I Just Want To Hang With My Dog

Taking the day off from blogging today because well, my shirt says it all. 

That and because I have to work at my j-o-b but whatever. 
We'll go with the first reason. 

want to hang with your dog too? order your shirt here from one of my personal favorite people on the planet, the daily tay  -- 20% of all proceeds go to an animal shelter! side note :: I typically wear a size medium in fitted tees and am wearing a large here. size up for comfort!

ps. maggie says hello - she talks with her mouth closed, it's incredible the talent she possesses. #skilled



  1. CUTE! And girl your makeup is bangin' as always!!!

  2. I so very much want this shirt!

  3. I NEED THIS SHIRT IN MY LIFE! And how awesome that she's donating 20% of the proceeds!

  4. This just made me laugh because as I saw this in my BlogLovin feed both of my dogs are curled up in my lap.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this here as well :) I wasn't around my computer all day bc I was driving from Nebraska to Chicago and suddenly I started to get a surge in orders and now I know why... Thank you thank you thank you!!

  6. I'm a sucker for anything animals. Love this tee and especially that it helps a good cause!

  7. This is fantastic and oh so true! Great picture of you both! :) x

  8. Love love love that t-shirt!



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