beautiful life lesson! I love the way you wrote this post, it made me smile :)

    Anne-Sophie | Moonlit Stories

  5. Unfortunately I think men and women alike fall into a negative thought pattern more often than anyone would like to admit. I know I've had those overwhelming negative thoughts a time or two or twenty. I love that the Lord showed you just how much he loves you and how beautiful you are to him. You truly are a beauty and I love the positivity of this message. You have a definite light that shines through you as evident through your blog posts and I'm sure shines even brighter in person.

  6. This post was hard for me to get through today - I kept tearing up. This was a beautiful reminder to love myself. It's so easy to let the negative stuff overwhelm the positive inner thoughts and this has been the case for me more often than not lately. Thanks for this sweet post. xo

  7. Love. this. I've been struggling with self-esteem lately too and I feel like there is a constant stream of negativity towards myself going through my head some days. I love how God met you where you were at and sent someone to be an encouragement to you! He's so awesome like that! :)

  8. I love all of your posts, but this one rocked! Very true reminder of a beautiful life lesson. Thank you once again for bringing joy to my day!

  9. Oh my gosh, they very first thought I had when your post and picture popped up was "She's so pretty!" and then to go on and read what you wrote... so ironic! AWESOME post and a great reminder to be faithful, generous, and kind.

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been eagerly catching up. I just think you are so authentic and cool and girl, you are FUNNY!!! I mean, tears rolling down my face funny more than once- no lie! You make me smile, laugh, and snort! Thank you for sharing the ordinary and awkward moments of life. Love your blog!!!

  10. Love this post! Definitely something I needed to read since I have also been having body image issues, etc.

  11. What a great reminder...and amazing timing, God. :-)

  12. Thanks for sharing your struggles. I love when people aren't afraid to talk about their worries and fears and their insecurities. I have been there before. Thanks for being someone we all can relate to. God bless you Sister. By the way, I love that bracelet and I got it for my sister's engagement gift, I know it'll help her. Thanks again. God bless you!!! <3

  13. This was such a good read. Thank you for sharing. xoxo.


  14. How tall are you? I was just curious based on your Stitch Fix reviews! Thanks!! :)

  15. How tall are you?! I'm just wondering based on your Stitch Fix reviews! Thanks!! :)

  16. I love this story! You are so beautiful and I know what you mean - we all deal with those lies all the time! Speaking love and speaking truth into each other's lives is more important than we will ever know! Thankful for you and your heart and seeing the Lord meet you where you were at! Those moments are such a reminder that our heavenly Father cares so dearly for us!


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