I May Just Never Shower Again...

I would be lying if I acted like I knew what in the world I wanted to write about right now. But you know what they say - show up and let your fingers do the talking and the rest will come. Except problem for me is that my hand is numb because I am pretty confident that I have early stages of carpel tunnel setting in because I am 29 going on 82. Now my head is all foggy and my hand can't feel anything so this blog post is just oozing of potential for havoc. Like that. I don't really know if "oozing for havoc" makes sense but we're gonna go with it because at this point I have nothing else clever to say.

Before I start talking about how anti-social I have felt lately, I figured I should get my new favorite hair product out of the way because those two topics seam together perfectly. Dry shampoo - lets talk about it. I feel like it's the one thing that everybody has been talking about for the past two years that I never really listened in on. I somehow missed the memo when the memo was flashing right in front of my eyes. It's amazing - did you know you can have the greasiest hair ever and then this stuff zaps it all out away and you look like a freaking supermodel that just showered?!?!? I KNOW. Did you also know that the world's best smelling dry shampoo is from amika and you need it like yesterday?!?! My husband will testify to this statement. The man who hates me spraying anything in the bathroom actually likes me spraying this stuff. Miracles happen people and it all starts with dry shampoo.

Just a few spritzes, massage it into the scalp, and wham bam thank you ma'm your hair will be lookin' super fly. [pssssst - giving away a bottle of this on Instagram - head here to check it out!]

You know what else is incredibly adorable? Tiny mighty hair straighteners. Anything that is little is cute. Anything that is cute I want. The moral of the story is I am now obsessed with all things amika and that's really all I have to say about that. 

Now back to my other topic. Anti-social. I feel like a boat does that to you in a really weird way. I have been spending WAY too much time on that thing with strictly my husband and I'm starting to worry that we have no friends and will never know what else to do in life than lay on a boat. It's a horrific problem I know. Please send help in the form of bodies that are willing to lay on a boat with us.

That's all for now - I've got some basil pasta concoction to make for dinner and we all know if the woman doesn't cook, the woman doesn't eat. Peace out greasy hair lovers, we officially unite.



  1. I love Amika's dry shampoo! Their texture spray is also amazing and their hair mask! Ok, I actually love all their products!

  2. Try psst dry shampoo too. It's pretty amazing! http://www.amazon.com/Psssssst-Instant-Spray-Shampoo-5-3oz/dp/B003NW8M1Q

  3. Wow this is so fun to read, thanks for sharing:) Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



  4. Thank god!! The dry shampoo message is really getting out there! I have been lovely and swearing by this stuff for the longest time!! Although I have not tried this brand (who knows if we have it here tbh) but I am always up for trying a new one!!
    Also i am prepared to travel to wherever said boat is located for any amount of laying about, socializing and/or water sports.
    Kelsey x

  5. I have been wanting to try dry shampoo for a while, but I am so nervous about buying some and hating it or it not working right. I might have to check out Amika though! That little hair straightener is too cute! About that boat... I want one so bad! I think spending time on the boat constantly with just my fiance sounds amazing right now ha ha.

  6. The boat does that to me too! I just want to lounge, drink and be present with whoever is on the boat!

  7. I am so looking into that! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Dry shampoo is the best isn't it?!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


  9. I've been looking for a dry shampoo that works!! Everything I've tried has left my hair feeling gross! Can't wait to try this! Thank you for sharing!!


  10. Girl, you crack me up! Thanks for always making me laugh.

  11. Girl, you crack me up! Thanks for always making me laugh.

  12. I love me some dry shampoo! I use it more than I probably should because I'm so lazy when it comes to washing my hair (just to clarify I'm not lazy about showering just my hair :). It's not so much the washing of my hair that's the problem it's the 45 minutes worth of styling it takes afterwards unless I scrunch it. I'll have to check out this brand sometime.

  13. I love this stuff! I got a sample in my Birchbox recently and it has really changed my mind about dry shampoo. I've tried a few brands and this one has worked the best!

  14. I just bought the Amika Texturizing spray, haven't tried it yet, but have heard only great things about it.

  15. I love dry shampoo but what I love even more is that adorable shirt you are wearing.....can you please share where you bought? I have also been stalking your site to see what you got in your lat stitch fix box!!!! please share!

    1. I just got that from miss chic (www.shopmisschic.com)! And I did post my most recent Stitch Fix box here --> http://www.livinginyellow.com/2015/07/stitch-fix-reveal-37.html

      I am getting another box next week so stay tuned for that :)


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