My Latest Stitch Fix Finds

It's that time of the month to reveal the latest items that showed up at my doorstep from Stitch Fix. I love that several of you have taken interest in this and I love even more that several of you have taken action by signing up for your own fixes! It's always so much fun to see what everybody received in their boxes [heck, it's exciting to have my mom call me and tell me what showed up in hers] - it's like Christmas all year round for everybody except my husband ;) Fingers crossed that one of these days menswear will be an option with Stitch Fix [insert begging plea here]. Starting today I am going to place the brand, size, and price of the items for every item in my fix to help answer some of the questions I receive. Keep in mind that several of the items Stitch Fix sends my way is made exclusively for Stitch Fix clients so you may not be able to find them elsewhere [all the more reason to sign up!

Before we begin, here are a few pieces of advice that I wrote in my last fix post that several of you found helpful! 

"For those of you who have tried Stitch Fix [or want to give it a whirl right now] I have two pieces of advice for striking fix gold. The first piece of advice is to be as detailed as possible for your stylist in the notes when scheduling your fix. If there is an item of clothing that I know I could use [ie: winter coat] I will ask for one. If I want a top with some fun pops [ie: a cardigan with fur detail] I will ask for it. They may not always be able to grant my request but they will sure as heck try. The second piece of advice is to update your fashion board on Pinterest as soon as you schedule your fix with current looks you are loving. It has also helped a ton for me to pin other blogger's Stitch Fix items so that the stylist knows exactly which item I would want.

All of that to say, here are the five items that I kept in my most recent fix. Feel free to pin any that you hope your stylist includes in your next box. Also, if you have any questions on how Stitch Fix works feel free to ask questions in the comments below and I will answer them there!"

Now lets begin. 

1. Skies Are Blue Winslow Faux Fur Collar Cardigan - Small - $68 - KEPT :) 
I had yet to have one thing in my closet that had some fur on it and this was just the piece I needed to make all of that happen - I love this cardigan so much for these freezing Indiana months! 

2. Bay To Baubles Jay Tassel Pendant Necklace - $28 - Returned
It's a great necklace but I had just purchased something similar so back to Stitch Fix it went!

3. Collective Concepts Valentina Beaded Trim Blouse - Small - $48 - KEPT :) 
Emerald green is something I can never say no to...

4. Renee C Alondra Ruched Pencil Skirt - $58 - KEPT :)
Love this outfit for work during the day and then switching it up at night with a leather jacket pictured above and a fun pair of heels!

5. Le Lis Leavy Lace Sleeve Knit Top - Small - $38 - Returned 
I decided not to keep this great sweater, not because I didn't like it, but more so because of budget purposes. While I love the detail on the arms, I have a lot of grey currently residing in my closet so I was okay to let go of it. 

And that completes December's fix. To sign up to receive your own fix, click here -- please note that this post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix however I do receive a credit if you sign up using my link. 

Many thanks to my stylist Layla K for always sending the greatest items my way! xo



  1. Love all of these pieces! Your stylist does a fabulous job!

  2. Love these pieces!! I have been on the fence about doing it but finally just took the plunge!! Can't wait to get my box!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the cardigan and tank. And the jacket - where is THAT from?! They hit it out of the park with my last fix. I did something I've never done and kept everything. It was well worth the money.

    1. The jacket is from Sugar Love Boutique! That's awesome you were able to keep everything - that's the best when that happens!

  4. love the sweater with the faux fur!

  5. Where did you get the jeans and booties that you're wearing in the first photo? Love them! Thanks for your great blog! I signed up for stitchfix and just got my second fix! Addicted!

    1. They are both from Target :) And yaaaay for your second fix!!

  6. I love all of your pieces!! Especially the fur lined sweater!! Win! Susan

  7. Wow - now that's a really cool box program if I've ever seen one! For some reason, I'd never heard of it before but I'm looking into it now.

    These are all such beautiful items. I love that they can all kind of work together, or separately.

    xx Kathryn

  8. I love my Stitch Fix every month! I wouldn't hate seeing that last sweater in my January box! I just reviewed my December fix as well.

  9. Love love love that sweater with the fur! You look lovely! :)

  10. that sweater is amazing, and I adore that skirt. Great pieces,

  11. I LOVE that grey top with the lace sleeves! It's so fun! But I feel you...an abundance of grey currently resides in my closet, too. Love what you kept!


  12. That green is such a pretty color of you!

  13. I had tried them out a few years ago and recently did a fix and loved it this time!


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