On A Tuesday

First things first, next time I think I am cool and/or young enough to go to a club on a Monday night for a concert, remind me that I'm not. You know what late Monday nights bring? Tuesdays that are full of fried cravings, several cups of coffee, and eyes that don't stay open. You know that little emoticon with Z's popping out of it's head? Last night I was the salsa dancer and today I'm that guy. In other news, this past weekend was gorgeous so that kinda makes up for my lack of motivation today. Indiana decided to charm us all with pure sunshine and 70 degree temperatures. The term "this weather is perfect" is spoken approximately 6 times in a 365 day time period, so now that we are down 2 we have 4 left.

Sorry, my head hurts - that was a lot of math.

Back to what I was saying though -- it was a good weekend around these parts. Friday night we went out with some friends to a little hole in the wall joint on a lake and then introduced them to the roast of Justin Bieber afterwards so obviously, laughter was plentiful. Please watch that if you haven't.

Saturday was a fun filled day that started bright and early siding a house for Habitat for Humanity. I'm not one to really get down with a hammer and nails but without sounding too arrogant, I did pretty darn well. I know this only because I only had to correct 19 of the 20 pieces of siding I hung. That's right. One was done absolutely perfect. WHAT NOW.

From there I made my way back home where it was straight to our friends child's first birthday party.
It's so fun to see your friends who you have grown up with go from people who you used to do ridiculous things with to real adults who know how to raise a human. It still blows my mind such a thing is possible.

There were a gazillion children there which only resulted in one puking cake on their front rug, so I mean...success. Unfortunately my husband witnessed the whole thing taking our chances of having kids go from 5% down to 0%. Sorry mom and dad. Blame it on the rug puker. 

Somewhere in between the birthday party and dinner with friends, we hung out back taking in our new backyard and scheming ideas on what the heck we want to do with it. Before I knew it a gin and tonic was in one hand and my camera was in the other where I snapped photos of the prettiest tree in our yard I ever did see. 

Later that night we did something we have been waiting 8 months for....WE ATE DINNER OUTSIDE. I know, I peed a little too. 

don't worry - I also had a chicken sandwich loaded with bacon, avocado, and mayo

This little stud muffin decided to join the big boys at the table and of course, stole all of our attention. Another human raiser is on our hands! They are popping up all over in my life. Oh right, because I am getting old and shouldn't be at a club on a Monday night. Noted. 

And that concludes my little weekend recap of sorts.

Our house is starting to get painted on the outside this week so stay tuned for all sorts of fun updates there. Peace out pumpkins.



  1. You are fantastic....I found LIY when I joined Bloglovin with my own blog, and you absolutely crack me up! Enjoying following along!

    Caryn Casterline
    The Moments
    IG: @themomentscollected

  2. haha,
    i need to remind myself no to do a certain things too on Monday night. hhaa. but i think you're cool enough for that ;) seems like you had a great week.

  3. I love that pic of the pretty pink flowers.

  4. Erin I swear you are the only person who can take a simple weekend/week recap and have me literally rolling. Hiiiiiiilarious. Brb, watching the Biebs roast...


  5. Dinner outside sounds heavenly and it sounds like a few action packed days!


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