From Life's Decisions To Tassel Necklaces [It's All Important]

stone tassel pendant -- use code LIY30 for 30% off at Metal Marvels
shirt and skirt -- stitch fix // jacket -- sugar love boutique use code yellow for 20% off 

1. As much as I didn't want reality to start back up today, a small part of me is very happy it did. I can only lay on the couch for so long before I start to question my life's choices and where I went wrong that brought me to only ever wanting to lay on the couch. 

2. The Bachelor starts tonight -- I haven't watched the several past seasons but I decided one of my new years resolutions is to watch every single episode because remember, I am trying to do a lot with my life now that a new year is here. 

3. Speaking of doing a lot this year, this number is somewhat relative and non-sarcastic -- I started a new position at my work recently. While I am still part-time at 28 hours, I am doing something completely different which means my brain is trying to learn new things. My brain doesn't always like to break out of its comfort zone so it gets mad and makes me do things like back up into a car in my driveway and get pulled over two separate times in four days. Basically it's my new jobs fault that my driving sucks is what I am getting at. I am also vowing to not make excuses for things in 2015. 

4. I've been on a huge tassel necklace kick recently hence the two different necklaces featured up above. I am really good at finding a trend I like and then running it into the ground faster than my husband finds my hidden purchases under the bed [which unfortunately is faster than I can run out of the house after he finds said purchases]. Both of those babies hail from Metal Marvels. Check check check em' out. 

5. It's colder than balls outside. You can decide how cold that is. Hint: it's really cold. 

6. If any shops or business owners are out there [hollllller] feel free to use the promo code 2015 for $15 off all product features -- I kinda love bringing extra eyes to your awesome goods. 

7. K gotta go now, I just remembered I have leftover cowboy crack in the refrigerator that needs heated up and because I am going to start eating vegetables only soon [duh], I better go eat it now. Which reminds me - should I share a recipe for hot chicken salad or jalapeno moscow mules this week? You decide. 



  1. Love the necklaces! And yes it's def cold out. I don't watch The Bachelor at all but pretty sure I know what's happening thanks to my twitter feed. LOL

  2. Love the tassel necklace trend too! You're resolutions are by far the most realistic I've read of all the blogs I've read today. Love it!

    xoxo - KSP

  3. Calling it "cowboy crack" is brilliant. I've been praying I don't lose twitter followers because of my ridiculously sarcastic (albeit clever and en pointe) live tweeting!


  4. LOVE that outfit, and the necklaces, so pretty! Love your resolutions too. Perfect! :)

  5. I would have to agree with the tassle necklace trend. Very cute!

  6. hot chicken salad. only bc it's lunchtime and my stomach is growling like crazy.

  7. I could definitely go for a new Moscow Mule recipe! Feel free to share that little gem on alcoholic goodness! I'm feeling like some mules and cowboy crack are just the thing to bring a little "country" in a way where I don't have to actually touch anything country.


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  9. YASSSS to #2. We have to talk The Bachelor now since you know I'm slightly obsessed. ��

  10. Could you tell me who your stylist is at Stitch Fix...I love your fixes!

  11. Can we start talking bachelor now then? I too haven't watched in several seasons, but my new boss and her girlfriends are all super into it... they seriously have "draft night" during week one and they all place bets on their top three girls. It's like fantasy football - bachelor version. It's kinda brilliant. Maybe we should start a blogger version of this... hmmmm wheels are turning. Happy New Year dear! Cheers!

  12. A little over a year ago and we finally found a necklace like the Tassel!! Love these posts and sharing your pics <3


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