What I've Learned From Blogging

Blogging has taught me my fair share of very important things over the past few years, but I'm not the only one who has learned a thing or two. Kiersten from She is Fierce and I have decided to team up to bring you ten things we have learned from blogging. She has all sorts of resourceful posts [this one on using PicMonkey for photos is on point]. You may want to sit back, take notes, and allow your mind to be filled. Without further ado, here are ten things the great game of blogging has taught us....

1. There is absolutely no shame in this game. You will come to terms with this once you find yourself laying on the ground to get just the right angle of the Christmas Tree --- at the mall

Kiersten demonstrating except looking much cuter than the normal person

2. Twitter is basically full of politicians trying to get the younger crowd, and bloggers.  Mostly bloggers.

3. By the time you reach around 1,000 blog posts you will have a butt that resembles that of a pancake, a larger midsection, and many many empty bottles of wine to show for it. 

4. Those grammar rules you learned in fourth grade and promptly ignored really do matter, particularly when you're writing for a potentially very large audience.  (ie. they're, there, their; two, to, too)

5. A blogger's favorite thing to write about is blogging.  That and what they did this weekend.

6. YOU ARE BUSY NOW. Why? Because it takes approximately 38 minutes to look for the correct affiliate link to include in your post for that Goody hair tie that you accidentally had around your wrist in the midst of an outfit photography session. For what? 12 cents in revenue...on a good day.

7. Looking for a new way to style your favorite maxi skirt this winter? Blog land has about 20 ways.

8. Other people are cooler than me and you. Don't believe me? Scroll through you Instagram feed. The proof is in the filter. 

9. If you thought the SATs expanded your vocabulary, you'll be shocked by what blogging can do. Words like "sponsor," "giveaway," "blogiversary," and "SEO" start to take on meanings you didn't know they had. 

10. Parking lots / yards / or any other area that is deemed good enough for an outfit photo are full of funny things. Just look down, to the side, up in the air, you'll see it. If you can't figure out what's so funny you clearly aren't looking hard enough. 

What have you learned from blogging? Let Kiersten and I know -- and if you haven't yet, go pay her a visit.

Number 11 -- bloggers love company, no matter the hour. 



  1. I love this post! You definitely had me laughing, especially at the mental image of laying on the ground to capture the Christmas tree at the mall! So true!

  2. Number One is the absolute truth! You can't be embarrassed to have your photo taken in public if your a blogger!

  3. This is hilarious and so true. #3 is on the money lol

  4. What a wonderful, honest and REAL post! Thanks so much for sharing the laughs :] xo

  5. So, so true! But we love it and do it anyways!

  6. Hilarious. And I really hope it's at least partially untrue. I really, really don't want a pancake bum!

    I had to laugh though because you really hit the nail on the head with a lot of these. Especially that last one. Laughing at the skyyyyyy!

    How much does it suck to be the only blogger on a really beautiful vacation where you want to take photos of EVERYTHING?! I always feel like I'm going to drive everyone insane with the my photo taking.

    We're in it together!


  7. Hilarious. And right on point ;)

  8. This made me laugh out loud. It is so true! My husband and teen daughter take my blog photos and make fun of me every day!! Susan

  9. Oh my gosh these are HILARIOUS! I am totally shameless when it comes to getting "the shot"- to the point of embarrassment but you gotta do what you gotta do to make everything look good for your ten cents commission! lol Great post! Xo,D

  10. Oh my goodness, so true! I have to try really hard to stay away from weekend recaps and I am at 720 blog posts - when I hit 1,000 we are going to have to have a small party or something!

  11. Stay fabulous sweetie ,,, kisses


    New post is up !!


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