Currently I'm...

+ Cursing myself for waiting months between runs. I like to think that "hey it's cool -- I haven't stepped foot on a treadmill in over 60 days but why not try and knock out 3 miles suddenly?!" In theory this doesn't sound like a bad idea [okay whatever, it does] but at the end of 30 minutes I am fully convinced that I am somewhere up in Heaven and the sweat that is running down me has to be some type of Holy water that was splashed all over me when entering into the eternal gates. So this first "currently" item just got real religious in a hurry but what I'm getting at is that I am dead but hooooray WE CAN BLOG IN HEAVEN!!!! Also, for those of you still alive you are welcome to join in my #1000in30 challenge because I know I just did a steller job of selling how fun it is. All you need to do is complete 1,000 minutes of exercise in 30 days. Easy peasy. Said nobody ever. But do it, it'll be fun. There is no sign-up for this because ain't nobody got time for that...just decide to do it and do it. Okay next.

+ Considering doing a complete re-design of my blog with a potential move to WordPress. WHAT. I don't really know why I am considering the whole WordPress thing because why fix what isn't broken ya know so we will see if that all actually goes down or not. Team blogger forever. Somebody tell me what to do please. 

+ Trying to not give into the amazeballs strawberry pie that is sitting in my refrigerator. It's legit fresh strawberries with legit crust and my husband is eating it directly in front of my face right now and I don't know if I should hate him or love him for what's about to go down. A lot of strawberry pie down my throat in case you are wondering what is about to go down....

+ Speaking of food, I'm anxious to try HelloFresh for the first time next week.

And no this isn't sponsored, my friend told me I need to do it and because I need to do it I am. I chose the 3 meals for 2 people and then selected the meals that I want delivered. They send the fresh ingredients to make said meals and I'm assuming it will make my husband happy which hypothetically should result in him thanking me in the bedroom so, HelloFresh it is. To get lucky in bed, I mean to save $40 off your first set of meals use the code 6MSFUD. You're welcome. 

+ SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THE BACHELORETTE TO START ON MONDAY NIGHT. That's all on this one. Wait, no it's not. I don't know who I am going for. I almost am team Britt and I know all of the tomatoes are being thrown at my computer right now but she's a hippie guys. Hippies are fun. But so are Canadians. I give up. 

+ Thinking that I want two kids named Beckham and Olivia. Unfortunately Shawn's favorite name for our future children right now is "non-existent". I know, way too many sllyables for a little one. 

Ummm this is getting long all of a sudden. I had at least 23 other items I was going to write but I think I'll hold off until another post. Don't hold your breath for it, I've already forgot at least 22 of those items. 

What's one thing you are currently....?



  1. haha I just had a baby and I can't wait to jump back on that treadmill, but I have a feeling I will do the same and overdo it. Also, that strawberry pie sounds amazing!

  2. 1,000 minutes of exercise in 30 minutes? Love that :) And go Wordpress, it was the best blogging decision I have ever made!

  3. I'm currently thinking school is killing me and I can't wait to graduate in June. I'm also thinking I definitely need to join your 1000minutes in 30 days thing.

  4. Definitely move to Wordpress! There are SO many advantages! You will love the plugins, analytics, post options - you have no idea :). You basically get to have complete control over your site:).

    If you have any questions just let me know. I have a blog design business and would love to answer any questions. Even if you just want to ask, "where do I start?!?!" we can answer :). We have a "Design Your Own" option which is perfect ;).


  5. I'm currently thinking about my next meal... haha. Kidding. Maybe. But I'm actually just daydreaming about my long weekend to Nantucket over MDW! : )

  6. I want your magic that shoves 1,000 minutes of exercise into 30. We are going to be so hawt for summer, amiright?
    Ha, but seriously, if it wasn't for some drunken shenanigans resulting in a strained hip muscle I'd be all over this running thing you speak of.

  7. I'm currently wishing I were eating chocolate. Or ice cream. Instead I'm pretending to work while reading blogs while nursing my newborn. Exciting stuff!

  8. 30 minutes of exercise is amazing....just not when you're doing it. haha.


  9. I agree with you on the Blogger/Wordpress thing! I made a switch when I was out of ideas for my new blog design and another site I'd recommend is Squarespace. I was considering Wordpress but there were a lot of extra add ons you had to purchase and I didn't know if I was quite ready for that. Squarespace has not disappointed me though.

    I'll be looking forward to whatever you decide! Love your blog.

    - Ashlee | www.SparklesbyAshlee.com


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