I Guess This Means It's Official

Well, there she is friends--a teeny glimpse at the place we will now be calling home. I figured I should give you a little more detail on the current situation of the home and how we aren't living there yet and blah blah blah. Long story short, we wanted a house on the water. A place where we could have a boat in the backyard, canoes to wake up to on Sunday morning, and jet skis that can release my inner speed demon. We looked at several houses over the past few months but weren't having any luck finding one that we knew we would be happy to call home. A month [or what feels like forever] ago we found this one up above, located on a local river which spans 206 miles [I like it long, what can I say]. And while we deemed her "the one" we also deemed her "the one we are going to change every square inch of". Besides the color of one fireplace [it's currently a grey brick and I'm pretty smitten by it], I am pretty confident every other single thing will be changing. The floors, the walls, heck even the ceiling [hellllllloooo painted wood planks] are going to be Schrader-ized. With that being said, we won't be moving in for another month or two.

So what do you do with a house that you are about to change everything to? Well, you invite all of your friends and family over for a party. You bust out the markers for the kids to draw all over the walls that are being knocked down [or for the adults who like to draw human private parts...], you consume copious amounts of wine and/or captain, you eat cheese upon cheese [because duh], and you enjoy your first and last day in your new "as-is" house.

I am so excited for this venture of ours and can't wait to share it with you as we go. A few of you have requested pictures of the house however, just know they are coming. I will be doing full before and after reports on every room as we finish, just give me a few weeks for the first one. I have a lot of work to watch my husband do in the meantime ;)



Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos

If there is anything I know, it is this --> find me a girl who loves clothing, make-up, and alcohol and you have found me a new best friend. Naturally when I stumbled upon a blog titled "Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos" I knew I had something. Lindsay, the writer behind the blog is a Kentucky girl through and through who loves, well you guessed it...bourbon, lipstick, and stilettos. Being that we are into very similar things I thought it would be fun if her and I would join forces to share with you exactly which bourbon, lipstick, and stilettos we consider the best. Get your pen and papers out people--we've got some good info to share. 

Lets start with the most important first--bourbon. While I am not a huge bourbon drinker [pass the captain please], Lindsay has deemed Makers Mark the best of the best. 

I'm going to take it one step further and choose Maker's Mark Mint Julep as my bourbon of choice. And now you know all of your bourbon virgins, cheers. 

As far as the lipstick front goes, Lindsay has a little more experience wearing it than I do. Look at this red lipped ball of cuteness. 

It should be no surprise that she has selected YSL Blood Red as her lipstick of choice. 

I on the other hand prefer a little more "dead" look. I will say however, I've come a long way from the days of rubbing concealer all over my lips (WHY?!?!) and have stepped it up a notch to Mary Kay Fancy Nancy lip gloss because that sounds like something every mature 28 year old woman should wear. 

Last but not least, the stilettos. Homegirl over here couldn't choose just one favorite so she chose like ten million.What I am gathering from below is that she has a thing for sparkles, sparkles, and then maybe a few sparkles. 

And while sparkles are pretty and what not, I am a little more simple, strappy, type of girl. These ladies right here are currently stealing my attention. 

And there we have it---three of life's most important parts laid out right in front of you today. Thank you Lindsay for sharing with the world what they all need. Be sure to check out Bourbon, Lipstick, and Glitter for some more beauty, fashion, and cocktail tips/advice. But before you go, why not try to win yourself either a $25 gift card to Sephora or DSW? 

Nobody should have to deprive themselves of lipstick or stilettos....



On The Bright Side

top: sugar love boutique // use code yellow for 20% off
+ I spilled my coffee four different times today, none of which resulted in a stain. 

+ I rolled over my toes with my office chair, nothing bled or broke or had to be amputated. 

+ I just sneezed and hit my forehead on my knee, no bruise has shown up [yet]. 

+ I was insanely tired in the making of these photos, it was nearly 9 pm, and somehow they still turned out 12% decent. 

+ Tomorrow is Tuesday, not Monday.

+ I have an annoying cold which is the perfect excuse for sleeping in and taking hot baths at night. 

+ We have nothing in our pantry which meant dinner out.

+ The laundry is laying all over our bedroom floor meaning tomorrow's outfit will be easy to pick out. 

+ I ate Chipotle for lunch and still have half left for tomorrow, this never happens. 

What are you looking at on the bright side tonight?


In The Clouds

obsessed with this maxi from Elizabeth & West // use code LIY20 for 20% off

I may be writing this too soon after waking up from a nap, or the cold that I came down with this weekend is affecting my state of mind, or it really is that my head is is up in the clouds further than it has ever been before, but it's true...my mind has officially detached itself from my body and up and left me for good [or so it feels]. It should also be worth noting that I just drank iced tea which had a huge ball of mold or something floating in it that I didn't notice until the last minute so there is a good chance I am dying and my brain is just saying peace out. Regardless, for the last several days my mind has been like a game of Scrabble--pieces here, there, and everywhere. The leading contributing factor of this has to be the whole moving of houses situation--any type of big change always feels weird for a period of time in my head. I don't think I have much anxiety or doubts over the situation as I am trusting what we are doing is the best thing for us at this time, however saying good-bye to what you are used to is always a tad bit bittersweet and confusing. When I can't 100% picture myself in an environment it makes it all feel strange and like it's not really happening [think leaving on vacation]. I also don't believe having one million and ten decisions to make on the new house is making my mind any clearer. Whoever said choosing paint colors, kitchen counters, style of cabinets, etc is easy is lying and should ask for forgiveness immediately. I know once we actually get in there and our thoughts of "we have to do this! and that! and that too!" turn into "that's done now, and so is that, and look it's all done!" will make me feel a lot bit better but until we get to that point, don't be surprised if I answer "bronze please" to your question of "how are you doing?" or "paint sprayer" to "what did you have for dinner last night?" It's all a little messy up in there.

Also, while on the topic of my brain being impaired, it has been confirmed that I will be flying alone three different times this fall/winter. I am not sure if I have made it clear on here or not yet but I ABSOLUTELY HATE FLYING. I have never actually flown alone and the thought of it makes me want to vomit twelve times over and bury myself in a hole for the rest of eternity if we are putting it lightly. So maybe just start praying that I will survive and/or drink so much I won't realize I am on a plane. Thank you in advance.

Point number three in today's post--I wrote two blog posts over the weekend which is absurd and unheard of. You can read about why I don't enjoy my blog anymore here and how dreams do come true here.

Annnnnd last but certainly not least, it's time for the final group giveaway here on LIY. Being that it's the last one, I wanted to ensure it would be good. As you will see below, it is exactly that. Get yourselves entered for these fabulous prizes--one winner takes all. So thankful for these ladies who are generous enough to shower you all with this good stuff.

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Dreams Do Come True

It's time to share with the world what the world has been missing--Starburst Sorbet Bars. You read that correctly, Starbust [as in the fabulous chewy delicious squares of goodness] has recently come out with a Strawberry Sorbet Bar and they are as refreshing and heavenly as they sound. I recently found these babies in the freezer section of Walmart which resulted in a text to my husband of something like "OMG. THERE ARE STARBURST POPSICLES NOW!" which obviously resulted in a response of "BUY THEM NOW" because food is a very big deal to us.

The good news is that these suckers are only 70 calories so as you are consuming them via poolside in your bikini [which obviously happened] you don't have to worry about sucking in after slurping down. 

Make sure to pick up your own box of Starburst Sorbet Bars and get down with yo' bad selves. The world is now a happier place. Speaking of making the world a happier place, today I'm giving one of you the chance to win 2 boxes of Starburst Sorbet Bars [I will mail you the coupons to redeem your free boxes]. All you have to do is leave a comment below sharing what your favorite Starburst flavor is. I know, it's going to be hard to answer that question but I trust you can do it ;) Cheers to whats left of Summer friends..make it a good one.

ps. be sure to check out Starburst on Twitter and Facebook for your daily dose of fun and flavor.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



What Happens When You Don't Enjoy Your Blog Anymore?

This blog and I, we have had quite the weird relationship lately. I keep expecting to show up and have her fulfill all of my writing/blogging/whatever it's called these days/ dreams, however she keeps on disappointing. And the thing I have started to realize is it has nothing to do with her, but rather me [which is always the suckiest of realizations am I right?] Recently I have gotten to a point where I feel as though I have no voice in what I am saying--I open up my planner, it tells me what I need to write about/share/feature, I do it, and then I proceed to the next task on my to-do list. Do you know how weird it feels to write a lifestyle blog that has no real substance of your life? I have said yes to things I should have said no to, I don't spend time daydreaming about the next post topic because it's already accounted for, and this whole thing that I used to be proud of has started to feel like a space that is used solely to share others, not myself. And I'm not okay with it.

It's a hard struggle of finding the balance between creating [and keeping] an engaged readership base vs creating [and keeping] a steady stream of income vs creating [and keeping] a blog that I am excited about. I want all of the above and I believe I can have that, but I don't think I can in my current set-up. Something has to give and I'm not ready to choose this blog. I want to be able to show up to this space, write about whatever it is I feel like writing about, feel challenged creatively, be connected with my readers, and most of all, feel connected with this space again. 

I have always been a firm believer in doing what I love to do. If I don't genuinely enjoy what I am investing the majority of my time into, I don't believe it is worth doing. I know that I truly enjoy blogging [a lot], but I have reached a point where I can say that I no longer do. It's mundane, it's repetitive, it doesn't sparkle in my eyes like it once did, and even I have stopped reading my posts after they are published. I remember the days when I would excitedly ask my husband seconds after I hit publish if he read it yet and what he thinks, I would laugh out loud while typing, I would check my comments or emails expecting to hear how a reader just connected to what I wrote about. None of that happens anymore. I show up, I do what I am here to do, and then I leave. 

All of this to say, I am ready to get back to my blogging roots. Lighten my load a bit on the sponsor home front, write about the real stuff going on in my life and not just which bracelet I am admiring, and return to a space where I am excited to be again. It may take a few weeks to get there but I can proudly say I am on my way... 

To a new beginning...it's you and me blog, lets do this thing. 



I'm Alive And It's A Miracle

It's official--all concerts are over, millions of calories have been consumed [mostly resulting from millions of mozzarella sticks], I have all sorts of new Carnie friends [gosh I'm gonna miss them], I look like a haggard ball of Lord knows what, and I have washed my feet more times than I've brushed my teeth. Whoever said county fairs aren't life or death situations is lying. I am convinced I am dying. Also, whoever said you can't drink at county fairs is lying. There is magic [read silliness] in bringing in your own water bottles. Mark that one down and keep it in your memory bank all you 21+ readers. The good news is I overcame my fear of Ferris wheels and it only cost me $10 to do so. Since when is a Ferris wheel ride $10? Fricken inflation. 

In other non-fair news, we close on our new house next week [!!!!!] The stomach ulcerating part of this is that we are remodeling it from top to bottom so all of that starts in a few days. I'm pretty confident I booked two vacations which will be taking place in the midst of all of that because WHO WANTS TO DO WORK? In all seriousness though, I can't wait to watch this house transform and you best believe I will be sharing every ounce of that on here and on Instagram [#SchradersOnTheMove, because every home remodel deserves its own hash tag]. The goal is to actually keep this house after the work is all done unlike that teeny little lake cottage we thought was a good idea last year. 

Regardless, I apologize for tardiness around this joint, it's just all of the above paragraphs fault. 

To conclude today's post, I figured I would end with a thousand and ten pictures of the last few days. I was going to go for a thousand and eleven but figured that may be too much. Here we go. 

Our good friends, Parmalee. The same good friends who forgot to call us up on stage. Jerks. 

 My favorite concert of the past few days, my homeboy Thomas Rhett. 

 Because friends who dress alike stay together

 Everybody try and grab Tyler Farr's hand...he wants to grab yours

Pre-conquering my Ferris Wheel fear

 Post conquering my Ferris Wheel fear. Captain, he can make it happen

Justin Moore--the redneck of all rednecks

An original outfit photo in the mirror picture because I've never done that before // dress from La Posh Style

Remember them? I barely did either. 

No explanation necessary 

 sexy band alert--Los Colognes

my concert partner in crime -- also known as miss chic

And that concludes the busiest week of my life, until next year fair...



Hello, Blog? It's Me, Erin

Holy exhausted. Turns out that I can't hang...like at all. You know when you think you are cool and young and full of life and then you go out and do things that are cool and young and full of life and you realize how you feel like you are going to pass out and just sleep forever and beyond negating any cool, young, full of life feelings you once had? Finger pointing my direction. Also, I am pretty sure that one sentence above could have been nearly four but again, I'm tired. 

that last bottom right picture would be from our local news website--that would be me throwin' up a deuce while everybody else watches the concert. my parents are so proud. they even told me so. 

Aside from going to three concerts three nights in a row, well nothing that's what. While I go and catch up on a thing called sleep [and then email] I'm going to leave you with this little gem of a gem

Isn't she precious? That would be Martha from Leaving Perfection Learning Grace. The name of her blog says it all--her story is a good one and it needs to be told. For years (12) Martha struggled with an eating disorder. She has since overcome it and is truly learning what it means to experience and love this life we are given. Her honesty, her passion, and her sweetheart smile captured me and I would love to share her with all of you. I asked her some questions, she responded, and it's a love fest all around. Read what she has to say and then go make yourself a new friend. Since when hasn't that sounded like a good idea? 

1. I love hearing people's "why" behind their blog. Why did you begin writing and has that changed since you started?

I started blogging because I wanted to be the light in the midst of an incredibly dark journey of people who suffer from eating disorders. Having made it through and being in recovery I know that it is an extremely isolating place and I wanted to provide hope to those struggling. In the midst of wanting to share that hope I have been blessed a million times over by the stories and hearts of others.

2. Your blog title is Leaving Perfection Learning Grace. How did you decide on that?

My whole journey through not only ED (Eating Disorder) Recovery but also in life in General is about learning how to leave perfection in the dust and daily choosing grace over a life dictated by the ridiculous standards of perfection. My blog is about my life journey and so I couldn't imagine a more perfect name that what my story is all about.

3. Why should my readers read your blog? No pressure or anything.

If you are a messy imperfect person than my blog is for you. It's not just about ED recovery but about choosing joy in the midst of sadness. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest and that what I believe in and write about. So if you like realness, vulnerability, grace and a little sparkle this blog is for you.

4. Outside of blogging, how do you spend the majority of your time?

My job is though a ministry I love called Reformed University Fellowship. I get to love and hang out with The University of Baylor College students. Which basically means if I am not hanging out with my handsome hubby, blogging, decorating our house or reading, I am hanging out with awesome college students at coffee shops and spending time on Baylor's campus.

Love it Martha--thank you for sharing yourself with us. Readers, go pay her a visit faster than I can say "I'M TIRED!" Ready, set, I'M TIRED. 



True Life: I Am Addicted To Concerts

It has been a great couple of days--28 has certainly welcomed me with open arms, lots of ice cream, and even more live music. I am still recovering from last night's 3 Doors Down shindig and am hours away from seeing Thomas Rhett. Call it crazy or call it awesome but I believe I will have seen 5 different concerts in 6 days time when this is all said and done. Needless to say, if it looks like I have been punched in the face over the next few days, don't worry...they are just dark circles from lack of sleep. I have lots of photos and stories to share from the past few days of my life, but for now I am going to leave you with two recent outfits I have been loving because you know what they say....outfit posts rule all when tired. 

Both looks below came from one of my favorite online boutiques (seriously though--they send packs of gum that read "coffee makes me poop" with their packages), GorJess and LoveLee. I have a few other pieces from them and am always overly impressed with their quality and cuteness level. 

embroidered dress found here

I recently wore the above dress out for dinner and live music [shocking] and received so many compliments on it. I was especially excited about this because I hadn't even ironed it and it was full of wrinkles which made me believe in the good of the human population again. If you can look past wrinkles, you can look past anything....like dark circles under eyes. 

And then there is this top--the top of all tops. The one that makes you stand out in a crowd of three million because it's that bright and awesome. 

Oh and did I mention it has a bow on the back, making you feel like the ultimate birthday present which really puts all other gifts to shame? Both items are for sale now and lucky for you, you can use the code YELLOW to receive free shipping. Make sure to hit up GorJess and LoveLee for all of your "I've gotta look hot" needs...we all have them, no shame. But first (!) you should probably enter to win yourselves a $25 gift card because it would be silly to not. Go spoil yourself today, you deserve it. [do not send angry husbands my way].

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