Easy Summer Looks Anybody Can Wear

If there is one thing I look at when it comes to fashion, it's the easy factor. Ask my best friends - while I try to do a decent job of looking appropriate for public, very rarely will you find me sporting something that is difficult to wear. I choose comfort over looks any day [okay well almost any day]. Especially when it comes to Summer. Right now is the time to enjoy what life has to offer - not to get your 4 inch heels stuck in the grass while enjoying that cocktail party you're at. Been there done that and ain't nobody got time for picking divets off your stilettos. I thought I would show you my two favorite easy looks for Summer when it comes to dressing up those feet of yours.

First up we have the beloved boat shoe. From as early as I can remember I have been obsessed with this style. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm obsessesd with being on a boat, but regardless they are totally comfortable, totally cute and totally Summer. I recently got these Sperry Top-Siders from Famous Footwear and they are quickly turning into my go-to shoe. My preferred place to wear them? Why on a boat of course.

I love that these can be worn so many different ways - with boyfriend jeans, shorts, Summer dresses, etc. 

My next favorite go to? The perfect flat sandal. I also just got these Circus Cayden sandal (in camelot) from Famous Footwear and I couldn't love them more if I tried. With jeans, with maxi dresses, with shorts, with anything. I recently wore these for a cookout we hosted and it was so great to be able to focus on the important things like hot dogs and potato salad instead of tired feet. 

find sandals here

And there we have it, two oh so cute [and easy] styles to wear this Summer.

If you are looking for some additional fun Summer looks for you and the entire family, be sure to check out the #ohsofamous photo gallery. It has been a recent favorite hashtag of mine for coming up with great ways to wear different styles of shoes. Join in the fun and share your own Famous Footwear photos by using #ohsofamous. 

What's your favorite style for Summer this year?

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  1. You are just too adorable :) The boat shoe and that dress is my favorite combo- you're rocking it!!

  2. I LOVEEEE that red dress! Where is it from? It would be so cute for teaching!

  3. Ah-dorable! Love these outfit combos for Summer :)


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