Master Bathroom [Partial] Reveal

We are nearing completion with the bathroom projects (cue angels singing) and while we are still waiting on the final finishing touches, things like counter tops, sinks, shower doors, etc, I thought there is no better time than now to reveal what the master bath currently looks like. If you need to be reminded of what it looked like before check this post out

Thankfully the master bath was made larger allowing for us to put in a walk-in shower and a double vanity. You never realize how annoying it is to both get ready for bed at the same time until you are fighting over a tiny sink. Especially when you brush your teeth like I do. I will never understand how people don't get toothpaste all over the walls and ceiling. 

Enough talking, here is the current state of our master bathroom...

greenery found at TJ Maxx 
 towel from Target
 towel hook from Lowes
 patiently awaiting it's hardware -- vanity cabinets same as our kitchen cabinets

And there you have the first official sneak peak of the master bath -- I can't wait to get it all complete and share the final photos with you. Also, stay tuned for the final pictures of the guest bath.

Coming soon!

ps. The wall color is On The Rocks by Sherwin Williams. I am a big believer in choosing a paint color based off of the name. I was torn between this one and Knitting Needles. Clearly On The Rocks is a little more me ;)

pps. I will include all of the tile/stone information in the final post!



  1. Looks like a hotel bathroom, how lovely and spa like!

  2. Beyond gorgeous and so unique!!! I think in honor of the paint color name, you should sip a lil something on the rocks in your new retreat and soak in all your hard work! Enjoy!


  3. Five knobs on the shower? I can't even imagine what five different knobs would DO! They look fabulous, though, so I suppose it doesn't matter. Well done!

    1. I betcha a dollar those are massage jets! We have them in our newly remodeled shower and they are glorious. But kind of a shock when you turn them on, LOL!

      Looks great, the big mosaic tile wall is a little too dizzying for me, I would probably fall over, but I love the greys. Nice job!

  4. Your bathroom is GORGEOUS. I love it!

  5. I am on the hunt for the perfect gray and can't tell from your pictures, do you feel like this is a true gray or does it lean more towards blue or green? Gray is hard!! But I love it!!

  6. Simply gorgeous!! My husband has decided he's just going to come and move into your shower, k? He's been trying to convince me to get one like that for years.

  7. That shower looks amazing, like a mini spa in your own house!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. That shower hear/ stand looks amazing and like you would take the best most relaxing showers ever in there!! Great designing!

  9. I have that same towel (only just the hand towel) in my guest bath! Love it :)

  10. Great bathroom renovation. I especially love that great shower panel. I think I have it in my top 10 list here too (http://walkinshowers.org/best-walk-in-shower-panels-review.html).


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