The Easiest Way To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

When we first moved into our house last fall, I woke up after the first morning of sleeping there, walked out into the living room, sat down on the couch, and bawled....for awhile. Why you ask? Because I hated how it smelled. It smelled like old people, not us. Nothing about it reminded me of home. I ached for the familiar scent and comfort that we had in our previous house and in that moment I felt like we would never have it again. Looking back I know it sounds silly that I would cry about such a thing, but it was a very real concern of mine and continues to be the most thought about thing when it comes to making our house feel like a home.

Nowadays when I walk in our front door I am greeted by a familiar scent - one that is clean, refreshing, welcoming, and totally us. It instantly makes me feel good and lets me know that I am in fact, home.

The thing with scents is that they can be a very tricky thing. You don't want anything too strong or too weak. It has to trigger a little spot in your brain that resonates with you, makes you feel good, and lets you know that you are right where you want to be.

I turn to Unstopables to do just that. I would love to share the different ways we keep all aspects of our home smelling great and feeling fresh.

Lets start in the kitchen -- I absolutely love Unstopables pluggable oil warmer that alternates between two complementary scents and provides up to 60 days of freshness. I have this baby plugged in near our sink and it fills the room with the freshest of scents. Literally, I use the fragrance called fresh ;) It is both light and vibrant.

Next up is the Unstopables candle that we will burn from time to time on the center island in my favorite scent in the Unstopables line, lush. It is a combination of lavender and vanilla which is so peaceful and calming. I have always loved the flicker of a candle, especially in the evenings so this baby is lit often. 

Moving to what is probably my favorite product in the Unstopables line, the fabric refreshers. We often associate making our house smell good with the things I mentioned up above, however it is in the more "hidden" areas of your home that can really impact the scent of your house overall. I spray these fabric refreshers on all of our furniture, bedding, on my car seats, and anywhere else that is allowed (do not use this on leather)! It is great because as you can see, we have a little dog who likes to roll her cute little body all over everything. These fabric refreshers say "bye bye puppy smell" and "hellllllllllllo goodness"! 

Next up is the air refresher, also known as the King of our bathrooms :) This spray packs six hours of freshness after spraying which is perfect for making the not so pleasant smell wonderful within seconds (thank goodness). I like to keep the fresh scent in these areas for reasons hinted at above. I love that it fits in with the vibe of our decor and doesn't just stick out as a bottle of air freshener.

Last but not least, the product in the Unstopables line that I have been using the longest -- the in-wash scent booster. You throw a little bit of these in with your laundry when washing your clothing (towels, linens, etc) and it comes out smelling better than it ever has before. All of the scents are fabulous for this, but what you see below is Shimmer which is a combination of fruity and floral. Really I just love the pretty pink color. 

Because Unstopables is focused on delivering products that not only smell good in your home but also look good too, they have partnered with designer Nate Burkus (gosh I love him) to deliver some interior design tips for you all. Here is what he has to say: "When you get bored with your room, the easiest thing to
do is switch it up! Consider moving your sofa to another wall, bring in a side table from another room, swap out your throw pillows. You can totally refresh a room without spending a cent. For curtains, couches and rugs that can’t be washed, a few spritzes of Unstopables Fabric Refresher will add long-lasting freshness." and as designer Carlos Huber put it "Think of decorating as giving your space personality and scent as the final layer of expression. Fragrance adds mystery, serenity and distinction. Every room can have an
individual scent; I encourage it. If you are feeling like the room needs a bit of attitude, try the Unstopables Shimmer fragrance. The enticing fruity and floral notes, peaks an air of curiosity. With the Unstopables collection you can make each room your own."

Great tips boys.

Have you tried the Unstopables products? What do you do to make your house feel like a home?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  1. They sound wonderful..but, are these products safe for pets - especially the pluggable oil?

    1. We have not had any problems with them, however we have the plugin up high so our dog would never be near it! Good question though!

  2. I am a total smell person, always have to have something on or candles burning... me I am a vanilla/cinnamon gal. Will need to try the manila and lavender that you have recommended

  3. Can I just say how much I love your backsplash?!?!? :)

  4. I love Unstoppables! I've only used the laundry boosters so far, I didn't even know they made the other things. I'm the same way about how my house smells, we have three dogs and it is VERY important to me that our house doesn't smell bad!

  5. I still can't get over how absolutely perfect your kitchen is!

  6. I haven't tried any of the Unstopable products, but I am all about scents in our home. I am a Yankee Candle junkie, so I almost always have a candle going in at least one spot in the house. I'm also such a dork. Because I grew up in the northeast where we had actual seasons, I never have been able to get on board with Florida's seasons of "summer" and "not summer." Therefore, I have to manufacture my seasons and one of the ways I do that is with candle scents. I am ridiculously excited about the fact that spring is almost here and it's almost time to start up a new batch of scents!

  7. I think a house always has a scent too! At first ours smelled like old carpet and bad plywood. But now, I burn candles constantly and spray febreeze all the time! I didn't know unstoppable had a febreeze brand too!!!


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