Look Mom! No Pee!

Well, the time has come to talk more about pee. You knew it was coming, I knew it was coming, and now we are here. For the most part I would like to believe that we are all pretty much women who show up to this blog. I would also like to believe that we are all friends, would sip wine together and discuss every fabulous glamorous thing about being a woman...like peeing our pants in inopportune times. Fortunately, I was just sitting with a group of women recently and we did just that.

It all started with a new mom in the group - supposedly after you have children, pee doesn't prefer to stay inside you, nor does it like to give you a warning that "Hey! I'm coming out!!" and so it just happens. All over the place sometimes. And not just one other woman in the group was all "I know the feeling!" but every woman in the group was all "OMG YES. JUMPING JACKS! TRAMPOLINE! SNEEZING! I UNDERSTAND!" Including me. Even though I have yet to birth a child [does my dog count?] I have this whole sneezing issue that has been brought on in the last year or two. It's not the sneezing that's the issue, it's what happens when I sneeze that is the issue. People tell me that there are kegel exercises for this but guess what? Ain't nobody got time for that. I do however, have time for this....

Oh those? That would be the new Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports. I played videos of how these work with that same group of women last week after our conversation and let me tell you, excitement has never come out in more full force. FREEDOM FOR ALL! These babies protect you, me, and all of us from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) - bet you didn't expect to get an anatomy lesson today huh? How these work are very similar to a tampon - you simply insert it like you would a regular tampon [that means into your vagina for those of you who have never used a tampon before], however it lifts and gives support to the urethra allowing the leaks to stop before they even happen. Neat right?

They do come in three different sizes as you can see from the package - the sizes are relative to how often you have issues (not your jean size). I would recommend starting with size 1 and seeing if it does the job at hand. If you still experience any leakage move up to size 2 and so on with size 3.

If you know you are going to be working out, jumping on the trampoline with your kids, have a cold, or partaking in any other activity that causes you to squirt a little pee out from time to time, these are your jam. I absolutely love that this product is bringing freedom and fun back into women's lives all while tucked away cutely in my tiny purse. Why shouldn't we be able to do what we want, when we want, without having to worry?

Some people may be all "but can I still actually go pee on the toilet if I need to while wearing these?!" Why yes, you certainly can my friends! I'm sure you are wondering all sorts of other things [at least I was!] so be sure to check out the handy dandy FAQs here.

You can conveniently find Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports at Walmart and you can also conveniently find me jumping in local parks.

If this post brings just one of you a little more freedom in your every day life, my job here is done. Get to doing whatever it is that you used to not be able to do ladies, our bladder supports have got us covered. Our men will have never found us sexier ;)

disclosure: I was compensated for this post however all opinions and embarrassing stories are 100% real. And yes, I did use the words vagina and urethra in a sponsored post. awkward.



  1. I love your top!! I just moved from out West to the Midwest and need to pretty much reinvent my winter wardrobe and would love to know where you got it.

  2. Oh my GOD!! I just got home from taking my kids to the trampoline park and the pee squirts would.not.stop!! I would have never even thought to try these without you being so real and funny about them. Thank you! They are on my Target list!


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