3 Swimsuit Cover-Up Trends I'm Loving

Next week I'll be headed to Myrtle Beach to spend a week with my mom, sister and two nieces. It's our "no boys allowed" trip for the year and to say I am excited is an understatement. For the past month every time I see my little nieces they remind me that we are going to the beach together and that "it's girls only" which is typically proceeded by a high five. Nothing against any of our men but there's just something about good ole quality girl time every once in awhile. Needless to say, because of said beach trip I've been in the market for swimsuit cover-ups and thankfully I found 3 totally different options that I am loving. All of which are from Sugar Love Boutique and all of which I didn't originally purchase for swimsuit cover-ups. Here are my new found swimsuit cover-up options that I am loving.
1. The kimono. 

I originally wanted this baby for CMA Fest (which is taking place this week in Nashville --- ahhhhhhh I can't wait) but in the midst of packing for that trip I put this sucker on over my swimsuit and thought "wellllll isn't this just nice?!" And so then I went with it. Super lightweight and super cute. Good job kimono.

2. The dress.
Again, I originally chose this dress as a cute item to wear during the day running errands and what not. But then once again, I put it on over a swimsuit yesterday when heading to our friends lake and it was perfect for the occasion.
3. The tank.
This is probably the most classic go-to of mine over the years. A cute graphic tank with a pair of cut off shorts. Super easy to throw on when headed to the beach and super easy to take off when arriving at the beach.
There we have it - 3 totally different yet totally practical options for your swimsuit needs. Which cover-up trend are you loving?



  1. I love the tank! And kimonos are so fun; everyone on the beach here is just wearing bikinis and a kimono!

  2. My boyfriend lives half an hour away from Myrtle Beach, in Ocean Isle! I hope you have a great time. I'm there every weekend.

  3. I typically do a dress for a cover up, but I love the kimono idea!! And your house is looking fabulous! I have really enjoyed watching your renovations! Susan

  4. Love the kimono! I cannot get enough of these lately. Perfect for the beach!

  5. I love the idea of a kimono for a beach cover up.

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