What I Should Give Up For Lent, But That I'm Absolutely Not

Thanks to all of blogland, I realized that yesterday was the official start of lent. It's amazing what you can learn from these little homes on the internet. I was inspired by Helene's post of what she is not giving up for lent and Taylor's post of what you should give up for lent, that I thought I would share my own two cents of things I know I should give up for lent but that I am absolutely not. 

+ Recipes that require more than 2 sticks of butter....because is it really food if it has less than that? 

+ The Bachelor....it's so bad, but it's so good. Can't stop, won't stop, don't ever want to stop. 

+ Comparing dogs to babies...still trying to decide though if there is really that much difference? 

+ My inability to read...my napkins said it best with "my book club only reads wine labels" 

+ Claiming I'm dying to everybody I know when I start my period...one problem though, I am. 

+ Perhaps not even telling people every month when I am on my period.....but then what's the point of having a period?

+ Forgetting that the pretty things I see on Pinterest that I all of a sudden NEED cost people money. A lot of money.....still trying to deal with the cold hard reality of this.


+ Allowing my email inbox to get to over 800 unread emails....I'm going to go ahead and just file this one under "life goals". 

+ Speeding....two tickets in one week can't hold me down. Oh no, I've got to keep on movin'.....

+ Thinking I can dance....ignorance will always be bliss.

+ Checking Instagram multiple times during the night.....because what if somebody posts a picture of their midnight snack and I would miss it?!?! #thehorror 

+ Posting food pictures....if it's not documented, did I really eat it? 

+ Spending enormous amounts of time on Expedia.com....and then sorting by the highest star rating and believing that my husband would be on board for even a second

+ Selfies....no explanation needed. 

+ Concealer, liquid foundation, and powder foundation....one would think that I could get away with just one or two of these, but no. All three are 100% necessary. 

+ Vodka....see selfie. 

+ Footed Pajamas....preferably with a full zipper front, the new sexy.

+ Not letting my niece eat yogurt, 5 packs of fruit snacks, 2 juice boxes, Doritos, goldfish, girl scout cookies, and cheese while babysitting, for one hour.....uhhh, oops. 

+ Taking full advantage of the "checkout with PayPal" option on websites believing my husband will never know....turns out, he does. 

+ Checking my blog's stats multiple times a day...as if it radically changes from day to day. 

And the list could go on and on --- tell me, what's one thing you should be giving up for lent but are absolutely not?



  1. I too could never give up the Bachelor! One thing I should probably give up is coffee with creamer, but I just don't think that will ever happen. Black coffee or coffee that is extra strong is just too much for, but it can always be made better with creamer :) Not adding a spoonful of sugar is a good thing, right?

  2. haha, concealer, liquid foundation and power foundation, I thought I was the only one...my soul sister :)

  3. I feel validated, to know that even you check stats constantly expecting change makes me feel way better, not even getting into selfies, food and wine issues LOL. and can I say loving the lemons and oranges in the wooden bowl, I am back to baby pumpkins in mine

  4. haha! i love it. And i;m with you, dogs are kids and food needs a LOT of butter.

  5. The Pinterest thing is so tough! That and blogs in general. All the pretty things - I need them! Why do they have to cost money?

  6. This has been my favorite post I've read all day. (Suuuure...I worked, why do you ask...?) You had me at "thinking I can dance," and posting food pics to Instagram and the horror of potentially missing someone's midnight snack. What should I give up? Ellipsis...dragging out one letter in a word while typing...using multiple exclamation points and question marks. I should. But I won't. Because I type precisely how I speak and since there aren't fonts that convey this properly, I improvise.

  7. I would give up chipotle...but please. no way!

    xo, Maddy

  8. Hahaha, this is great! And I mean, it kind of makes sense to make sure everyone knows when you're on your period every month just in case you actually do die one of these times, you know? That's how I justify it, anyway.

  9. But wait. Dogs ARE the same as babies....
    I'm confused.

  10. Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I needed this today(: Susan

  11. Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I needed this today! Susan

  12. Chocolate and sweets of any kind. I should. But I won't.

  13. This is great. I LOL'd at work, and then shared with everyone. Shortly after that i took a picture of my lunch.

  14. Selfies and vodka would be two great ones to give up but nope, not this year! My goal is no fried food or bread baskets!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  15. I absolutely love this! Haha. You do you girl!

  16. Oh my goodness, i LOVED this!!! I haven't given up anything, to be truthful my Instagram and Pinterest have been busier than usual...and I've very much enjoyed it! Katie x

  17. I'm just the same with my blog's stats! It's a compulsion! Also the "my book club only reads wine labels" is great. Sign me up!

  18. Butter. Red meat. Vodka. Wine. Snarky comments. Need I say more?


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