And That Concludes The Most Giant Failure Ever. Sorta.

because who doesn't love a good post workout selfie from time to time? oh right. nobody. 

So the #1800MinuteChallenge ends today. You see, the point of the challenge is to complete 1800 minutes of exercise in 60 days. Something I would normally never even think about doing - that is until I decided to be the ring leader and invite hundreds of other ladies and gents to do it with me. One would assume (myself included) that when hosting a challenge, the host herself would most definitely accomplish the goal set out for everybody involved. Well guess what, you are wrong. This hostess sucks. It was somewhere around a week ago when I realized that I had to complete 80 minutes per day for a week straight to get all 1800 minutes complete that I gave up. It turns out that my brain works in a way that when it sees a big number it translates it to 0 and so that's what I've done. 0 minutes of exercise in the last and final week of the two month challenge. Awesome. Said nobody ever. And now I'm kinda mad at myself because who likes to fail? Well Justin Bieber apparently. Somebody please tell me you watched the roast last night and died of laughter the entire time too.

On the flip side, my "failure" resulted in 1450 minutes of exercise that I wouldn't have done otherwise. Stronger leg muscles, the endurance to go from running 1 mile to 4, pants that now button themselves (it's a miracle!), I discovered and partnered with a local workout joint that I am absolutely in love with (looking at you lol health and fitness), abs that you can very faintly see (like squint your eyes enough and I promise they are there) and a thirst for more exercise and healthy habits in my life. 

While I want to pound my head a wee little bit into the cement for not finishing the challenge, I still have a whole lot of be proud of. To celebrate I'm heading to Indianapolis to shut up and dance at a Walk The Moon concert. Whoever said you have to win to have fun?

ps. Reminder -- if you did actually complete all 1800 minutes (WAHOOOO! YOU GO!) send over your spreadsheet to livinginyellow@gmail.com. I can't wait to pay one of $300 for rocking it out. You know what's sexier than a girl with a good body? A girl with a good body and some money in her bank account. 

Cheers to whatever you almost accomplished but didn't. There's always next time they say ;) 



Oops, I Did It Again...[Stitch Fix Review]

Well, I did it again guys [read: girls]. I opened my latest Stitch Fix box, laid my eyes upon all 5 items, and thought "Okay, I think I like a few of these things.." because that's how it always works with me and Stitch. 
I put up a front like what is sitting there in front of me isn't going to be that awesome. And then you know what happens right? I try all of the items on and I suddenly NEED IT ALL. That's what I love most about this service. The items that my stylist chooses for me are not always necessarily items that I would first pick out for myself which ultimately makes my wardrobe a lot more unique, exciting, diverse, and a lot less "hey look! another plain long sleeve grey shirt!" I don't know what it is with me and grey long sleeve shirts...

Anyhow. This month my stylist did an awesome job of picking up on my recent pins and sent several inspired looks from my fashion board. I also love that she is also so aware of my state's idiotic weather patterns and sends items that are functional for the season we are in right now. Needless to say, I ended up keeping the entire box because well, love always wins. Lets take a look at what showed up on my doorstep this month [remember ladies -- if you would like anything similar in your own fix, pin away baby]. 

1. Moon Collection - Bailee Cowl Neck Knit Poncho - Small [kept]

Initially I thought "a poncho?!" Aren't these for grandmas or ducks or somebody else other than me?! But then, oh but then...I put this baby on and my world changed forever. Even the husband said immediately "hey, I like that! It kinda seems like you would never want to take it off.." and that husband of mine suddenly became the most right he has ever been. I love that I can wear this piece right now due to the perfect Spring color yet has the warmth factor that us Indiana folk still need. Perfection. PONCHOS FOR EVERYONE. 

2. Hailey 23 - Joel Long Sleeve Layered Striped Dress - Small [kept]

The last several fixes I have told my stylist to send a work appropriate dress. For my work, this means it has to have sleeves and it has to cover a few inches past my crotch. Unfortunate I know. I didn't actually quite understand what this was when I pulled it out of the box. After putting it on I was all "omg! It's a sweater over a dress! and it's all in one! this is amaaaaaaaazing!" I like to keep drama at bay when trying on clothes ;) This dress is everything [now would be the time I beg that you come feel how soft it is]. I love the split open back. Oh what fun it is. 

necklace :: previous Stitch Fix item // shoes :: Target [a few years old]

3. Skies Are Blue - Koalli Mixed Material Top - Small [kept]

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a sucker for a basic grey shirt. However, it turns out I'm even suckier for a grey shirt with some added details. I love that there are two different materials going on here and the lines of the shirt keep it all interesting. 

4. Street Level - Juno Small Folded Clutch [kept]

For this fix, I requested a clutch or purse. I typically always say "no accessories" in my notes to my stylist, however I had been noticing some awesome clutches on their "this just in" Pinterest boards and I wanted a little piece of the goodness. Boy, did this clutch deliver. For starters it's yellow. If you didn't know this, I really like yellow. Secondly, it's such a great size meaning it's big enough to have all of the crap I need and small enough to keep out all of the crap that I think I need but that I don't actually need. 

5. THML - Jaye Cutout Shoulder Blouse - Small [kept]

Last but not least, we have this fun top. I was also a little on the fence with this one but after wearing it and taking in the nice shoulder breeze it allowed for, I thought "why wouldn't I keep it?!" And so I did. I think I'm going to get all sorts of risky and wear this to work for a fun pop in the office. 

And that concludes one of my very favorite fixes.

Curious to see what your own personal stylist would choose for you? Try out Stitch Fix now and find out! You have nothing to lose and an awesome closet to gain.



Blogging Is Hard

tunic :: sugar love boutique [use code yellow for 20% off] // necklace :: metal marvels

It doesn't matter if your space on the internet is a fun hobby on the side or your main source of income, blogging is hard. When I first started out [holy 4 years ago] this thought didn't even cross my mind. All it is is words and pictures - heck, not even grammatically correct words and in my case pictures that are taken in the same spot every single time, how can it be that hard I thought? I mean you get to sit in your pajamas, drink wine, and listen to Bruno Mars at whatever volume you want when doing it. I can't do that at my real j-o-b. So how is this hard? 

Well, for starters sometimes just the act of existing online is exhausting. Showing up is often the hardest thing to do, whether that be in "real" life or online life. There are days when staying in bed sounds like the better option, unplugging from everything sounds delightfully refreshing, and not having to share a single thing about myself or happenings of life is equivalent to hitting to the lottery. Not that I actually know what winning the lottery sounds like but I've heard good things. Recently I have struggled with knowing what to say on here. I question myself on whether my online voice really matters or if I am stuck in this, what can often seem a meaningless cycle, of hitting publish on a post that I will never care about in years from now. Maintaining a lighthearted, carefree attitude when writing can be hard. I used to pride myself on that. These days I can't remember the last time I just showed up to this space and freely wrote about anything and everything I wanted to. It's too filtered, too sponsored, too much of what I never envisioned my blog to be. 

Connecting with people face to face is my heart. Emails, tweets, Facebook messages, while they are all great, they are hard for me to truly connect with. Shoot, I struggle with phone calls to people I love the most. Minus the times when I actually get to meet some of you beautiful people in real life, look into your eyes, and have real conversation [and goodness do I love that], sometimes this space can feel pretty dang empty and lonely. It's a weird mix of too much noise and not enough feelings. 

And then of course there are the bits and pieces of negativity floating around about you when putting yourself out there. It's never a fun thing to hear negative things about yourself but is extremely weird to be able to openly read what people find wrong with you. I know that my face looks orange in pictures, I realize that I talk about drinking often [although can count on one hand the number of times I have been intoxicated], and yes I live in the middle of BFE, but I also have real feelings and want to love and be loved. It takes a lot of confidence and grace to love yourself through blogging sometimes. 

However, despite all of the above and no matter how many times I have said to my husband "I think I'm going to quit blogging...just walk away and be done", I am so grateful for this space. Without it I would have missed out on several true friendships that I know will always be near to my heart. I would have lost memories both big and small that I now am able to cherish forever. I have taught myself how to stick with something when it doesn't always seem fun. This blog has instilled a silent confidence in me that I have been forced to have because without it I would crumble. I have learned that blogging is often never easy but it is almost always worth it. Living In Yellow is an extension of my life. And while it will never fully encompass 100% of who I am, it will always be a space that I am proud to call home. Thank you to each one of you who show up, it blows my mind why you do, but am so grateful you have decided to. You make this space insanely precious. Love you all. 



Currently Looking Forward To....

crochet top use code YELLOW15 for 15% off // earrings 

+ Martini club tonight. We have new babies to get all googly eyed over [yes, babies are allowed to Martini Club...start em' young we say!], new moves to celebrate [welcome back from Texas Lauren!], and of course drinks to drink. Between this and book club which took place last night my cup of girl time is completely overflowing. I'm not saying that I did pee my pants from laughing so hard last night but I'm not going to say that I didn't either. 

+ Go Blog Social conference in Kansas City, Missouri next week! I'll be representin' Pollinate Media with my girls Alissa and Summer and can't wait to meet some of you. If you are going to be there hit me up, I'd love to squeeze you! 


+ Our bathrooms actually getting complete! The guest bathroom vanity counter and faucet went on approximately an hour ago so we're making progress. Stay tuned to an Instagram account near you to see the updates. I'll miss brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink. Not at all. 

+ Working out again at LOL Health and Fitness Studio. This place is my jam and every day that passes that I can't make it to a class a little part of my soul dies. 

+ Mom 2.0 Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona the last week of April. I'll be headed out once again on behalf of Pollinate and am so excited not just for the conference, but the hotel (hellllllo gorgeous pool), and possibly learning a thing or two about actually being a mom. I've heard mom's like to drink so I think I'll be just fine. Again, if you are planning on being at this epic blogging conference - let me know. We can toast together. 

+ Speaking of mom's, writing a post called "So, when do you want kids?" 

+ Boat season. It'll be here before you know it. And by that I mean never thanks to the 4 inches of snow we got yesterday. WHAT. 

+ CMA Fest in Nashville [June can't come soon enough!] The top above from The Breezy Room has country concert written all over it. It also has "I CAN BREATHE" written all over it which is necessary for Nashville in June. If you ever want to rid your body of all toxins, just hang outside for a few hours downtown while bopping around to your favorite country artists. The sweat is more abundant than beer and that's saying a lot. 

What is one thing you are looking forward to? 



Important Steps to Home Ownership

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Spring Home Tour

Just when I went and decided that Christmas was my favorite season to decorate for, I was proven wrong. Because the thing about decorating for Spring means Spring is actually coming and last time I checked, sunshine and warmth sure as heck beats grey skies and cold as balls temperatures. Not to mention pastels. Do you know what's better than pastel throwing up all over your house? A husband who deals with it. I should have known when he allowed us to paint our front door purple that he could handle a few pinks and yellows here and there, but I thought for sure I would hear at least a couple "now that's too much" yesterday when decorating but not a single word. Praise be to Jesus - men can be trained! All it took was a Happy Easter banner hanging from our fireplace mantel to make me realize it. 

Without further ado, I present to you our colorful home. 

Starting with the entrance....

I found this antique side table a year ago and had to have it - now it is patiently waiting for some fresh flowers to sit on top of it that I will kill in two weeks max.

Go ahead, come inside. 

welcome sign also found at antique market -- oars from TJ Maxx and sign from House of Belonging

Because the kitchen and dining area should always be the first stop in any house after walking in, we'll park here for a second. 

 wall prints from my etsy shop -- LOVE sign from Urban Gypsy -- vase filler from Target -- 
egg plates and mugs from World Market
 chalk design from Urban Gypsy [the #3 is in reference to our dog, Maggie - no baby here]
above decor -- Target
the most important piece of decor in the kitchen - the automatic candy dispenser [found here]
fresh smelling soy candles -- The Candle Crate [use code YELLOW15 for 15% off $25 or more]
 drink anyone?

Now that you all fed yourselves jelly beans and liquor, lets venture for a second into the "outdoor room"..

A hop, skip, and jump and we are over to the living room.

 happy Easter banner -- Target 

Alright time to make your way through the hallways and venture on out....

It's been real friends, come back again ;)



Doggie Style

Because Maggie has been all up in my business lately about making her "blog famous" again I thought I would bring back a post she wrote a few years ago. Hoping this will appease her for the time being and if not, well there are always more treats in the world to give her. Enjoy.


Hi humans!!!
My name is Maggie.
Others call me Erin's barking cat.
Those "others" are no longer alive.

Anyhow, I figured I would take over mommy's blog today.
She is too busy yelling at herself for almost burning down the house by baking a frozen pizza.
She thinks she is domesticated but then she goes and does things like burning the house down by a frozen pizza. I would understand if it was homemade doggie treats in the oven but no, just a pizza.

it's not sun. it's smoke.

Thanks to her I keep coughing and my mom keeps saying "Maggie calm down and breathe!"
You calm down and breathe woman. I'm not the one who can't properly cook a pizza.
Back to me though.

Some of you may not know me.
For some reason my mom likes to keep me a secret.
Now if my name was "Wine" I'd be famous, but nope, I'm just the dog.
What my mom doesn't understand is that I keep the pounds off due to my hyper running all over the living room antics, but wine? All that does is put her to sleep. And make her hips wider.
Don't tell her I said that though please.
You know what I am sick of?
Being used for all of her self portraits.
Yeah right she wants a picture with me--she just wants to show off her good hair day.

Apparently on this particular day she thought her legs looked good.
I've had enough.
Next time my mom grabs me for the millionth and ten sweet mother daughter picture, I'm whipping out my tongue. We'll see how many more pictures I get roped into after that funky business.

On the bright side I am the reason why my mom and dad don't have any babies.
All I have to do is beg for food like so.....

And my mom gives it to me.
My daddy then gets all huffy and puffy at her and says things like "THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE DON'T HAVE CHILDREN...YOU CAN'T EVEN SAY NO TO THE FREAKIN DOG!!!"
Mommy and I then make winks at each other.
You think my momma wants to push a cantaloupe out of a lemon?
Heck to the no.
You're welcome mommy.
Now give me more food.

lets be real though--who could say no to this face?

I should also note that I am looking for a sugar daddy.
The only companion I have is my cousin Ellie.

My mom told me that I am not allowed to hump cousins. Or females.
I'd like to take my daddy away from my mom and see what she would start humping.
Oh shoot. My mom just told me I wasn't allowed to say that.
She is starting to sound like my dad.
Speaking of my daddy, I am off to go get my belly rubbed.

This blogging shaz is stressful.
No wonder my mom drinks.
Peace out adults.

These paws are off to get into some trouble.
Or at least into some peanut butter.