Weekend Shenanigans

As Monday morning is officially here, all I can say is this my friends, was a good weekend. Whenever your birthday falls on a Friday you know the whole weekend is going to just roll into one giant celebration and that's exactly what happened. The night of turning 29 a few friends of ours headed to a local restaurant for a fun filled dinner with a side of great live music [what up Samuel <-- check him out, amazing]. A few hours in I found myself whipping my hair all over the place while stuffing my face with a sparkler topped cake so you know, I think it went well. 

Saturday morning Shawn and I headed to the windy city for a day full of spa treatments and dinner. 

Chicago will always be one of my favorite cities and to have it at our fingertips is so fun. Because he hasn't had a massage since our wedding, I figured he was about due for a little pampering himself. I also figured I wouldn't be allowed to swing a few hours at the spa alone so dragging him along seemed like the next best option. Fortunately I don't think he minded getting rubbed down for a few hours. 

And then my blog got blocked from your work's internet. 

If you're still with me, for dinner we went to RPM Steak for the first time - RPM Italian is one of our favorites so we figured it was time to take in this phenomenom. Surprisingly [not at all] it didn't disappoint. If you do go, please order the millionaires potato and proceed to eat all of it. Even if that means polishing it off at 11 pm in your hotel bed. Not that I did that because hello carbs that late at night are not something I would ever do, but I could imagine such a moment would be lovely. If you were into that whole potato thing of course. 

Before heading home I partook in cake pops in bed because biiiiiiirthday.

Sunday we were lucky enough to return home to no power on what turned out to be the most humid day of the year [hooooray!] so our only option was beer on the boat. Bummer I know. Somehow we survived having to live that horrible lifestyle. Thankfully my sister rescued us and had us over for more pie and a trampoline jumping session. I may be 29 but not one squirt of pee came out thank you very much. And people said getting older sucks....



  1. Sounds like a great weekend - minus the whole no power thing! But a boat & beer don't sound too bad either! Happy {belated} Birthday!!!

  2. Sounds like the best way to celebrate your birthday if you ask me! Happy belated birthday:)

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like such a blast!

  4. Happy, belated, Birthday!! Looks like such a great weekend :)

  5. That sounds like an amazing birthday weekend! Happy late birthday!!!

  6. What a fantastic birthday weekend!! I'm dying to try BOTH of the RPMs!!


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