You Could Read This. Or You Could Do Something Worthwhile. Choose Wisely.

What's up yo? Here it is 5 pm and I just remembered I was supposed to write a blog post today. Not because I have anything of value to say but because my husband lets me work part time "so that I can blog every day." Sometimes he has a hard time believing that I neeeeeed to sit outside in the sun doing nothing rather than "working". To get away with such things I sprinkle in mopping the floors and washing our bedding so it resembles that of a productive day. I'm not saying to not do what you say you are going to do, I'm just saying everything in moderation, that's all. 

A few life updates if you will. The most important being I am 84% sure that I am eating Chipotle tonight for dinner so praise hands emoji that. Secondly, our bathrooms are almost finished. This is excellent news because not that I hate the construction process, but I definitely hate the construction process. I have this thing about dust being all over the place. It's like I grab something out of my closet to put on and dust particles go flying in every direction making me feel like one of the dirtier humans on the planet, so that's good. What else? Oh I'm going to be reading a book! This is a monumental thing because I said I am going to be reading. A book. I know, bigger miracles haven't ever happened. The author goes by the name of Giuliana Rancic and I may have some history with her. The book is Going Off Script and I've never been more excited to be knee deep in an autobiography. 

Tell me you have read it or are planning on reading it? We can be book club friends. The kind that only ever read one book together and then return back to our Instagram feeds.  

URGENT UPDATE: Since the making of this post, it has been deemed a 0% chance that I am getting Chipotle for dinner tonight. WHY HUSBAND OH WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME?

Gotta jet. I've got a dog to walk and a beer to drink. 



  1. Ah I want to read this book, I am a book fiend but I really love Giuliana so I have been wanting to read this for a while.

  2. I have been hearing great things about this book, you will have to let us know how it is!

  3. Love love love Giuliana, just saw this on her hubby's instagram the other day, dying to read it.

  4. I read Giuliana and Bill's first book and really loved it! I'm curious to know what you think! Might have to read this one too! Looks like good beach reading material! :)



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