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The joys of home renovations certainly haven't slowed down over the past few months, it's simply transitioned from the indoors out. One of the first things we knew when buying this house was that we wanted to update the outside and increase the curb appeal significantly. Something about the old orange brick and ancient boxed shrubbery that was randomly placed around the house. Neither of those things are really our style so to speak. The first item we tackled was the color of the house -- after a few coats of Sherwin Williams White Duck we were good to go. While I'm not showing off the completed project just quite yet [waiting for my adoring husband to hang the shutters that I demanded we ordered] I did want to give you a sneak peak of our recently updated landscaping. 

Thank goodness for people like my mom who know a thing or two about this shaz. I am a landscaping idiot. I don't know the difference between annuals and perennials, how often things need watered [side note: it's really annoying that they do], what needs sun vs shade, how much space to leave between plants, and the list goes on and on. Fortunately that great lady who birthed me came over, drew up a plan, went with me to Lowes to show me exactly what I needed and then proceeded to help us plant the stuff exactly where it should go. She knew two things that were important to us - no maintenance and lots of color...and so she delivered just that. Without further ado, I present to you our newly planted colorful jungle. 

ps. don't ask me what anything is because Lord knows I haven't a clue. Besides the Clematis and I only know that because it sounds a lot like Chlamydia. And apparently I like chlamydia? 

pps. On second thought, feel free to ask what anything is. My mom will be more than willing to share I am sure. 

ppps. While I said "sneak peak" I actually meant "20 pictures". After 120 bags of mulch and 96+ plants planted I figured these beauties needed to be shown off as much as possible. Now just wait when they go from little babies to adults. I'm going to be that mom posting monthly updates from here on out, I can just feel it. I wonder if they make onesies to drape over plants that say how old they are? Etsy owners, get on it. You have a cash cow just waiting for you ;) 

Aren't they all just so pretty?

Oh and hey - if you wanted an idea of what the landscaping looked like before, here you have it.

Gorge I know.

Thanks again mom [and dad] for all of your help on tackling this project with us - without you my house would be surrounded by piles of dirts and weeds. Which on second thought, probably has more of a chance surviving than all this stuff we just planted but whatever. LONG LIVE PLANTS! 



  1. It looks really great! I just love your big front windows, by the way!

  2. Oh the great outdoors...I swear, doing our backyard has been more difficult the decorating the inside of our house. Loving the landscaping you guys have done!

  3. My mom and MIL are all into landscaping too, which would be great except I'm still working on the inside and couldn't care less about the outside this year. Luckily we already had some decent landscaping from the previous owners but every time my MIL comes over she spends all her time pulling weeds. #whoops #sorrynotsorry

  4. Can your mom come to Boston and help me with my landscaping woes? I know the difference between a perennial and an annual, I just have a black thumb and no real know-how. I'd love to have someone come and help me. Your yard looks great.

  5. The orange ones are lillies and they are perennials, which means they'll come back again and again. You WANT perennials - you do not want to have to plant stuff each year. Stock up on those perennials! After they've bloomed, stores will have them deeply discounted - buy all of them! Plan them this year and they'll bloom next year +++

  6. I love seeing outdoor projects! Our house is teeny tiny, so most interior inspo posts just make me sad. But the outside holds endless possibilities! We're going to go crazy on bulbs at the end of summer!

  7. If you're telling me these things won't die then send mama LIY to MI, I'll give her my CC and the fiance and they can get to work! I'll provide the beer and jokes. kthanks!

  8. Oh my goodness, it looks so great!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Fabulous job! I inherited my green thumb for my mom and just love flowers, my backyard looks like a greenhouse. Everything looks so pretty around your place, I bet you could be in a Garden-walk!

  10. Wow. Looks amazing.

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