Don't Go To Kansas City To Lose Weight

It turns out that Kansas City isn't necessarily the best place to go when you have put yourself on a self imposed "diet" for the month of April. Before taking off I had the genius idea to try to not eat carbs for 15 days in April. That meant no chips, no pastas, no potatoes, no anything that makes my soul happy and my hips wider. As we were standing in line the first night for some world famous BBQ, I decided to veto that idiotic idea as I excitedly ordered potato salad and garlic bread as the sides. And that was the start of the most carb induced three days of my life....

Indulge me if you will as we venture on this journey of deliciousness together....

First stop - Joe's BBQ. A giant plate full of ribs that fell off the bone, a heaping pile of pulled pork, garlic bread, and a side of potato salad later I had officially welcomed myself to the state. 

The next day as lunchtime rolled around we turned to a few of our favorite local ladies to point us in the right direction. Thanks to Megan we ended up at Grinders where we proceeded to order every item on the menu. Moscow mules, tator tots loaded with cheese, chips and guac, the most amazing soft pretzel, margarita pizza, and everything in between. 

The glorious thing about eating with a table full of bloggers is that you no longer have to feel socially awkward for standing on a chair while snapping photos of what is about to go in your mouth because everybody else at the table is doing it as well. I didn't want to be that one freak not taking photos so up I went. 

The good news is that even after all of that, we still had room for chocolate. We are women, when don't we have room for chocolate? Thankfully Christopher Elbow had a first Friday sale going on so 10 pieces of gourmet chocolates later I was content. 

Just a little ginger lemon, mint, pear, salted caramel, whiskey, and spicy something or another action there for you. 

Of course we couldn't stop there. Dinner was at Beer Kitchen where Summer, Alissa, and I made sure we would not leave regretting not ordering something. So instead, we ordered once again..everything. Chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese with bacon, and a giant cheeseburger later we were happy. 

It's a good thing we went swimsuit shopping while there only to return home with a bunch of bikinis that no longer fit. Oh well, there is always May to lose weight right? ;)

More on my time in Kansas City and the Go Blog Social conference coming soon...



  1. Haha you did an amazing job on the food selections and have made me hungry!! Awesome to finally meet you in real life and glad you made it safely home :)

  2. I was so bummed to miss GBS this year! I live in KC, though, so can attest to the fact that there is good food around every corner. It's always worth it, though:) Hope you're having a great day and can't wait for your recap so I can live vicariously:)

  3. ah! This is the BEST post! :) So fun eating through some of this with you. :)

    Megan from Chasing Davies

  4. Kansas City has some of the best food... looks like you got a perfect sampling, This was the first time I had to miss GBS, so I'm looking forward to seeing your recap


  5. Girlfriend I could have told you that! KC is home to me (& obviously some other kind of awesome stuff ;) glad that KC treated you well! (Well, maybe not your diet well...but #vacationcalories)

    xo Fal

  6. KC is my hometown, and seeing all this food made me homesick. It is not some cow town like people think.

  7. Holy crap, so much delicious sounding food!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Welcome to Kansas City! Isn't this city great? I am so sad I skipped out on GBS due to family festivities that weekend - I would have loved to meet you! I've been following along for years! I hope my city was kind and wonderful - and you hit all the great food places! ;)


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