Christmas Gifts People Actually Want #3

Here's what I've come to conclude...cyber Monday is way too stressful and is way too tempting to say "screw the people in my life, I need this!" I went into yesterday declaring that I was going to purchase every single Christmas gift I needed to buy on Amazon and be 100% done by 7 pm. But then I got on Amazon and all of these deals kept flashing at me telling me I only had 15 minutes to purchase at that price and then ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS started popping up out of nowhere and I forgot that I was supposed to be buying for anybody but me. Long story short I ended up with two bookshelves for our living room and nothing for anybody else. It's a dangerous day that Cyber Monday. 

What I have decided however is that blog posts are a much more safe environment to shop in. I'm not going to give you only 10 minutes to get the once in a lifetime deal, nor will I all of a sudden pop out of your computer screen dangling the cutest pair of booties you ever did see, nor will your husband see what is in your cart when he logs into your account and starts yelling about "WHAT CHILD NEEDS A $80 GIFT?!?" 

Below are some pretty awesome shops I've come across that offer some pretty sweet gifts for those in your life [or heck, lets be real -- you]. 

Lets start with the gift for your best friend. Crumple and Toss is the perfect place to take care of this person in your life. 

Be sure to use code YELLOW15 for 15% off $10 or more [includes sale items!]

Next lets talk about the little kiddos in your life. I found the perfect handmade princesses, superheroes, pets, etc at Mackenzie's Playhouse. I know children absolutely love these only because I have shown each and every one of my niece and nephews pictures of them and they all flipped a brick. All of the dolls are made with a wool blend felt making them durable, eco friendly, and absolutely adorable.

Okay fine, we will talk about gifts for yourself for a minute. We all need cards this Holiday season -- to send out before Christmas to wish the merriest of merry to those we love the most, to say thank you to the hostess who was kind enough to invite you over for dinner, sorry cards to give to your husband in apologies for how much you spent this holiday season, and of course, the "you're awesome" cards to remind yourself that you really are in fact, awesome. Banded Arrow will have you covered in all of the departments above and their designs are killer. Oh to be that creative....

 use code LIVINGINYELLOW10 for 10% off

Last but not least, lets talk about giving the gift of a beautiful happy home. Rise Above Life makes that easy with their cuter than cute inspirational prints. They make me smile just looking at them...

 use code YELLOW for 20% off

So there you have it. Gifts peeps actually want, you're welcome. 



  1. Wow!! Those prints are awesome! Thanks for all the ideas!!!

    -Sarah www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  2. Wow - those prints and cute little dolls are amazing! x

  3. Oh la la! I love that pouch, because DUH! I am freaking busy ;)

  4. I love those dolls!! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. great ideas here. Thanks for sharing

  6. Those are some great gift ideas. If i had any youngins to buy for i'd totally get those felt dolls. So cute!

  7. YES! I saw the title of this post and did a little happy dance in my mind. I was even happier to find that, after reading it, it lived up to it's title. Really, honestly, great gift ideas.

    It gets even better. I read your bio (new reader here) and I thought, 'yessss, someone like me in this crazy blogosphere!'. I really felt inspired finding another blogger who has an 'average' but extraordinary life. Meaning, there's nothing wrong with not having an exciting party every night of the week and life is pretty darn good even without all the glitz and glamor.

    So glad I found your blog.


  8. Eek! It is all so pretty, I would personally love stationary and a few of those accessories :) Might just have to pick up a few of those 'Party' cuffs for some friends, thanks!


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