Spring Home Tour

Just when I went and decided that Christmas was my favorite season to decorate for, I was proven wrong. Because the thing about decorating for Spring means Spring is actually coming and last time I checked, sunshine and warmth sure as heck beats grey skies and cold as balls temperatures. Not to mention pastels. Do you know what's better than pastel throwing up all over your house? A husband who deals with it. I should have known when he allowed us to paint our front door purple that he could handle a few pinks and yellows here and there, but I thought for sure I would hear at least a couple "now that's too much" yesterday when decorating but not a single word. Praise be to Jesus - men can be trained! All it took was a Happy Easter banner hanging from our fireplace mantel to make me realize it. 

Without further ado, I present to you our colorful home. 

Starting with the entrance....

I found this antique side table a year ago and had to have it - now it is patiently waiting for some fresh flowers to sit on top of it that I will kill in two weeks max.

Go ahead, come inside. 

welcome sign also found at antique market -- oars from TJ Maxx and sign from House of Belonging

Because the kitchen and dining area should always be the first stop in any house after walking in, we'll park here for a second. 

 wall prints from my etsy shop -- LOVE sign from Urban Gypsy -- vase filler from Target -- 
egg plates and mugs from World Market
 chalk design from Urban Gypsy [the #3 is in reference to our dog, Maggie - no baby here]
above decor -- Target
the most important piece of decor in the kitchen - the automatic candy dispenser [found here]
fresh smelling soy candles -- The Candle Crate [use code YELLOW15 for 15% off $25 or more]
 drink anyone?

Now that you all fed yourselves jelly beans and liquor, lets venture for a second into the "outdoor room"..

A hop, skip, and jump and we are over to the living room.

 happy Easter banner -- Target 

Alright time to make your way through the hallways and venture on out....

It's been real friends, come back again ;)



  1. what a great tour of your home, love how you have decorated. ( and please send some spring my way)

  2. I need to hire you to decorate my apartment next year!

  3. Can I come over and have drinks with you at that killer bar??
    I LOVE how bright and sunshiney your entire home is! It's so welcoming and warm.


  4. I love your attention to detail! I am just starting on our new home decorations and I have no idea where to start. I love your purple door! My husband would never go for that which is too bad because it is AWESOME!

  5. Will you please decorate my entire home? I love yours!

  6. Your home is beautifully decorated and I can not believe how quickly it has all come together!

  7. I have really enjoyed watching you remodel this home! You have done a job worthy of HGTV - seriously!! You inspired me to tile our kitchen back splash - my husband says thanks;) Gorgeous Erin! Susan

  8. Your home is STUNNING. I seriously love every inch of it- beautiful!!!

  9. So much fun! Your writing style always has me laughing out loud. Love the blog!

  10. Your home has come SUCH a long way! Seriously, how did you get everything so put together, so quickly?! Loving how bright, colorful, and homey it all looks :)

  11. Don't ever had kids. I'd be sad for your house to never be picture ready at any given moment.

  12. Your house needs to be in a magazine!!

  13. Love your monogram wreath. Is that wood or metal?


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