Make: Jalapeno Moscow Mule

Ahhh, the beloved Moscow Mule - my drink of choice all Summer [Spring, Fall, and Winter] long. After drinking the traditional mule for awhile, my husband surprised me one evening and brought home Jalapeno vodka to give my cocktail a little added kick. Fortunately it turned out better than expected and whenever I am feeling a little feistier than normal, this is my go to. If you also like a little spice in your life, this drink shouldn't disappoint.

2 Ounces Jalapeno Vodka
4-6 Ounces Ginger Beer
Lime Juice from Half Lime 

Mix all together, serve over ice in Copper Mug
Garnish with limes and jalapenos 

In case you are in the market for some copper mugs - I found mine here. Also, just a note about ginger beer - it is non-alcoholic, however I always find mine in the alcohol section of my local grocery store. That may have just saved you a solid two hours of your life. Not speaking from experience or anything.

Cheers to a week full of spice and life friends. Now drink up. 

bar sign from junk art gypsyz 



  1. This sounds AMAZING! I can't wait to try this. Beautiful pictures too girl :)

  2. This sounds pretty awesome... although I don't know what I'd do with all that jalapeno vodka... wait, I probably wouldn't have any left over. *Thinks of all the times I've made mules at the house and only had a bit of vodka left over*... hmmm I know, bloody mary's the next day!! BOOM! Thanks for the recipe, and keep them coming.

    I'm not sure if you can get Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale where you live, but if you can, test it out in a traditional mule, trust me it's SUPER spicy - like at first you think your lips are on fire spice from the ginger but it's HEAVENLY once you get used to it.

    (I have a hard time getting my hands on ginger beer here in Alabama where I live so this is our sub, and even the local bar that prides itself on mixology uses it).

    EnjoY! ox

  3. I love the cooper mug and that Bar Sign is now on my wish/want list. Not sure how I feel about jalapeno vodka but I do love double chocolate and caramel kiss vodka LOL

  4. Can you believe I've never had a Moscow Mule? But I really want to just for the cool cups they come in, first of all!

  5. I have never heard of the moscow mule, but it sounds delicious! This might be something I need to look into!! Also the copper mug- SO cute. I hate to admit this, but I have a shopping obsession cool cups and glasses. So, these might he something I add in the future!

  6. I didn't even know jalapeno vodka existed! This drink sounds delicious, thanks for sharing :)


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