Baring It All - Summer Skin Care Routine

jet ski - my new jam // wearing only mascara - also my new jam

Over the 4th of July weekend I had one goal - to not wear any make-up for three days straight [big goals people, big goals]. I made this goal knowing that I was going to be hosting people at our house and yes - I made it knowing I would be posting pictures on social media. This probably doesn't sound like a big deal to many of you, but a year ago at this time there is no way in haaaaaaaaaaail that I would have felt confident enough to go "naked" on my face for several days straight while being exposed to people outside of my dog. However, over the past several months I have started using a new skincare system that has completely changed the way I feel about my face. Side note :: this post is 100% not sponsored as I purchased the products myself and am not receiving compensation for these words! Carry on.

You may remember here when I started talking about Rodan & Fields. And listen, I get it. It's expensive, I know. But it's worth it. I don't care how many times people tell you beauty comes from the inside, us ladies need to feel it on the outside as well. And for me, it all starts with my face. Hi face!

Here is my current Summer skin care/make-up routine: 

As you can see, it is mostly skin care items and hardly any make-up other than my bare minerals powder, blush, mascara, and lip gloss. Gone are the concealer and liquid foundation days [hollllllla]. For me personally the REVERSE system is where its at. I love how it brightens up my face, erases the dark sun spots, and leaves my skin feeling smoother than it ever has before. I use this both morning and night, however the system comes with a schedule for you to follow so it takes a little bit of time before you use it two times a day like I am. Also I should note that I started using this system in February and have only had to repurchase once meaning it lasts for months.

Another game changer [seriously obsessed] is the Rodan & Fields Microdermabrasion paste. I use this 3 times a week and oh the things it does for my skin - it's like I have a whole new face when I am done with it.

Because this post wouldn't be any amount of fun if there wasn't anything in it for you, I have a few surprises (yaaaaaaaaaaay!) Here's what's up for grabs: 

1. Fill out the Rodan & Fields online solution tool, click next at the bottom of the page until it takes you to where you can enter a name and email address. Enter in your information so that you can have the results and steps in your inbox! Just for doing this simple little step (while learning more about your skin) you will be entered to win the lip renewing serum valued at $54. 
2. Sign up to become a preferred customer (this is what I did) to receive 10% off all products and free shipping! When doing this you will be entered to win the multi-function eye cream valued at $60. 

3. Sign up to become a consultant and receive cash back! Depending on the level, you can receive up to $100 back after 60 days of becoming a consultant! For the personal results kit you'll receive $50, big business launch kit $75, and the Express Business Kit $100. My girl Angie will get you all set up in this department. 

Whatcha waiting for? Get those online solution tools filled out ladies - start learning what products would be best for your skin - and remember to email your results so that you can win! 

Any questions just ask below. My friend Angie can certainly help you out - I just use the stuff, I'll leave it to the professional to answer the Q's ;) 



  1. You are beautiful, inside and out. I first learned of R+F from you months ago and I obviously love the way your skin looks, but I have yet to purchase for myself. When will I learn?!?!?! Knowing the products last a while make the price less overwhelming though. Lord knows I've spent a fortune on stuff in the past, just to be disappointed later. Decisions, decisions.

    Confession: I stalked your social media posts over the holiday weekend and it looks like you had a fabulous time!

    P.S. Your home looks amazing - so proud of what you've done!!!

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I too started the Soothe line in Feb. I don't sell it either, but boy do I absolutely love it. I never wear make-up anymore because my redness is gone. I have the eye cream and the exfoliate paste! Good stuff!

  3. All I've seen from other bloggers is love for this line. I turned my eye to purchase it and I was extremely disappointed. I definitely didn't have any luck with the blemish line - it was way too harsh.

  4. I started out as a preferred customer VERY skeptical. That quickly vanished and before I knew it, I signed on as a Consultant for R+F. I love Reverse! Actually, I love all of the products and have tried very close to all of them. I can't imagine going back! Have you tried the mineral peptide powder? I used to use BE, but could only use it in the Winter months. In the summer, there is an ingredient that caused my skin to have a burning sensation when it would get hot outside. I just started using the mineral peptide powder and I am in love-this doesn't happen! And a fun trick also (that I learned from a fellow Consultant), is that you can mix a little of the powder with your final step, in your/my case Reverse #4, for a tinted moisturizer. Tried it for the first time today and it was great! I obviously won't enter the giveaway (which by the way is awesome and does last several months!), but commented because everything you mentioned is spot on! Hi to your friend Angie (who I don't know but is a fellow Consultant ;)). What I don't have but need is a new mascara, so I'll look for that at Target :)

  5. I am working on things with my body. One of the things I'm learning is skincare. I will have to try something like this to see how well my skin likes it. Nicole Leary


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