When Your Husband Plans An Outing...

plaid top :: sugar love boutique [use code yellow for 20% off] // vest :: jane

This past Saturday Shawn informed me we needed to run a few errands to "pick a few things up". Because it was sunny and above freezing I decided to get dressed in presentable adult clothing to head out in (this is a rare occurrence as of late). It turns out the errands we were running involved purchasing drywall and sheet rock. Now I'm not sure if you have ever had the joy of purchasing these items, but in case you haven't, allow me to fill you in on a few things. For starters, drywall is incredibly heavy. You will whimper and complain excessively and have a few tears form in your eyeballs while lifting them. Your wrists will also give out multiple times and your husband will not be impressed. Secondly, this sheet rock stuff is very dirty. It's almost like rolling around in a pile of chalk so that's fun. It's especially fun when you are wearing a brand new outfit that you are pretty proud of. Third, in order to haul these items around you will need a large vehicle. Thankfully we had access to a large white van. I am assuming you all know what a large white van makes you look like. 

So there we were - driving around in a giant white van, dripping sweat from all of the manual labor that just took place in the aisles of Menards, hair turning stringy, tears in my eyes, bruises on my legs, cuss words full force in my head, and little pieces of concrete all over my cute little outfit.

And that my friends, is how to keep the love alive. 

Word to the wise -- the next time your partner informs you he has plans for you both on a Saturday, ask questions before committing. A lot of questions. 

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  1. Hahaha this cute outfit was definitely not meant for manual labor, but you're a gem for helping out the hubs like that....go pour yourself a glass of wine for all your hard work ;)

  2. This made me laugh so much harder than it was probably intended to but that's only because I really, really feel your pain and can not relate at all. Anytime my husband has something planned for us I know to dress up as much as possible b/c he's likely found a new party to attend. Although...this past October he told me he had Saturday plans for us and I ended up in 3-hours of make-up with latex and spraypaint as I was turned into the undead because he had volunteered us to work as zombies at an Atlanta haunted house. There never is any telling what's going to happen with that guy.

  3. You looked way to cute to be carrying drywall!

  4. Love that outfit Erin!! I also love the shorts I ordered from SLB last summer, still my favorite pair to this day. Now, if only the weather in WI a would warm up so I can wear them again:)

  5. I just tricked my husband into painting our hallway last weekend. I took him to lunch and we ended up at the paint store(: I can totally relate! Your home is fabulous! I actually screen shot pics and show them to my husband. He is totally uninterested in social media, but loves looking at your house photos! Thanks for the give away fun too. That rose romper would look amazing on my long legged daughter!! Susan

  6. Love the outfit so jelly of those boots! Gave me a laugh and I have to say that I totally sympathise, in a "I have a brother who makes me go to push bike stores with him and walk around for hours looking at everything bike related all the while getting me to hold onto greasy chains and crap for him" kinda way. Now when he asks if I wanna go for a drive there are questions and ultimatums.

  7. Doesn't Sugar Love just have the cutest stuff?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I hope your outfit didn't get too ruined! It's way too cute for labor. Love the vest with the orange plaid!


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