5 [Really Fun] Date Ideas

After almost nine years of marriage "dating" can feel a little obsolete at times. We all know there is nothing as exciting as the beginning of a new relationship where hearts are literally floating out of your head and every "new" thing you experience together is better than you could have ever imagined. Well, unless you are me and your first date with your now husband consisted of two whole sentences exchanged while squished in the back of his car because he was "too awesome" to sit his seat upright like a normal human being. Remind me to tell you about the beginning of our relationship at some point in time. 


Here we are, fourteen total years later looking for new and fun things to do together to keep boredom at bay. Fortunately we have found some things that help bring the spark back so I thought I'd share some of those with you. Get those nails painted and hair did ladies - you're about to have yourself a date. 

1. Get Hammered [And Then Down And Dirty]

I know what you are thinking and I'm thinking it too...."but a DIY project on a date?!" But listen, it's a lot more fun than it sounds [oh wait]. Pick a project that you want to tackle together and then get down with your bad selves. There may be moments of frustration because men don't always understand that a nail is really small and a hammer is really heavy but they will get over it when they see the finished product. From coffee tables, to fire pits, to wood planking our ceilings, we have a plethora of awesome items that hold a lot of really great memories. As an added bonus - sweating equals showers. You get the point. 

2. Row Row Row Your...Kayak

Bust out your bikini and your arm muscles and get paddlin' side by side [or front to back, whatever you prefer]. Not only is this a great workout, it's also really relaxing. A relaxing workout? Yes please. Don't keep track of the time and just go...let your conversation or the really mean swans who want to kill you guide you, it's whatever, but get out on the water and have some old fashioned fun. 

3. Do It Up Animal Style

There's just something about being surrounded by monkeys, giraffes and elephants that get your endorphin's running and your hair smelling like hay. We have gone to several zoos together and have a great time every single time. Feel free to take turns narrating what you both think the animals are saying, that's always a good time. 

4. A Diamond Is A Girls Best Friend 

I'm not talking about him going to Jerad's ladies. I'm talking playing cards with one another. We love a good competition against one another from time to time so on evenings when we find ourselves with nothing to do, instead of turning to our iPads and iPhones for mind numbing entertainment, we'll head to our dining room table, bust out a pack of cards, pour ourselves a cocktail, bring out the chips or candy, and lose ourselves in rounds and rounds of Gin Rummy. Learn how to play here

5. Throw It Back Thursday Style

Go back to your dating roots by doing the things that you did in your early dating stages. For us, Red Lobster was our jam. Shawn is a huge seafood lover and I am a huge Cheddar Bay Biscuit lover so basically this is the whole reason we were able to stay together through it all ;) Fortunately Red Lobster has Lobsterfest going on for a limited time so we figured it would be a great time to re-ignite our love for each other really awesome food. 

A few items you need to know when you go -- 

Lobster Punch. Get it. It's a delicious mix of Malibu Red, pineapple juice, mango passion fruit mix, and topped with Myers's Dark Rum. This is the available exclusively during Lobsterfest so run, don't walk to your nearest Red Lobster and drink up buttercups. 

Secondly, so maybe you won't be able to decide between a couple of different meals...DON'T! Shawn went buck-wild [why do you think I married him] and settled on two different Lobsterfest dishes. Because you deserve to know about this goodness, let me tell you... 

First up was the Dueling Lobster Tails - two Maine lobster tails, one roasted and topped with tender shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce, the other golden-baked with crab-and-seafood stuffing. I was too busy singing "shake yo' lobster tails" to try a bite but he put his stamp of approval all over that sucker. 

Next up was the Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon - A Maine lobster tail, jumbo shrimp skewer and fresh Atlantic salmon, wood-grilled and finished with brown butter. Ummmmm I don't know what they do to make their brown butter but I am obsessed. 

It was so much fun going back to one of the places that made it all happen. Get yo'selves to Red Lobster asap for Lobsterfest [it only happens once a year, so hurry]. Your man will never love you more.

And there you have it - 5 really fun date ideas that anybody can do. What is your favorite thing to do on dates? I'd love to take you up on some of your suggestions!

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  1. Love the play on words. Kayaking sounds fun and I'm always down for a seafood dinner date!

  2. Taken from my marriage post yesterday but being a fellow "Michiana" girly, you probably have already done these :)
    Lots of people plan a date night but what about a date day??? These are our favorites....Vineyards, Breweries, Roof Top Restaurants, Car Shows, The Beach and Lighthouses, Matinees, Football games, Early Bird Dinners (Ha). The neat thing is we have no agendas, no time to be anywhere and we always seem to get off the beaten path and find new things, all while the day is full of laughter. New adventures bring a closeness and laughter tends to seal the deal.

    Oh and so the grocery store boxes of Red Lobster cheddar Biscuit goodness are not the same as actually getting them AT Red Lobster no matter what my hubbs says. I say I'm putting on my lobster bib and we're heading to Lobster Fest!!!


  3. Ha! I loved this because this is totally my husband and I. DIY dates? Definitely. We tend to avoid the chain restaurants mostly because there are so many great choices in Baltimore, but every now and again we go to TGIFridays or something of the like, order those ridiculously huge drinks in a fishbowl, and call it "Midwest date night." Because let's face it, there's not much to offer in Goshen or in the Midwest in general (my husband is from Ohio), so it takes us back to our youth and the days of hanging out with friends at Hacienda or Applebee's because there was nothing else to do...haha!

  4. we need a post about your first date please.

  5. Glad my favorite day date made the list :) I need to plan a zoo date very soon!

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