How I Upgraded My Daily Schedule [And Gained A Husband Back In The Process!]

Without trying to sound like every other person in America, life has been busy around these parts recently. And I get it, we are all busy. A lot of you a lot more so than me because well, team no kids over here. However, the past couple of months have been particularly busy on the home front. It really all stems back to my recent[ish] job change. Awhile back I decided to make a switch at my job and took a position that required a few more hours than I had currently been working. One would think that an 8 hour workload increase wouldn't change your weekly routine much, however one might also be wrong. With balancing more hours at my job outside of the home, running this blog and working as a project manager for a media agency I found myself feeling like I was constantly working. And while I thrive on keeping a full plate, I start to feel empty and lonely when it's just me, myself, and my desktop inside my office. I was tired of running home from a work office only to return to my home office while my husband and dog kept to themselves. You know how fun it is talking to nobody? It's not. I knew it was time for a change... 

Recently I discovered the all new HP Pavilion 17” notebook from HSN (goes on sale 7/18) and knew this could be just the ticket to get me out of my office and out into the real world, also known as our living room and/or kitchen. Because of the notebooks large display I knew it would be a laptop that I would actually be able to utilize well for photo editing, blog writing and all of that other stuff that used to keep me confined to my office. Thankfully we have this fun little cut-out between our kitchen and living room that we turned into a bar after moving in. This has become my new "work spot" in the evenings which means I'm back in the heart of the action. Maggie lays on the couch behind me while I work and I can actually converse with my husband again before 10 pm which is a miracle. 

The thing(s) that drew me into this option were for starters [and most important] the color options. Girlfriends gotta be looking good while working if you know what I mean. The HP Pavilion comes in 5 great colors (Silver, White, Blue, Red, Purple). I went with white because it matches our kitchen counters, which obviously is the most important thing when deciding. 

Even better than the color and large display [I like it big], it has touchscreen capabilities, stores a ton - we're talking 2 TB of storage, and best of all - it comes loaded with Windows 10. What's so great about Windows 10 you ask? Well let me tell you. Lets begin with that good ole start menu. It's back! And the angels started singing, I know. It also conserves powers, allows you to instantly snap between apps to show two things on the screen at once and work between them, is fast and responsive thanks to the InstantGo technology, and so many more awesome features.

This model is exclusive to HSN for only $699.95* [free shipping and handling] and also includes free lifetime tech support thanks to HSN.

It feels so good to feel like I have a life at home again. It's amazing what a little change of scenery and a new piece of technology can do to improve the quality of your work week.

Are you ready to upgrade your day? Get shopping now ;)

*If $699.95 seems like a lot to shell out at once [totally understand], HSN does offer Flex Pay which allows you to break up the price into several payments. With 6 payments of under $120 you can have the laptop shipped to you right away meaning you don't have to wait until the payment is made in full to start utilizing this awesome piece of technology!

The model you see throughout the post is the HP Pavilion 17” notebook Intel Quad-Core 8GB Ram, 1TB Hard drive and can be found here

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Collectively and HP, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 



  1. I assume, because you are ALL THAT and then some, you have a fancy-schmancy planner. If so, what is it and where can I buy one? I guess it's time for me to jump on the planner wagon. :)

    1. I'm planner researching hard core so I want to know the answer to this also!

    2. Check out The Day Designer! It is what I've been using and it is the best! It has a month at a glance and each day done hourly from 5am-9pm. Also each day has a place to put you Top 3 goals for the day, your to-do list, a daily gratitude, meal planning, etc. I have been using mine for 4 months and love it!!

  2. I have yet to find a good spot to get work done, which at this point means it's not really getting done. I had an office area sort of set up in our basement, but it was too secluded, even though I'm home alone anyways. I need to be able to see the sunshine and that there is still a world out there! And then I need a large dose of motivation ;)

  3. I'm pretty attached to my Mac, but this was a really great review! Pretty enticing...

  4. Your house is lovely! And kudos to you on finding the a balance that works for YOU!


  5. I just took a double take! My husband bought a pavillion for me for Christmas and it's one of the greatest gifts he's ever given me... haha It's similar to yours, with beatsaudio. In LOVE with it!

  6. I actually conduct almost all of my blog work from my ipad because we don't have a desktop and I'm not keen on my ancient laptop. But I'd like better editing options so I may think of getting a new one soon.

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  7. I need to step up a little desk space in my living room so I can rejoin the real world when working on blog projects!


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