It's Back - #1800MinuteChallenge, Join In!

I am so excited to announce the start of another #1800MinuteChallenge for 2015. If you have no idea what I am talking about -- see here and then keep reading below. 

As you may recall, we did this last Spring where for two months I challenged you to exercise a total of 1,800 minutes. Do the math and it averages out to 30 minutes a day for 60 days. It turns out that several [1,300] of you decided you also wanted to get in shape and joined along on the journey. It was so much fun to see everybody working together with the same common goal of getting fit and healthy. Through social media and using the hashtag #1800MinuteChallenge we were all able to cheer each other on, get tips from other participants, see what routines people were loving, get a peak at people's running view from all over the world, and so on. 

Last year at the end of the challenge we had a massive giveaway where lovely sponsors stepped up and donated prizes. This year I have decided to change it up a bit....

For those of you are interested [this is optional and not mandatory to participate], you can contribute $1 when registering. All people who pay the $1 entry fee will be in the running to win the grand prize, the total bucket, the entire pot. Now two things - obviously to be eligible to win you have to have paid your dollar and you also have to complete all 1800 minutes which will be proven on a tracking spreadsheet I will email out to all participants. The other part to this is we will not know the total amount available to win until we have all entries. It could be $400 up for grabs - it could be $2,000 up for grabs. Regardless, I think this added cash bonus adds in a really fun and motivational piece to the puzzle. 

Ready to sign up? Here's the details broken down: 

1. The challenge will run from February 1st-March 31st. The goal is to complete a total number of 1800 minutes of workout time [walking, running, weights, classes, whatever it may be] during this time frame. You will want to sign up to be a part of the challenge just so we know who is joining in on the fun (and so that you have a chance to win the amazing grand prize at the end of the sixty days). It is optional if you would like to enter in the cash portion of the challenge. The more people who enter, the more somebody will win so spread the word! Use the hashtag #1800MinuteChallenge on social media and this link [http://bit.ly/1tn2hqW] for your followers to sign up! That one dollar may yield you hundreds or thousands...You can register here

2. Starting February 1st, you will be responsible for tracking your own progress. Don't worry, I've gotcha covered. After signing up for the challenge, you will receive a spreadsheet via email from me which will allow you to quickly track and total your minutes! 

3. Throughout the challenge use #1800MinuteChallenge on Instagram or Twitter so that those of us also participating can follow along and cheer you on. Be sure to also check in on the hashtag to find occasional workout ideas, other people's favorite workout playlists, and extra tips + tricks on how to get your 1800 minutes in! 

4. At the end of the challenge (March 31st) those of you who have completed all 1800 minutes will email me your spreadsheet [livinginyellow@gmail.com]. On Monday, April 6th one winner will be drawn to receive the #1800MinuteChallenge cash grand prize. Keep in mind that the best prize of all will be how great you feel and look at the end of the challenge. The cash will just be the cherry on top ;) I guarantee every dollar brought in will go to that lucky he or she. 

5. Have fun with it, get moving, and watch your body change for the better! Remember - this challenge is for ANYBODY (moms, sisters, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, best friends, etc) so find somebody who you can spend some of those 1,800 minutes with - just make sure they sign up as well

6. Lets get moving :) See you at #1800MinuteChallenge! Good luck!

Feel free to copy this tweet to share the news: "I am committing to completing 1800 minutes of exercise in 60 days - you in? Come join in the "



  1. Love this idea! Might have to sign up... And get started just as soon as I get over this dang cold!
    If anyone is interested in maximizing their results, have them check out the It Works products I'm selling! www.gettheskinnies.com :) we've got supplements, protein, and more!!

  2. So happy you are doing this again Erin!

  3. hmmm I just might have to join :)

  4. I'm in and excited! Thanks for putting this together :)

  5. So excited! I found out about this last year to late in the game so I'm happy to see it back!


  6. I'm so excited! I did this last year!

  7. Um, yes. I totally dropped the ball last time, but am deciding to be committed and intentional this time!! Thank you for organizing :)

  8. real real excited for this. i'm dedicating all 1800 minutes to ab work...says me right now. but we'll see the truth in april. thanks for doing this!

  9. I missed out on this last year...so glad I saw your Facebook post. I just signed up and am going to see if my fiancé will do it with me!!

  10. Erin, how do I pay the fee? I signed up but it had nothing about paypal or anything?

    1. I don't know how to pay either! I'm wondering if it's too late, if we've already signed up....

  11. This is so great - just what I need! Thank's for doing this again, I missed last year. Although, I'm going to have to be creative in the beginning - I broke my toe 3 days ago while on vacation in Florida. Bummer! Weights and lots of yoga?! No treadmill for a while...

  12. What a fun idea! Just signed up and I'm excited to get started! :)

  13. What a reat idea! I need this, I just signed up!


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