The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [Weekend Recap]

This weekend was one for the books, both good and bad. We'll cover both parts for all practical purposes.

this part...obviously good. 

To start out with, Friday night went both better and worse than expected. What began as a simple dinner out with my husband and some friends turned into a couple of Moscow Mules (literally two) later which thus resulted in a very fun time and a very sick Erin. This was both troublesome and horrible timing because the very next morning (Saturday) I was participating in our town's local Amazing Race. I'm not saying that I was roofied but I am saying that the last time two drinks made me this sick was never. I'm either getting way too old to hang or the bartender realllllly liked me. I'm going to go with option one.

Long story short, have you ever woke up at 6 am on a Saturday morning knowing that you have a full day of physical and mental labor ahead of you feeling like you want to die? Well, I did. Thankfully some coffee and one McDonalds hash brown later and I was ready to run. And so that's what I did. 
At 10 am our team took off and 3 hours later after doing some of the craziest stuff all around town we finished in 7th place out of 24 teams. Not bad all things considering. 

If you haven't even saran-wrapped yourself to 3 co-workers while having to walk down a basketball court to each pick up a stick and walk back to drop it in a bucket, I highly encourage you try. Saran-wrap. Always cheap entertainment.

Saturday evening my family got together to watch home videos from 20+ years ago which had to be the most amusing thing I have done in a very long time. Apparently at age 4 I still didn't know how to talk and I was afraid of everything. Including pink Barbie cars and blowing out candles. 

Next things next, Sunday rolled around and while doing a little landscaping shopping at Lowes I 
realized I no longer had my drivers license or debit card with me meaning I lost it at some point time on Saturday. This is only somewhat of an issue because I am flying this week and last time I checked those TSA people are pretty adamant about having identification (rude, I know). To keep my freaking out at bay I decided to attend a "lets learn how to paint!" workshop because that seemed like something a girl who can no longer have more than 2 drinks should do. Not sure if any of you have ever heard of Annie Sloan paint but apparently this stuff is the shiz. I know this only because it costs a decent amount of money. Anything expensive is obviously important. I also know it is awesome because you no longer have to sand something before painting it which is pretty freaking exciting if you are anti-sand like me. Needless to say our bedroom furniture shall be transformed soon enough. And by that I mean most likely in the next 5-10 years. 

And that pretty much covers my weekend folks. 

Stay tuned for this weeks posts which will consist of my most recent Stitch Fix goodies, our completed guest bathroom before and after, updates on our other home projects, a post about really good wine, and perhaps a few other things sprinkled in between. Please pray that I make it to Arizona and that I don't get sent back home for improper identification. I'm not kidding either. PRAY PEOPLE PRAY. 

Okay, thanks. Goodbye. 

top & jeans :: stitch fix // bracelet :: pixie dots

pssssst......that white brick you see on the left - WE NO LONGER HAVE ORANGE BRICK! #hallelujah. More to come on that in the near future as well. 



  1. That pizza looks amazing!! Kudos for doing the amazing race thing--I can't even do that no -hungover! Haha

    I hope you find your ID or can quickly get it replaced!

    Also, I'm so curious about that paint--I've seen it so much on Pinterest but have never tried using it--can't wait to learn more!!

  2. If you have a passport you can use that to travel!

    1. This would have been a great option but mine expired 2 years ago...oops

  3. That race sounds soooo fun!
    I actually got through TSA security without any sort of ID a couple years ago... I had forgotten my wallet at home (an hour away from the airport) and was doing all kinds of freaking out. They asked me a whole slew of questions that apparently only I would know the answer to and sent me on my way! Really hoping you find your ID though because that's a much easier way to do things :)


  4. Get your life together Erin ;) Googling that paint...MEOW!

  5. How on earth did you run hungover? Props to you girl. Also, Moscow Mules -- considering they are mostly ginger beer, vodka, & splash of lime juice (i,e, mostly pure alcohol), ain't no shame in getting sick by only drinking two (P.S. - I've been there). Cheers to a better week :)


  6. I can't wait to see the brick! And I'm glad you liked your painting class! I also can't wait to see your repainted bedroom set in 5-10 years. I'll be here anxiously waiting ;)

  7. So I will tell you the exact same thing happened to me with Moscow Mules. I had 3 at a friend's house, so I know they were fine, and have never been so sick (or so wasted). I am SO IMPRESSED that you got up and ran the next day, I could hardly function. Hope this week is better!!

  8. You can actually get through security without an ID, just give yourself extra time. I also forgot my wallet at home a year ago when traveling for work, had I gone home to get it i I would have missed my meeting so TSA asked a bunch of questions and gave me a full pat down (fun!) and sent me on my way. They said they have to have a backup plan for people who forget their license or lose it while traveling. So worst case scenario, you'll still make it!

  9. 1. That pizza looks delicious. 2. Moscow mules are my favorite drink of all time, that sucks that that happened to you! 3. Home videos from childhood are always hilarious. 4. I am IN LOVE with that poncho/sweater you're wearing! The color/texture/cut are perfection!


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