5 Reasons You Should Go To A Blog Conference [Go Blog Social Recap]

As I mentioned last week, I recently returned home from Kansas City for the Go Blog Social conference. It had been a very long time since attending a blogging conference (I'm talking a solid 3 years) and it reminded me how good it felt to be surrounded by people who get this whole crazy online lifestyle. Whether you want to admit it or not, it's a weird gig what we have going on. We sleep with strangers, we take pictures of literally everything, we let the world know every time we start our period (maybe that's just me), and we sacrifice a relaxing Sunday evening on the couch for a blog post that HAS to be published first thing Monday morning. Oh and we also assume everybody cares that much about whether or not we have a post published by 7 am on Monday (hint: they don't). 

Before getting into the reasons why I think all bloggers should go to a blogging conference, I should formally introduce you to my two travel mates. 

That would be Alissa and Summer. They are both entirely way too serious and uber boring so that was a drag ;) Note: if you are ever traveling with others to a blog conference, make sure to travel with cool people that you kinda want to be like. 

Now, on to why you need to hit up a blog conference asap. 

1. You learn a lot of really awesome things. 

Alissa was the first speaker of the conference and she rocked it out by sharing her story and how you can really have it all. 

I love hearing other people's stories, I love learning what has worked and what hasn't worked for somebody else, I am an inspirational nerd. At a blogging conference you get to hear all of this and so much more. A few of my favorite takeaways from this conference were "if it's not a strong yes, than it's a strong no", "flirt with your followers", and "dare to be different". All things I personally needed to be reminded of. 

2. You meet a lot of really awesome people. 

Julie and Kala
Unfortunately I couldn't find Rapunzel's blog URL however yes, I met her and yes, it was magical

This is probably the best part of attending any blog conferences - you actually meet these people you have been typing to over the computer for months and years and you see their real face and hug their real bodies and hear their real voices and AHHHH it's just so real. You learn so much more about a person when you are sitting across the table having lunch together than looking at their IG feed. The funny thing is, often you find yourself talking about anything but blogging with these people because you soon realize there is a lot more to all of us than a page on the internet. 

3. You connect with a lot of really awesome brands and businesses. 

This conference I actually attended on behalf of Pollinate Media as I am a project manager for them (best job ever) with the goal of just getting to meet people. Brands want to connect with bloggers at conferences and bloggers, you should want to connect with brands. There is so much opportunity out there waiting for you if you seek it. I have always viewed working with brands and businesses as a win/win for myself and my blog so being able to connect with potential partnerships face to face is super exciting to me. My favorite connection made out of this conference? Lily and Jade. Their bags are out of this world and the husband and wife behind the business are greater yet. Check them out if you haven't already. 

4. You eat a lot of really awesome food. 

I think this post did a good enough job walking you through the amazing eats of what a conference can bring to you so I'll leave it at that. My goal for the week: work out and not eat crap. Easy enough right? 

5. You leave wanting to be a lot more awesome than you already are.

Overall, by the end of a conference you typically walk away feeling inspired, refreshed, motivated, and of course -- full and tired. Taking a little time of out of your life to focus up and concentrate on what you really want out of whatever it is you are pouring yourself into is so necessary. I can't wait for future blog conferences -- next stop, Mom 2.0 Summit at the end of this month. Who's coming with?



  1. Love this! I've gone to BlogHer for the past couple years and definitely relate to everything you mentioned in this post :)

  2. Looks like so much fun! Totally agree- be unique/ be different and flirt with your readers! Love those take aways!

  3. Oh this makes me want to attend one EVEN MORE now! I wish there were more in the Northeast (hollah Philly!), but I think I'll be heading up to the Big Apple this summer for a mini one! Erin you look like you had not enough fun. (;


  4. I hope Kala and I weren't as boring as this photo we took with you!! Ha! We must have still been star-struck to meet you in real life ;)

  5. this is a great recap! it's getting me more excited about taking the plunge to finally sign up for one! love that you got to travel with fun ladies too :)

  6. This looks like SO much fun! I definitely have to get to a blogging event at some point :) What are your thoughts on how far you should travel for a blogging event? I live in the midwest and am always stumped when I see events going on in sunny states and don't know whether to make it happen or not.

    1. I wouldn't be as concerned about the location as I would the conference itself - certain conferences are geared towards specific niches. I would encourage you to find conferences that sound like something you are interested in and then as long as its within your budget, go for it! Good luck :)

  7. Sounds awesome! I've never been to a blogging conference but I've always wanted to go to one, this post makes me want to register for one today!

  8. I really need to read up on my blogs I follow! I live just south of KC and would have loved to come up!

  9. This sounds like a truly awesome conference! How did you find out about it?


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