Oh Blogging, I Kinda Like You.

the view from our balcony
A few weeks ago I was in the great state of Arizona for the Mom 2.0 Summit. I have since learned that the quickest way to confuse all of your friends and family is to tell them that you are going to a conference entitled Mom 2.0 Summit when you are 100% without child. And yes I type those words with confidence [currently popping advil, sipping wine, and drowning my face in popcorn if you catch my drift]. I still didn't think that anybody believed me that it was simply a blogging conference for women, moms or not, so to assure them that I wasn't kidding about being non-preggers I bought a Ford Focus. They now all believe me we aren't having kids any time soon. Have you ever tried to fit more than 2 people in a Focus? Holy make yourself skinny batman. I really didn't think it was that small of a car until I tried to fit a normal size box in the back seat and realized within seconds that thing was never going to fit in a hole that small.

Sorry, what are we talking about?

Oh right, how I was in Arizona at a conference centered around women who have proved that things that big really can come out of holes that small. GO MOMS!

This conference was hands down the nicest blogging conference I have ever attended. I say that like I have attended thousands. I think I'm on number 4. or 5. There are just so many I can't keep track anymore ;) It was held at The Phoenician in Scottsdale which if you have never been to, mark it down as a place you need to go. I was fortunate enough to attend this conference on behalf of Pollinate Media [bloggers, you should be clicking that link and joining our awesome community!] with my bombshell boss, Alissa, a Pollinate co-worker and Virtual Ninja Skye, and the oh so talented and awesome Jessica from Jessica N Designs. All mighty fine ladies if I don't say so myself.

The first night Dove hosted a welcoming reception which was set to the backdrop of mountains, fire pits, string lights and a whole lotta smokin' woman wearing all shades of red. For the first time in ever I rented a dress (actually two for this trip) from Rent The Runway and loved both choices! As you can see, dress numero uno was this little number below. 

There may have been some dancing that occurred after a couple of these bad boys.

The next day the conference officially started which meant I learned all sorts of awesome things that I need to now put into practice. I also had a drink. Or seven. You know why I had to? BECAUSE BLOGGING CONFERENCES ARE EXHAUSTING AND HARD WORK. Obviously.

No but for real I did learn a lot of awesome things [hoping to put together a post for you all on Instagram tips + tricks soon] and got to hear from some greats like Molly Ringwald herself. 

The final evening of the conference was the Iris Awards which is exactly like the Oscars. Basically. Just for bloggers so as you can imagine it's like ten times cooler than the Oscars. The red carpet was out in full effect, well deserved men and women in this community accepted awards [to which I cried when listening to their acceptance speeches], scarfed my face with food, dropped it down low on the dance floor [ha, who am I kidding. I slightly bent my knees and tried to act like that didn't hurt], and had such a great evening overall. I guess I should sprinkle in some photos now. 

they put the sex in sexy. 

Again, another Rent The Runway find.

The last morning I had all to myself so I did what any girl from Indiana would do. I feasted my eyes on all that the resort had to offer and then sat and did absolutely nothing. During that time of nothing-ness I couldn't help but just sit in awe of not just the beautiful scenery but really at life in general. I know it has its ups and downs and wrongs and rights and awesomes and awfuls but holy dang. At the end of the day I am so grateful. For the moments like these, the relationships that have been formed, the opportunities that continue to present themselves, and for the workings of His hands. Those couple of hours to reflect on it all, I will never forget em'. 

And because the final hour of any vacation should never be spent alone - I text my Arizona girl Brie and told her to get her cute self over to the resort and have mimosas with me. Fortunately, she obliged.

Oh blogging. I kinda like you. 



  1. That looks like it was so much fun. I have never even thought about going to any of these blogging conferences until recently because all the pics everyone posts make it look like SO much fun!! Looking forward to hearing about the Instagram tips and tricks :)

  2. Molly Ringwald?! Love her. You look gorgeous and I love those dresses. Sounds like an amazing time. Would love to go some time.

  3. You actually have me thinking that it's about time I got my behind on a plane to somewhere (anywhere) and attended a blog conference. Looks so fun!

  4. I love your shoes! Where did you get those beauties!?

    1. If you are talking about the black and white ones I wore with the black dress, those are from Charlotte Russe :) Thanks!

  5. Love those Rent the Runway dresses! So pretty! And the scenery there looks gorgeous!

  6. Ok I need the black and white striped dress in my life! Where is that one from!


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