Winter Blues

pants: trottin trendy [use code YELLOW15 for 15% off] // sweater: miss chic

Because I have yet to put pictures on my blog of myself wearing hardly any makeup, when my hair is partially thrown back in a ponytail and partially figuring out what the eff is going on, annnnnnnnd am sick with the flu...I figured it was time. 

These past few days have been quite uneventful. Like literally the most I have done is walk from my bed to the kitchen to fill up on water. I take that back. I did wear my pajamas, no bra, no makeup, and a hat out to dinner last night. The same pajamas I had worn since Thursday at 5 pm. Why? Because I am classy and care. A lot. I think my husband was really attracted to me the whole time. Especially when I kept coughing and then trying to clear my throat while waiting for our food to come. This flu just oozes sexy out of people. 

The good news is today I am starting to feel a little more human-like which is why I made the upgrade from fleece pants to these blue jeggings of sorts. One would think they are jeans, but no. They are fully stretchable and totally Colts blue which is perfect because we are minutes away from watching them tear up the Patriots. 

I am going to feel like a real idiot now if the Colts lose. 

Back to normal life tomorrow including things like work and eating. I am excited about one of the two, you decide which. 

Here's to a week spent not laying in bed. 



  1. Oh Erin, Make up or not you're always the cutest!! Thank God you're finally feeling better, I'm totally guilty of going out braless,makeup less, and in pajamas before. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Oh and gimme those jeggings!!


  2. Whomp whoop!!! But still...the pants are cute!

  3. Ha. We've all gone out for dinner at some point rocking the 'no bra - no makeup - no cares' look! I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better. xx


  4. I am glad you are feeling better. It seems like everyone is sick right now:( And love those blue pants!! Have a great week! Susan

  5. No, what's really sad is if someone's life looked like what you described... with no flu involved. I'm totally not talking about myself or anything.

  6. Love this fun pants! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Hope you're feeling 100% soon! So sorry about the Colts, that game was hard to watch. I really hate the Patriots.


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