Weekend Wear

weekend sweater :: i love jewelry // white vest :: old navy // jeans :: stitch fix

My plans for the weekend consist of eating good food, drinking good drinks, and using my selfie stick as often as possible. 

Things are looking promising. What's on your weekend agenda?  



  1. That sweater looks super comfortable! I'm not sure about the "weekend" wording though because I'd want to wear it on all the week days too (maybe irony is the new black?)

  2. Haha, it is most definitely a struggle I face because it is so comfortable - week, weekend..tomato, tomato....

  3. I wish I could live in weekend wear - well most of the time I do(: I love this sweater!! So cute ! I was on the wait list for the December Love Yellow box and I just received my goodies yesterday. It is my favorite yet!! Thanks! Susan

  4. Sounds pretty similar to my plans - also, I am obsessed with the Love, Yellow shirt!! Have worn it like three weekends in a row, ha whoops my bad.

  5. I love that top, now if we could only figure out a way to make the weekend last longer!


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