Three Weeks In: Bathroom(s) Remodel Update

Today officially marks week number three in our bathroom remodel project so I thought now would be a good time to share some updates and where things are at with this whole crazy but wonderful mess.

As you may remember from here, we have decided to have both our master and guest bathroom completely gutted (we're talking down to the studs), created a more functional layout for both, and are now building them back up from scratch. Because the two bathrooms back up to one another, it left us without a functioning bathroom for two weeks which explains why we got the heck out of dodge and stayed with my parents during that time. Thanks mom and dad! 

Other than the massive piles of dust it created over everything, proof below, it has been such a fun transformation. 

Oh that? That would be my desk in my office from when I pulled everything off to clean. The good news is this is how it was in our whole entire house so no, I didn't panic, no I didn't get tears in my eyes, and no I absolutely did not have a few drinks to ease the pain. 

I may have just lied through that entire paragraph. 

Lets start with the lesser exciting of the two which at this moment in time is going to be the master bathroom. Ultimately these rolls should reverse and I'll be all googly eyed over this area of our house, but for now it's a tad bit underwhelming due to the green sheets of drywall, zero flooring, and so on. 

The left picture shows half of what will be our shower (a sneak peak can be found on Instagram) and on the right is where our humble abode (toilet) will sit. The window that you see above the toilet used to actually be in our guest bathroom which gives you an idea of how we made this space larger and the guest bath smaller. I am so excited to have two windows in this bathroom now for extra natural light. 

Below is the wall where our double vanity will be. I am excited about this whole double sink thing and have added in some cabinetry that will go up to the ceiling along with a few fun other touches. Stay tuned! 

For an idea of what it looked like before see here

And now on to the guest bathroom - the place where we can actually shower (AND OH MY WORD TAKE A BATH) again. This space is 75% complete as we are still awaiting the vanity, mirror, lighting, and all hardware (think toilet paper ring, towel bars, etc). I am so excited to add in what we have selected to this space and show it off once it is all done. This space should be good to go in about a week or so. 

The flooring we went with is from Home Depot and is Marazzi Vita Elegante in Grigio. We loved the look of it and loved the price of it even more ;) 

The paint color is Eider White from Sherwin Williams which is a very light grey/white. In these photos it looks a little pinkish for some reason but I absolutely love the freshness of it. 

Coming soon -- a grey vanity that will match our kitchen center island. Everybody say "hi toilet". Hiiiiii.

And then my favorite part - our extra deep contoured bathtub and shower (from Menards) with this pimped out faucet (found here). Pimped out is still a term right?

To see what it looked like before click here

And that completes today's update -- come back next week to see what progress has been made. And in the meantime, just be thankful that your bedroom looks better than ours. 



  1. We are balls deep in a kitchen remodel so I feel ya! Attempting to keep two kids and a dog out of the mess presumes to be even harder than expected during this whole damn thing! We always did that floor in our half bath, love it!

    Chelsea| East Willow Grove

  2. Oh I so would have cried over the construction dust, as well. Hang in there, girl, it already looks great! Can't wait to see the finished products :)

  3. So much dust! It looks great so far and i can't wait to see how it ends up!

  4. It is looking so great, I love the tap!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Its looking so good! But I would have definitely cried over all the dust and construction mess! Hang in there, it will definitely be worth it when you're lounging in that bathtub, candles lit & wine glass in hand!

  6. Great post!

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  7. I am 110% in love with the flooring in that bathroom- SUCH a great pick!! Can't wait to see everything done and completed. We are hoping to re-do our kitchen in a couple months so this has me excited for all the dust ;)

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