Babies, Birthdays, Boats, and Brides

 tank from Printed Palette 

You know those weekends that pass and you are left feeling like you are ready for the weekend to start? That would be one of those times. The past couple of days have been a wee bit busy. Between co-hosting a baby shower, celebrating Shawn's birthday, attending my grandpa's wedding, doing ALL of the laundry in the world [but seriously], eating like it's going out of style, annnnnnd laying on the boat the days were full. Looking back it was the ultimate celebratory weekend. Babies, birthdays and brides. I loved every single second of it and can't imagine life without all of the business and festivities. Summer always goes fast but holy heck people - it's almost July already.

Here's a few photos from the past few days:

First up, baby shower. Our original plan for this shower was to be a pool party/swimsuit and cover up theme. We envisioned sipping cocktails [and mocktails for the preggo] while floating on rafts, laughing it up, all that good stuff. Well apparently the baby shower Gods were not on our side for that plan because Saturday decided to be 59 degrees and nothing but rain. While we may have not gotten into the pool we still had a great time celebrating the mama to be. As an added benefit that meant just more time to sit inside and eat potato salad. Winning.

Next up, the husbands birthday. I put this photo on Instagram with the caption: "For my birthday I'm all "I WANT CONCERTS! AND TRIPS! AND DAYS AT THE SPA! AND REALLY FANCY DINNERS!" When I asked @schradebomb what he wanted for his birthday today he responded with "I just want a bowl of cereal and then shovel up mulch into the trailer.." Happy 31st to the man who continues to teach me that life alone is good enough, no glitz and glamour necessary. Fortunately I still figured out a way to put a little sparkle on that cereal."

It's so true though - he is such a simple man and I could definitely learn a few things from him in this regard. In the words of Zac Brown Band - "I got everything I need and nothing that I don't.." amen bro. 

Last but not least, my grandpa got married yesterday!

Years ago when my grandma passed away it never occured to me that he may meet somebody and get married at his young age of 80 something or another. However I love the reminder that no matter the age, we are all the same. We want to love and be loved. This couple is no exception. It was so fun to celebrate these two and feel their excitement for their new life together. Shawn and I were given the lemonade duty and not to brag or anything, we rocked that job like no other. If anybody is looking to hire I've got ya covered. 

And because no weekend is complete without a little boating time....

Hope you all had a great couple of days as well. IT'S ALMOST THE 4TH - HOLLLLLER. 

ps. that tank up above is deliciously soft and wonderful. I am somewhat obsessed with all things Printed Palette and just thought you should know ;)


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Great post with great pics!

  2. What a fun weekend! Congrats to your grandfather! How fun :)

  3. That is so completely adorable that your grandpa got married...love is love, no matter what age.

  4. Well that just looks like the perfect weekend!! Love the dresses your nieces are wearing!

  5. So happy for the joy your Grandpa gets to experience again with his new bride!

  6. I love your pedicure! Do you know the polish brand/color name? Thanks!

  7. That is so cute that your granfather got married! Congratulations to him, and great job serving the lemonade. You look like a pro!

  8. Obsessed with the green maxi! Where's that from?


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