The Reveal: Guest Bathroom Before and After

Three months later and it's time to finally reveal our guest bathroom renovations! We knew going into this project it was going to be a little bit of an undertaking, however I think I underestimated how much of an undertaking it all really would be. Needless to say however I am thrilled with the results and couldn't be happier with our new guest bathroom. 

Before I get too far ahead, lets all remind ourselves of the beauty that was the bathroom before...

I know. I can't figure out why we ever wanted to do anything with it in the first place. I LOVE BROWN. After knocking down a wall, making this bathroom smaller so that our master bath could be bigger and doing a bunch of other dust creating jazz to it, here she is now...

For starters, we decided to have the vanity made rather than purchasing it pre-assembled from a store. Why you ask? Because I like to be difficult apparently. That and I really loved our kitchen cabinets and wanted it to match. We went with a grey vanity, white quartz counter, and then muted gold hardware. When I broke the news to Shawn that I wanted to do all sorts of gold accents in this bathroom, you can imagine the excitement on his face. You see, guys and gold...they just don't get it. It's similar to guys and Target. Only women posses the special bond between such things. 

Speaking of Target, that is where I found the mirror that you see. Along with the rug, shower curtain, shower curtain hooks, and vase sitting on the counter. Basically my life belongs to Target. 

The floor is a tile from Home Depot - MARAZZI VitaElegante Grigio to be exact. I am semi-obsessed with the flooring and believe all homeowners should have it somewhere in their house. 

All of the gold hardware you see (minus the pulls on the vanity which are from Menards) came from Faucet Warehouse. You can find the toilet paper holder (which is actually a towel hook) and the towel hook (which is actually a robe hook) along with the faucet (which is actually a faucet) all by clicking on those links. All of the items are in Champagne Bronze. 

wall color :: white duck by Sherwin Williams 
(it appears more purple in these photos due to poor lighting, but is more of a light grey in person)
prints from Hobby Lobby
that gold shower rod you see -- totally spray painted. it should last a whole two weeks.

And that completes the tour my friends. Stay tuned for the full master bath reveal coming soon, but for now -- you can take a sneak peek here.

So gold and grey - would you ever be daring enough to pair the two together? I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it all turned out.



  1. I think it looks beautiful! What a fresh color combination... so elegant:)

  2. So warm and inviting! I would happily be a guest in that bathroom.

  3. So, can you please come decorate/design my apartment!? I feel like we're on the same wavelength with the gold... :)

  4. I think it looks great! If I could, I would put gold accents in every room, but then I think Dane might have a slight meltdown. Men...they just don't get it.

  5. This looks so great! Y'all seriously did an amazing job on this renovation (and by y'all, I totally mean YOU). Fabulous touches of gold. I love that it's muted - it would be a little cray with shiny gold everywhere. I'm sure your husband agrees :).

  6. I admit "actually a faucet" made me LOL extremely hard. You still got it. But you never lost it.

  7. It's like watching HGTV without the commercials! Great job girl I love all the gold accents!

  8. Love! You have a great eye for interior design!

  9. Love! You have a great eye for interior design. Love seeing all the photos from your remodel projects.

  10. Gorgeous! And I love all the brushed brass- so glamorous.


  11. I love your decor! Do you mind sharing where you got the towels?


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