Behind The Scenes Of Stitch Fix

It's time I share what was the wonderful Stitch Fix Vacay I was apart of recently in San Francisco. If you have been a reader for awhile, it should come as no surprise to you that I am a huge Stitch Fix fan for what seems like eternity now. It was way back when I shared my first ever fix and have been hooked ever since. I love the convenience, personalization, and fun that comes in each and every box. My stylist always seems to pick out items that I love which is awesome for me, but not so awesome for my husband when he looks at my credit card bill. Tomato tomato you know? All of this to say I was so excited when I was invited out for a Stitch Fix Vacay to get a behind scenes look at how the company runs along with six other awesome bloggers [Still Being Molly, One Little Momma, Ma Nouvelle Mode, Jen Loves Kev, Baby Rabies, and Veronika's Blushing]. Place seven girls in one house together and it could be a recipe for disaster but we couldn't have got along better. After we all trickled in on Tuesday we woke up Wednesday ready to roll. First stop, Stitch Fix headquarters. Also known as the coolest work place ever. We are talking cereal bar in the office. And string cheese. And pretzels with hummus. And diet coke. And omg Andes mints. Basically put food in the office and I want to work there. I suppose the kick a people who work there didn't hurt either ;) Annnnyhow, here are some of the photos of their glorious workplace and company. It should be noted that I did not take any of these photos personally but rather they come from the incredible photographer who followed us around like we were a big deal [ha] and the master photographer Molly herself. Carry on now. 

After the initial ooooh's and ahhhh's of the office tour we met with both some of Stitch Fix's buyers and stylists. It was so fun to see all of the fall trends that are coming and hear what the stylists look for when putting together your fixes [hint: your Pinterest board is so important]. 

I think my favorite part of their office were all of the places to work from. Couches, stand up counters, offices that were themed "glam", "romantic", "boho", etc. It was all so chill and definitely something I could get used to being apart of.

It didn't hurt that there were amazing clothes and jewelry everywhere you looked either.

After getting our fix of all things Stitch they whisked us off to a picnic in the park complete with tissue paper flowers, cute paper plates, and a few bottles of Riesling. I know, I can't believe I didn't put it on Instagram either. 

If it looks like I am about to cry I'm not. I was trying to look smart I think. Big cities will do that to you. Unfortunately it didn't work out too well on my end but like they say, better luck next time.

The remainder of the day was spent sight seeing and inhaling Mexican food which, have no fear--those pictures are coming soon to a blog near you.

Thank you Stitch Fix for an unforgettable first day of our vacay. Now seriously, hire me. I like string cheese. A lot.



Testing Testing 1-2-3

It's a miracle--this thing still works! Sorry for my absence around this joint lately. I am finally starting to feel like my life is slowly starting to turn back to normal [typed while trying to pack like a mad woman so that I can rush off to Florida tonight for a week]. Maybe it's because I finally have a functioning kitchen or maybe it's because I know that the next seven days of my life are going to consist of laying on a beach with several girlfriends. Never ever has vacation sounded better. I will be 100% content and happy if the only things we do are eat, sleep, and drink. Which...lets be real, I am sure are the only things we will be doing. Have no fear, my laptop will be in stow and I am planning on blogging most days while gone so expect to hear from me often.

Enough about me though, lets talk about this top I am wearing up above [and down below] in my first ever outfit pictures taken in the new house. The only reason they were taken inside the house is because we are not ready for our neighbors to know that posing in the yard for blog posts is a regular occurrence for us. We have decided to keep our dignity and integrity for at least another week. The top hails from the new Beck Boutique and it's one of those that you can throw on for any fall or winter day and feel like you never changed out of your pajamas. God bless the people who thought of this concept. It's a funky little pattern which just makes you that much more interesting to people.

top found here // use code LIY15 for 15% off 

Beck Boutique would like to give one of you the chance to win $50 shop credit today so you know what they say, get after it. Be sure to take advantage of the discount code mentioned up above when placing your order [may I suggest this this or this].

Well friends, it's been real. I'm outta this mug--see you in the sunny state. 




Whenever I am feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, or like the brain that I once had has suddenly vanished and escaped forever, I end up doing a currently post. They are easy, they are fun, and well, they are easy. So without further ado, currently I am...

+ Watching: A swan float by on the river. While that sounds very magical and pretty, I am pretty confident swans eat humans heads. Just keep that in mind when you get jealous of the girl who is posting pictures of swans in her backyard on Instagram. Because you my friend will be alive to see tomorrow, she most likely will not. 

+ Eating: These ridiculously expensive Rold Gold pretzels with hummus. They are those "grab and go" kind where they get away with charging $10 for 6 mini little containers and idiots like me pay that for it because idiots like me do a lot of things we shouldn't do. 

+ Forgetting: Everything. One might think I am pregnant but no, I just don't have a clock up in the house. About that 2:00 call I was supposed to be on this afternoon....#oops

+ Excited For: Eric Church this week in concert with friends. I don't know if you have ever seen Eric live but he does this thing where he bangs on his chest like a gorilla because he is that excited [or high] about being on stage that it all just comes out like a wild animal and I love it. 

+ Loving: The back splash that went up in our kitchen this week. It's amazing what little pieces of tile can do for one's spirit but my spirit is resembling one of a salsa dancer. 

More pictures of the home progress to follow sometime soon. 

+ Laughing At: The event that happened during the installation of the back splash. Our poor installer, I hope he isn't reading this. So I'm busy minding my own in our bedroom when all of a sudden I start smelling smoke. I poke my head out into the hallway only to find [or technically speaking not to find] the installers head buried in a pile of smoke. He pops up and says something to the extent of how he must have turned on a stove burner accidentally and the roll of laminate that he was using to cover the counter tops caught on fire. If you are ever wondering what burned laminate looks like, here you are. Just know it smelled as good as it looks like it would smell. 

Needless to say the house didn't burn down and we will not be collecting any type of insurance soon. 

And there we have it. I am going to go play pretend now that my floors aren't covered in dust, we have a counter top on our center island, and that you can actually see the walls of the guest bedroom. Wish me luck. 



Back And Ready To Sleep. Not Attack.

And just like that I'm back. Typically when returning home from traveling it feels like I never left, however this time is different. I can definitely feel that I left. Partly because I am exhausted and partly because my house looks a teeny bit different than it did before. It's amazing what kitchen lights will do for a place. More on that later though, I've got a few photos to share. I've decided that I want to walk you through all of the fun Stitch Fix festivities that took place in a few days so for now I am going to just show off some photos that I took during my free time in San Fran. Friday was the last full day in the city and so me and the two other girls remaining [Natalia and Veronika] made our way through shops [obviously], sweated our brains out while pulling luggage up the 90 degree angle streets, and wandered down to Fishermans Wharf for some bread bowls. I get that this area is a very touristy part of San Francisco but it also most likely my favorite part of San Francisco [typical tourist, what can I say]. 

The first stop was at the Painted Ladies houses. Also known as the opening scene in Full House. I felt exactly like Mary Kate and Ashley when standing on that hill except a lot less rich and idolized. I don't think I have touched on my obsession with them as a child but just know they were everything. 

These lovely flowers were passed mid luggage sweat session. Any reason to stop and snap a photo when doing physical labor I say!

The reason for my existence--chili in a bread bowl. I said "come to mama" and to mama it came. 

And then there is these guys. I know they are guys only because they smell horrible. Girls wouldn't do that. Cute slippery little things though right?

I made it back to Indiana just in time to watch my niece turn three and lick her cupcake like nobody's business. I am so proud of these offspring that are my family. If I could teach a child anything, it would be this....

Don't think, just lick. 

And that summarizes reason number 253,000 why I remain childless, because that is the type of advice I give out to the youth of this world. 



California Dreamin'

Hello from the Golden State. I have officially arrived and survived the flight. I kinda think making a huge deal about how freaked out I was worked in my favor. Only because I drank probably a little more than I normally would have which made me somewhat forget I was even flying. In fact, I loved it. Can we all talk about how amazing it is you can text while on an airplane these days? Just when I thought life couldn't get better that happened. Well that and Giuliana announced she is coming out with her own wine line. 

I am having a great time here with Stitch Fix and the ladies they sent out with me for this #stitchfixvacay. If you are ever in need of the most awesome place to work, Stitch Fix is it I'm convinced. I will be sharing all of the photos from our time at their headquarters from today at a later date but just know, whoa. My phone is now full of at least two hundred photos of items I am hoping to receive in my next few fixes. On that note, I'm outta here---I've got wine to drink and the cutest patio to do it on. Peace. 



State Of Chaos

It's safe to say I have stepped on nearly every item we own, I have cut my fingers on countless who knows what, and I have sworn in my head 232 times when trying to find something I need. For example, making coffee currently looks like this -- I head to the living room where the Keurig is plugged in and sitting unevenly on top of a wicker chest. I then grab the water filter, head to the bathroom sink to fill it on up [because that's appetizing], then I make my way to my office where I have to crawl over what seems to be three thousand boxes before I find the one with the K Cups. Head back to the living room and then remember I need a coffee mug still. Two hours later I locate the coffee mug that is laying in a Target plastic bag at the bottom of a box in the entryway closet. My morning coffee is now drank at around 7 pm because yes, it takes that long to make it. The only good news in all of this is that I am skippin' out of town tomorrow so I don't have to deal with this madness. Ignorance is bliss my friends. Here are some updated pictures of what it looks like around this joint. A little room by room tour if you will...

The kitchen...

Master bedroom... 


"Outdoor" Living Room...

Dining Room...

Guest Bedroom...

My Office...

And because we needed at least one room to be able to sit down in, the living room got a little attention spent on it this weekend. Waaaaa-la. Ta-da. Sit down and relax. 

This one caught on quickly. 

So there we have it. Casa de chaos, welcome. 



A Few Wednesday Random Thoughts

I wasn't planning on showing up to my blogger account today, however it occurred to me that every minute writing a blog post is a minute spent not packing. This whole packing thing is a little sad to me. And it's not because I'm not excited about the next house, but because I really enjoyed this house and all of the memories made in it. I'll never forget sitting outside by the fireplace Shawn and I built with friends drinking wine in the Summer

or building forts in the living room to sleep in at night

watching our living room go from this

to this

to this

having our yard full of little kiddos and remembering back to when they were that little

the early mornings spent next to the Christmas tree

and all of the life that happened over the past 7 years.

It's been a great run in this house and I will forever remember this space that we have called home. 

In other news, I am relishing this quiet afternoon at home alone, complete with Pumpkin Spice coffee in hand and A Christmas Story pajama pants on.

I feel as though this is going to be the last one of these days in quite awhile. Between moving into a new house, going to California (twice), Louisville, Nashville, and Florida (twice) all before December, things are about to get a little insane. It should also be noted that I have not been sleeping at night due to my first flying alone experience so that's awesome. I know that most likely sounds foolish and silly to the majority of you, however for those of us who are panic attack ridden [especially on airplanes], a four and a half hour flight alone does not sound all that appealing. Like at all. I keep trying not to cry when thinking about it but every time I do a little part of me wants to bawl like a baby. One would think I am 7, not 28, but here I am. You better believe I am going to be that girl walking onto the plane with plastic bags full of mini bottles of every type of alcohol, lavender oil, and pills. 

I think that covers today's thoughts...

Actually that is a lie. I could talk about so much right now [like how I found over 20 boxes of macaroni and cheese in the basement last night !!!!!!! ] and how I dominated in Fantasy last week [it's a no money league. I KNOW. I rolled my eyes too] or how badly I wish my hair was longer and blonder again, but until those topics arise again, just know I am thinking about them. 

Hey, thanks for the twenty minutes of not packing. It's been real. Fist pound.