It's All In The Bag - What I Carry With Me At All Times

In all of my years of blogging it recently dawned on me that I have never participated in the ever so famous "what's in my bag" post. Because I am tired of feeling left out of the cool crowd I figured I would participate. Why is it that us humans are so curious about two things - what is in other people's refrigerators and what is in women's purses? Fascinating little suckers aren't they?

It should come as no surprise that my purse itself and all of the contents inside are from Target, the Goddess of all retail stores. It's their darn dollar spot and the area right by the register that get me. Okay and the feminine hygiene aisle too. That one gets me monthly if you catch my drift. Without further ado, I present you my purse and its insides....

And there you have it. Ibuprofen, check. Hand lotion, check. Gum, check. Antibacterial wipes, check. Lip balm, check. Sunglasses, check. And most importantly - tampons, check. Have you experienced being without those? It's not pretty, that's all I'm going to say about that one. Thankfully Target sells Tampax Pocket Pearl's which are pretty much bite size [or at least lip balm size as you can see below] so they fit in even the smallest of purses. This is wonderful for people like me who have absolutely no room for anything in my purse.

The Tampax Pocket Pearl tampons offer full size protection yet are small enough to fit in your pocket [they do, I tested it out at work today if you must know. You're welcome]. Because I am a sucker for cute things, I love that the individual wrappers are decorated all pretty like making it a-okay if a man sees one fall out of your purse while shopping. Obviously not speaking from experience. Fortunately the Tampax Pocket Pearl's come in all of the sizes you may need or want. Super? Super!

Anybody else's bag full of Target items? What am I missing that I need in this mix? If you are about to say a bag of Cashews don't worry, I have those too. I just forgot to photograph them.

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  1. I tried those Olly vitamins and they taste great! I got the digestion one and it tastes like peaches! Yum!

  2. I'm guilty of a bag full of Target items too! Look like you have all the necessities!

  3. I totally bought these this week because of your post!!! I finally got my favorite friend back after months and months of being pregnant and breastfeeding! Anyways just wanted to let you know that your ads work! :-)

    Kristi from www.expectinghappiness.com

  4. I love the handbag that is carrying the contents. Where did you purchase the handbag? I love it.


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