Love, Yellow - February Edition

Well it's official -- I have a new favorite Love, Yellow look proving that the impossible is possible. When considering what we wanted to do in February we quickly remembered it is the month for love which means all things romantic and flirty with touches of lace and gold. Let's take a look at what we came up with....

First up is this top. YOU GUYS. I wish I could have you put this thing on right now. It is such a great material and has the perfect amount of softness and bounciness to it. The added detail along the bottom plus the layered lace back makes this the perfect lovey dovey top without being too over the top [how many times can I say the word top]. Not to mention the romantic red/pink/coral color it has going on. 

And then we have these earrings -- gold love little bits of Valentines goodness. The good news is love never goes out of style meaning you can wear them all year long. I am obsessed with these little guys.

And that completes February's Love, Yellow look. Do you love it as much as I do?

Details on how to order are below -- cheers to looking "love"-ly ;)

1. Pricing is easy--it's $42 for both pieces! Meant to be worn together as an outfit, or great separate as well!

2. As far as sizing goes, you can view the size chart here. I am typically a size small and am wearing a size small in this top. If you fall between sizes, I would suggest sizing down. 

3. You have now through Friday to place your order. Limited quantities are available so you will want to order soon to ensure you receive your size! 

4. Your order will be shipped within 3 business days of placing your order!

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship all or part of it back! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :) 



  1. such a pretty top, you both look amazing.

  2. Bam! I loved the peek of ruffle in the front and then I was blown away by the back!! So cute on you girls :)


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