Life Lately [Happenings + Thoughts]

This picture serves no other purpose than to mention that these Candelles candles are my absolute favorite and I can't get enough. Seriously hands down one of my favorite shops I have had the pleasure of finding through blogging. The lemon pack [consists of 3 different tins/scents] is amazing and you need it.
It's the little things that have kept me sane [somewhat] this week.
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Occasionally I find myself feeling the need to always have a topic or theme for my weekly blog posts. Like there needs to be a rhyme or reason to what I am writing about. As I was driving home from work today it hit me that rarely do I just take the opportunity to write real thoughts and happenings about life recently. And so today I am choosing to do so.

For starters, this week has been a little hectic. At my real job [we are going to pretend for a minute that blogging is my made-up job] we moved locations which basically means we moved from this awesome big building full of great wonderful people that I socialize with often to a small little building with just myself and two others. It may or may not have had dead ants all over the floor when we arrived but that is neither here nor there. For somebody who thrives off human interaction, this switch isn't necessarily awesome. Being the woman that I am, I cried. a lot. And you know, being that I am only at my "real job" for 4 hours a day you wouldn't think this would affect me so much. But, I like being dramatic and so it does. I know that it will be totally fine once I get all settled in and thankfully I really do enjoy the two others that I will now be stuck with for the rest of eternity so really it's not as bad as I like to make it sound ;) It's just that as I get older I am amazed at how resilient I am becoming towards change. Oh to be young again. 

Speaking of jobs, I recently became a project manager for Pollinate Media which is super exciting to me. I have worked on campaigns frequently for Pollinate and so now to jump to the other side of things and help fellow bloggers with campaigns should be a fun change of pace. They also recently launched Weave Made Media so if you are a blogger, be sure to check these two awesome companies out and hopefully I will work with you soon! 

In other news, we decided a day ago to have a garage sale tomorrow so that's awesome. The good news is we have absolutely nothing priced or organized so tonight should be a lot of fun in our household. Remind me to keep drinking rum this afternoon to deal with what's about to go down in a few hours. If you are in tonight's blogger happy hour session, I apologize in advance ;) 

Last but not least, I FINISHED THE 1800 MINUTE CHALLENGE. That felt kinda good, not gonna lie. At the beginning of May I didn't think I was actually going to come through and get all of my minutes in. Fortunately I realized my butt needed a lot of work and so it kicked it up a notch. The bad news is, I am not ready for it to be over. The good news is, I am keeping the fun going. That's right---starting June 1st #1000in30 begins. What does that mean you ask? 1,000 minutes in 30 days. BAM. If you want to join in on all of that goodness, fill this form out here. We had over 1300 people participate in the #1800MinuteChallenge which was incredible and so fun to come together with so many others to better our health. I am hoping the momentum continues for #1000in30. Feel free to share the word on social media using the #1000in30 hashtag. The more the merrier. 

Long story short--this has been my week. I have a headache, I'm tired, and the sunshine is calling my name. Peace out chicken littles.  



Wear: The Infamous LBD

necklace: metal marvels [use code LIYSPECIAL for 25% off] // dress: target
 [photo credit house of harkless]

There is nothing I love more [other than sweatpants] than a great little black dress. Always flattering, always in style, and always the right amount of "enough". While the black dress is a main contender in creating the perfect look, it's the accessories that make it what it is. It's kinda like Luke Bryan without his hip thrusting. Sure, he is fine without it...but with it, drool is formed. Make sense now? 

When I found this necklace I knew that I had to have it. Partly because it's awesome and partly because I would be an idiot not to own it. I like to remain off the idiot list as often as possible [which is basically never] so fortunately, I had no choice but to own it. I'm not sure if you have shopped at metal marvels before but it's rather what I like to call, dangerous. Take this headband for example. Have I ever worn a little number like this before in my hair? No. Do I absolutely 100% without a doubt need to try it now that I found this? Duh. Hence my previously stated dangerous comment. I MEAN HOW CUTE WOULD THIS BE IN YOUR HEAD? Exactly.

Katie, the owner of this fabulous store would like to take a minute or two to share a little more with you. She may or may not have a thank you gift in return ;) But seriously, time to sparkle up your life. YOLO baby.

"Hi lovely ladies! Thank You for taking the time to read about us from the amazing Erin. My name is Katie and Metal Marvels is my love child. I am a one woman show trying to make my dreams come true. That dream is to bring you all gorgeous and fun jewelry that doesn't break your bank. Creating a jewelry wardrobe doesn't have to empty your wallet and that’s what I aim to do! I strive to buy beautiful, unique jewelry that’s easily affordable for you. In real terms, every piece is under $25 and there’s a wide variety to choose from! We have quirky earrings, bracelets, rings, knuckle rings, and necklaces await you in the store, so click HERE to browse and snap up that special piece calling to you! My dream is to make these fun, flirty beauties in limited quantities — 5 per item at the most — so your jewelry is yours, not yours and a million others too. Make sure you head to the store and check out what we have for you! Oh and follow us on Instagram for specials, new arrivals, selfies and pretty stuff! You'll see cool things like when Courtney Crozier from the Biggest Loser season 11 shared a collage about how much she loves our stuff, ummmm HELLO #fangirling ! Use the special code LIYSPECIAL to get 25% off everything and enter the giveaway below to win $25 to the store!"



Who Needs Beauty When You Have Boats?

Now that it's nearly Summer, I have started judging how awesome a weekend was based on how much [or in my case little] make-up I wore. The less the better. This morning I was legitimately worried I forgot how to put eyeliner on which is scary since on a typical day it appears as though I have already forgotten how to do so. Three days in a row of no make-up, no blow drying my hair, just deodorant and cheap body spray that makes me feel like I just walked out of the dollar store. I guess that's what happens when your only agenda for the day is to lay on the back of a boat and drink cocktails along the water. And that's truly the only thing I really did. Well, minus the whole shoveling of 4,500 pounds of stone in our driveway and then wheeling it to our backyard. Turns out I should have put on more cheap body spray for that job. Pictures of that whole process will be shared once it is completely done. For now I'm too busy focusing on how to stand up straight again. Here's some other non-makeup filled photos and other weekend scenes for your entertainment purposes.

this is my infamous "slick willy" hairstyle that I think is so flattering

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Why Choose One When You Can Have Four?

This post brought to you by BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've always been a believer that more is actually more. I mean sure there is simplicity in being simple, but there is also a lot of boring in there as well. It's kinda like when a restaurant serves a burger without fries. Or macaroni and cheese without bacon. If you can have both, why not? Okay maybe because of the extra thousand calories but still, you get what I'm saying. Translate that same thought process into your pens and you will quickly realize that if you can have more than just black or more than just blue THAN WHY IN THE WORLD NOT? Sorry, I get all dramatic and capital letters from time to time when I talk about really important things.

Remember the 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen from BIC® 4-Color™ from years ago when we were kids and actually knew how to have fun and not play on our smartphones 24/7? Well, it's making an appearance again in my life. I've decided it's time my planner has a party going on it again [or for the first time ever]. When writing down a task that it is going to ultimately make me feel more confident and better about my life, blue it is. When I schedule my "respond to emails" time it's red [red equals anger. so do emails. not becuase I hate them but they hate me. and partially because I hate them]. Green is obviously being used when writing down income producing activies and black, well black is used for anytime I am writing something down that involves taking over the world. Basically my planner is full of black ink ;) 

You can purchase your own 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen at both Amazon and Staples. It's time to bring back some fun [and slight organization] into our lives again. Be sure to follow BIC® 4-Color™ on both Facebook and Twitter for some fun updates. And last but not least, watch the two videos below on the different personalities of the 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen. I laughed, you will too. 

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"My Mom Says I Need To Stop Being Lazy"- a post from Maggie

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Purina One, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ONEDifference http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

my glamour shot

That mom of mine is all over my fur again. She keeps saying things like "get off the couch and go on a walk with me" and "gross! Maggie stop licking me you! your breath is awful!" and then sometimes when she gets really mad at me she says things like "If you wake me up one more time during the night I promise I will never buy you a baby brother or sister!!" Except for her she has no idea I don't even want one so that's why I keep waking her up at night. Jokes on her.

For crying out loud she acts like the only thing I do anymore is sit around eating hot dogs and begging for belly rubs. 

I've never done either. 

Anyhow, it's been really annoying because my mom thinks she has to "work out" these days. This means that I have to too. What she doesn't understand is that I would rather lay under her and daddy's bed and sleep like all of my friends do. Mom tells me I won't get a boyfriend this way. Except again, she has no idea I don't want a boyfriend because according to conversations I overhear from her is that men prohibit how much money you get to spend at Target. I love when she spends money on me at Target. Especially when she buys me food. 

Speaking of, my mom told me this past weekend I am being enrolled in a challenge. Sounds like work to me, I don't know if I like it. However, she says my eyes will get brighter, I will have more energy [barf], and my breath won't smell so bad. I guess I'm okay with the whole breath thing, even sometimes I gag from it. She said it's called the Purina One 28 Day Challenge. Supposedly by the end of the 28 days I am going to have all the men flocking after me. Little does she know my milkshake already brings all the boys to the yard. Or in this case, beach. 

I'm just hoping the paparazzi will let me sleep still after I look so good from the challenge. 

Another thing I have overheard my mom say from time to time is "it's more fun when a party is involved" so I guess now I want to invite my other dog friends to join me in this Purina One 28 Day challenge. I was even told you will get $3 off your bag of food for your little [or in most cases compared to me, big one]. All you have to do is sign up here and then a coupon will be given to you. Here's the stuff she bought me. I liked it so much I ate it all over the carpet. She didn't like that part so I told her "pick her battles" like she tells my dad. She shut up then. 

Okay you little bloggy heads [that's what my mom calls you behind your backs], I've gotta go lick some more faces, eat some more food on the carpet, and come up with a prize that I'm going to ask for from my mom when I finish this challenge. Wish me luck. I'm off to get beautiful. 



Things You Need To Know

I feel like I have a list of items that I have been compiling in my head that I wanted to make sure to tell you about so today, allow me to dump it all on you. I'm using that term figuratively. Just in case you were getting nervous. 

+ Obviously the most important thing is making sure you have a proper cocktail equipped in your hands for this long weekend. Be sure to whip up a batch of the perfect [3 ingredient] margarita

Remember that you will want to buy this tequila because it is the absolute best. End of story. 

+ As of June 1st, I am changing up my sponsorship options. This means that I am eliminating some of the spots completely, reducing the number of spots available on others, and really tuning more into what I feel is a best fit for my blog. Because of this I am offering a discount of 25% off all current spots with the code LASTCHANCE. Take advantage now because in a few days it will no longer be an option! 

+ Recently I have been offering a Blogger Happy Hour for new bloggers only. This means any of you who are in the beginning stages of planning your blog through those of you who have blogged for a year or less. The first one was a complete success so I created two more dates. While most spots have already been filled, I do have one spot left for a session in June so if you want it, here you have it

+ And last but not least, just a brief #1800MinuteChallenge update! We only have one week left which is insane and if you are anything like me, you still have a couple hundred minutes to get in still. I wanted to remind you that one person who completes all 1800 minutes will win all of the fabulous prizes below. Check it out homies. 

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Remember to email your completed tracking spreadsheet to me at  livinginyellow@gmail.com once you have your 1800 minutes done. The winner will be selected and announced on Monday, June 9th. Best of luck! 

Okay, now go about and enjoy doing whatever it is you are doing this weekend. I have a feeling mine will involve Coronas, boats, and friends. I like where this is headed... 



That Time I Planted Pot. Almost.

Happy almost three day weekend party people. I don't know about you but I love myself some extra time off work. Call me crazy but not being at work ranks 312 points above being at work. I did the math once and that's what it came out to. We have a big landscaping project going down at casa de Living In Yellow this weekend. It was one of those projects where my husband said "hey we should do this!" and then 30 seconds later he is killing off all of the grass in that area. We like to invest a lot of time and mental energy into making decisions. I keep reminding him that I am trying to move houses, not make ours prettier, but he doesn't seem to want to listen. It's like he is trying to teach me a lesson about being content with where I am at or something outlandish like that. 

Also, I should mention that I planted myself a nice little pot full of parsley, oregano, and basil a few days ago. 

I totally copied the entire idea from a friend so don't give me any awards just yet.  You know when you do something and you know you have finally moved from the young adult stage to holy crap, I am an actual adult now stage? That was this for me. How quickly the tides could have changed if I would have planted a pot full of pot instead. Not that I would plant pot in a pot. I'm just saying I could have and then I would have remained cool and not ninety years old. And now I have to clarify that pot is not cool children. PASS ON THE GRASS. 

Well that was a weird tangent. 

I think what I was trying to say all along is that I have somebody I would like you to meet. I'm just warning you that you may read about this girl and her heart and suddenly feel like a piece of trash for not ever bottle feeding a tiger, but keep in mind that we can't all be superheros. If we were, none of us would be super. Lucky for Lesley, she is and I kinda adore her. 

I hope you all enjoy these interviews with other bloggers--I love me some good question and answer sessions from time to time. If nothing else I am sure my dad appreciates them as I can already predict his call to me about this one "HEY ERIN. DID YOU KNOW THAT A BLOG READER OF YOURS WENT OVER TO THAILAND ONCE AND BUILT HOMES?" He does that stuff. It's kinda cute. So yes dad, I did know that. 

1. Coolest thing you have ever done...ready, set, go.  

I've done a few really cool things with big plans to do more. The best thing I've probably ever done, aside from dropper feeding teeny tiny kittens, is building homes with Habitat for Humanity in Poland & Thailand. I've also been to Florida & Alabama to help on builds back in 2003 & 2007. I just love helping out with Habitat for Humanity! One of the best parts of working on these build projects, aside from traveling, is that you get to work alongside the future homeowners. In my experiences, they were such hardworking, deserving people who needed a hand up,not a hand-out (which is Habitat's motto).

You can read more about my experience in Poland in 2009 here and I blogged about my build in Thailand in 2011 here.

2. Outside of blogging, how do you spend the majority of your time?

If you haven't guessed from my last answer, I have a passion for volunteering & good causes. I work full-time as the Volunteer Coordinator of the local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). This is both the most challenging & rewarding position I've ever held. I love working with so many other people who just want to make a difference and I love that I can step out of my office at any time to get some cat snuggles or dog kisses.

Outside of work, I've recently taken up yoga (love love love) & am trying to work out lots for the #1800MinuteChallenge. I'm also a book worm and total homebody. You'll often find me spending my evenings (when I'm not in meetings, running evening dog walks, or at yoga/gym) curled up on the couch basking in the glory of my PVR & surfing blogs. I'm also always searching for new things to do.

3. What is one piece of advice you would give to a blogger just starting out?  

A good blog design! Seriously. If I hop on to a blog that looks super amateur and free-Blogger-template-y, I leave it almost immediately. Design is what draws potential readers in, and content is what hooks them. I'm not saying my blog is great in either category, I'm just saying that this is what I look for in my next fav blog. My current design was a freebie. I was extremely lucky to have found a talented new designer who was looking to build up her portfolio & did the work for free.

4. Hypothetically speaking, if you were to have a lavish giveaway in today's post where you buy all of my readers love and adoration, what would you give away? 

Wellllll.... I'd offer your readers a nice little shopping spree because that's my fav kind of giveaway... perhaps to the tune of a $25 Sephora gift card code AND a $25 Urban Outfitters gift card code. Ya know... hypothetically speaking.

Well friends, it turns out Lesley's "hypothetical" giveaway has somehow turned into reality. It's magic this stuff is. So you read it right, one of you will win a $25 Sephora gift card and another one of you hot shots will win a $25 Urban Outfitters gift card. She's a giving person, what can I say. Make sure to pay Lesley a visit and then win yo'self some goods.



Awkward And Awesome [Wednesday?]

It has been a long time coming since I have done one of these awkward and awesome posts. Typically they would happen on Thursdays because that is apparently when all things awkward and awesome are supposed to be talked about in blog world, however I have always been one to break the rules. I think I thought that awkward things just stopped happening to me all of a sudden so I stopped writing about them. Turns out I just got far too comfortable with awkward things happening to notice them. Lets begin.


1. Eating a giant hot dog in public. For reasons I don't need to go into. 

2. Having your neighbor boy wait on you to strap your bra and put your tank top straps back on over your shoulders before fetching his football that landed in your yard. I'm pretty sure no boob was exposed in the process of this but if it was, you're welcome kid. 

3. Starting your period. At work. While not wearing underwear. And then having to explain to a fellow co-worker why no, you can't go out to lunch anymore. You probably didn't need to know any part of this story but now you do. Congratulations. My parents are so proud. 

4. Trying to say something smart but pronouncing it completely wrong. I fall victim to this constantly and it's starting to get old. Somebody order me hooked on phonics already. Please.  

5. My face in this photo according to my husband. I believe the word "hideous" was used when describing what he thought it looked like. "YOU CAN'T POST THAT ON YOUR BLOG!" 

[not hideous is the top I'm wearing from Sugar Love Boutique--use code yellow for 25% off]

Looks like I can sucker. 

1. Fresh pineapple all day every day. Along with ice cream, beer, corn on the cob, and every type of pasta on the planet. 

2. Tan lines that I seem to be accruing daily. Somebody remind me to not sit outside every day this Summer. Somebody also remind me to not listen to that somebody who tells me that. IT'S 80 DEGREES PEOPLE! CELEBRATE! 

3. Wearing the same shirt 3 days in a row. 

Sugar Love Boutique // again, use code yellow for 25% off [i would buy this top too if i were you]

I totally did that this weekend with this top. It's almost too comfortable and hides everything too well which in return makes my mind believe that "YES! You should order the hamburger stuffed with cheese and a side of fries with ranch!!!" Okay shirt, fine. I will. And so I did. And that was awesome too. 

4. The 21 Day Fix. That's the workout I'm doing in the morning with my sister and a friend. Each day is a different DVD ranging from arms, to legs, to pilates, to cardio, to abs, to yoga, to more cardio, etc. The best part is each DVD is 30 minutes. And no this isn't a sales pitch, I'm just telling you should do it because I love it. Carry on now. 

5. A new job on the side I recently picked up. I will share more in a few days but for now all you need to know it is that no, it's not prostitution and yes, I will still be blogging. I knew you were hoping for one of the two. Fingers crossed that it was the second option and not the first. Plus, I go to bed at 9 pm. Prostitution and I would never get along well. 

That's all I've got today peeps. Remember that Wednesday is your last and final day to order this month's Love, Yellow items. The good news is that you can now purchase each item separately if you so desire. Check out miss chic for more information and to place your order, remember it's today only.

I'm off to go create more little bits of awesomeness. And by that I mean pray somebody trips and falls in front of me so that I can write about it in next weeks awkward section. 

[photos in this post courtesy of house of harkless]



A New Me

A few things to note as of recent...I have started working out at 6:00 am, every.single.day [yes, that includes Saturday and Sunday]. This means that every morning my cell phone wakes me up at 5:45 which is as lame and miserable as it sounds. However, by 6:15 I am convinced it is the best decision I have ever made. Clearly while my body is functioning correctly at this hour, my brain isn't. While I have started this new routine, my food intake has stayed the same which includes hot dogs smothered in pulled pork AND macaroni and cheese for lunch. I also still choose beer over water at 2:30 on a Monday afternoon. Balance is key friends and I've got it. Fortunately I do think the working out thing has helped sculpt my arms a tiny bit and a few of my pants actually button now which is a weird concept. To celebrate the buttoning of the pants I went out and bought a pair of new running shoes. I also hosted a pants buttoning ceremony in front of my dog but that's another story for another day. I bought these suckers at Kohls only because I had Kohls Cash [aka gold], a 30% off coupon, and store credit. Basically they paid me to buy them. Allow me to introduce you...blog, shoes. Shoes, blog. 

Anyhow I haven't used them yet but I am sure I will be a running marathon next week because of them. Stay tuned for that update [so basically never expect to hear the word marathon again on this blog]. 

In other news, I have a little lady I would like to introduce to you today if you haven't met her yet. Let me give you a few hints--she has really pretty eyelashes, flawless skin, and wears the perfect shade of lip gloss. If you still don't know, here we have her. 

Told you. That would be Ashley from The Grits Blog. I actually discovered a year or so ago when Helene was polling for the best blogger of the year. Ashley's blog was mentioned over and over again so I knew I had to check her out. Now I know why her blog was thrown into the mix multiple times. From beauty to food to blog design, she covers it all. Throw in her hubby and precious doggies and you've got the whole package. 

Ashley is a natural beauty inside and out and has always been an uplifting face in the blogosphere for me and many others. Heck, if she lived closer you better believe I would drag her butt out of bed to workout at 6 am with me [true love really]. Make sure to pay Ashley a visit and say hello. If there is one thing we as humans like more than anything it is love and attention. Lets give some of that up. In return, she has something to give back to you. If are into Sephora and ad space, today is your lucky day. Enter the giveaway below and don't forget to take advantage of the code below for a discount on all ad space and blog design!

I'm off to go on a run take a nap.

Use code IHEARTGRITS for 25% off all ad spaces and blog design 


5 Ways To Make Your Home Sell Faster [Or Happier To Live In]

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FastTrack http://my-disclosur.es/RgFrEH

Recently the thought of selling our home and purchasing another one has been brewing in our little brains over here. I always thought I would move every 2 years and well, 7 years later here I am. Fortunately we do really enjoy the home we live in and don't have a lot of "we must sell this house now" type of thoughts or stresses, however when the time comes and we find something else we are ready to move into, we want this baby sold. And quick. Being a former Realtor, the process of buying and selling a home is really quite enjoyable. I love looking at another house that somebody has created into their own space and envisioning how I can make it my own. Given my past [and current situation] I have come across a few things that I notice when looking at other homes that make me fall a little more in love with the idea of living in that space. Whether or not you are looking to sell, these items will make you enjoy living in any home a tad bit more. 

This covers a lot of different areas--but first of all, the overall cleanliness. Obviously a huge factor when trying to sell. But there is more to it than that--so your floors are swept and your bed is made, what about the oven knobs and pantry closets? People look at that stuff. Taking the extra time to scrub every visible and non-visible surface will be a huge advantage when somebody looks at your home. Another detail to note is your personal decor--keep a bit of your own style when selling your home, however keep it rather in-personable as well. Try to remove as many personal pictures as possible. Too many personal touches can make it hard for somebody else to envision actually living in your home. Another downfall of having too many personal photos, etc is that this can sometimes lead to the potential buyer becoming distracted from looking at the home itself which is what they are there to do. You want your house to stand out, not your great grandmother from two hundred years ago. Last but not least, if the weather supports it, have a few windows open. It will make the space seem much more open, friendly, and inviting. 

It's easy to accumulate a lot of stuff [also commonly referred to as crap] when living in a house. You are used to having your kitchen counters full of this, that, and the other. So what if you have three robes hanging in your bathroom? Well, this beloved stuff that we have sitting [or hanging] all over the place really only serves one purpose when your home is for sale--it all just makes everything seem smaller. Take away anything and everything that adds no visible appeal to your home when having it for sale. It's amazing how much bigger your home will seem all of a sudden. 

It's easy to become lazy with your home when thinking about putting it up for sale--you aren't planning on living there for much longer so why invest any more money or work into it now? Wrong. It's almost embarrassing to say that we lived with our bedroom ceiling fan and light that didn't work for months on end. We got used to not having it as an option [and apparently we aren't afraid of the dark]. You know what instantly kills a good house vibe? When something doesn't work. Spend the money, put in a little extra time, and repair the things that need repaired now. It will pay ten fold. 

candle found here [obsessed is an understatement]

I mentioned killing a good house vibe in number three---the smell of a house is typically the first thing people will notice when entering a home. It's also one of the things that a lot of people can't look past. If your home doesn't smell appealing to a potential home buyer, it is going to be ten times harder to get their mental state to a good place about your house which is where you want it to be. Don't choose something that is over powering, just something light and refreshing. I'm drawn to a lemon scent because it is clean, airy, and bright. 

One of the last places you think about when selling your home is your garage [and storage space]. This is a huge mistake. Just like people don't want to see things laying all over the counter--they don't want to see your rakes, hoses, and brooms all over your garage floor. You want your garage and storage spaces to also look and feel as big as possible. I am a firm believer that you can guess a lot about what the inside of somebody's house will look like by what their garage looks like. Maybe I am crazy but maybe I am right. To help match our outsides to our insides [still talking about houses people], I purchased this Rubbermaid FastTrack system from Target this past weekend. I don't think my husband has ever been more proud of what I have brought home from Target. He hung this sucker in less than 5 minutes and within 5 more minutes of that all of our crap stuff was in one little area, off the ground, and sittin' pretty. As a heads up--you can purchase the Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 piece kit [pictured below] at Target now through May 24th for $28.99 [regularly $33.99]. If I remember correctly Father's Day is right around the corner so stock up ladies. It's the easiest way to dress up your mess. It's also the easiest way to get a kiss from your man so there's that. 

And there we have it---5 simple yet highly effective things to do when selling your home [or just making it happier to live in]. Any tips you would like to add to the list? Leave them in the comments below, I'll give you $1 from the proceeds of our home's sale if and when that happens ;)